DEWALT DW735 13-Inch, Two Speed Thickness Planer Review

The DEWALT DW735 is one of the top-notch planers available on the market. Its extreme power is a factor for which this planer can cut through any type of wood, regardless of if it is oak, walnut, or any similar material. If you, like myself, are put off by the weight of some planers, which makes them difficult to carry around, the DEWALT DW735 is pretty light which makes it portable and convenient.


It provides plenty of options as well. For example, it has a two speed gear box, enabling you to set the feed speed as you want. The DEWALT DW735 really does radiate with the quality you wish of. It feels like an efficient and durable planer, capable of handling even the most complex tasks.

Powerful 15 amp Motor

The extremely powerful 15 amp motor DEWALT DW735 provides is enough to make deep cuts in the toughest exotic woods. The three-knife cutterhead and a two-speed gearbox are a perfect combination for strong, yet controled cutting, delivering 96 or 179 cpi (cuts per inch). If you want a finer finish, set it at 179 cpi, but when dimensioning the material itself, choose 96 cpi. This planer also has a total capacity of 13 inches, which should be more than enough, even if you are a professional. It’s cutter-head uses the razor sharp knives, responsible for the clean cuts of the material, which you can reserve and reuse. Opposed to the other disposable knives out there, the knives on DEWALT DW735 last 30% longer. Have in mind that this not only will save you quite an amount of money, but will mean that you will have to change the knives more rarely. However, even when you are in need of changing the knives, it is rather a simple process, since there are pins installed in the cutter-head and holes going through the knives.

Fan-assisted chip ejection system

Those wood shavings and particles that pile up after you use your planer are pretty irritating right? Well, luckily, DEWALT DW735 has two features that will help you handle these situations effectively and quickly. The first one is a motorized fan, that serves to break the debris of wood as it exits the cutter-head. The debris is then blown into one of the two shrouds included with the planer. The planer is really designed in details, so that you have the first dust shroud extending to the shop floor, and the other one is able to connect to a collector or vacuum hose. And if you are wondering, yes, the dust-hose adapter and the dust-ejection chute are included when buyingDEWALT DW735.

Features and specifications

  • Powerful 15 amp, rugged motor capable of handling even the toughest woods imaginable.
  • Three-knife cutter-head with easily changeable, last-longing knives
  • Two speed gear box enabling you to set up a speed as you wish, whether you need 179 or 96 cuts per inch.
  • Chip-ejections system that is fan-assisted and deals with dust and debris, ejecting them out of the machine in an effective manner.
  • Extremely sturdy, while weighing only 92 pounds.
  • Large capacity, precision cutting options.
  • Planer comes with a three year warranty.

DEWALT DW735 customer reviews and scores

There are really a lot of positive customer reviews about the DEWALT DW735 planer on Amazon. However, there are some people that didn’t find the machine that good out of different reasons, so the overall rating of DEWALT DW735 is 3.5 out of 5 stars. Judging by the most helpful, positive and critical reviews, one is able to conclude that this planner is perfectly suitable for the less experienced users, but can still satisfy the professionals.

One of the users says: “Even though this is the first planer I have ever owned or used, I am satisfied with its performance. As soon as you attach the hand crank and the dust attachment you are able to roll!”

Another satisfied customer wrote: “This planer is rather exceptional and I am happy to own it. The cut quality is outstanding as well and I love the way you are able to change the speed. You are hardly going to find a machine within its price range offering such quality”

However, there are occassional dissatisfied customers like the one complaining: “After using this machine several times, on the soft wood only, the sprockets driving the feed rollers fractured. I can’t even see why it happened. It just broke.”


All in all, Dewalt clearly did a good job with this planer. Not only is it providing a super strong motor with precise, clean cuts, but is sturdy and portable as well. Fan-assisted ejection system for getting rid of dust and debris out of the machine is a plus as well. Plenty of options and effective performance are what factors making this Dewalt DW735 one of the best planer available.