Dewalt DWM120K Bandsaw Review

From one of the most prominent makers of pro tools, the Dewalt has now created yet another sought-after power tool for all the woodworkers out there. Its Dewalt DWM120K is portable and already a whole kit. You don’t have to make any additional purchase since it already has everything you need to get started with your woodworking hobby or job.

The Dewalt DWM120K is very well-suited for doing rectangular and rounded cuts with ease. It’s one of the industry’s best bandsaw that can cut up to 5 inches deep. It is also equipped with a LED working light that can very helpful in viewing your cut lines even in a dark working space. This heavy-duty bandsaw has an integrated hang hook for you to hang the saw without damaging any of its parts.

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Powerful 10-Amp Motor

In pro tools such as the bandsaw, you need something that has enough power to do what you set for it to accomplish. You need something that is reliable and can cut through any material you are working with. One of the best in the industry, the Dewalt DWM120K deep cut band saw kit, has a very powerful motor of 10 Amp.

10 Amp in a bandsaw is a lot of power that will allow you to handle pretty much anything. It has enough power to withstand any job site application. It is also designed with a variable speed dial that allows you to adjust the speed to use for specific materials. You can control the speed from 100 spm up to 350 spm.

Adjustable Material Guide

Accuracy is something a good bandsaw should give you when it comes to doing various types of cuts and in cutting different materials. The Dewalt DWM120K can definitely give you that. It is designed with an adjustable and durable material guide that will allow you to easily adjustit.

It has a soft grip handle that is very ergonomic and can improve your sense of control when working. It can also give you comfort during use and help avoid any slippage, thus, increasing safety in this aspect. It also comes with a blade changing lever for quick and easy blade change.

Dewalt DWM120K Features and Specifications

  • Dewalt DWM120K is designed with a serviceable steel shroud and rubber bumpers that serve as a guard to withstand any job site abuse and damage.
  • It has a large and multi-position adjustable handle that offers a wide hand space to create a more accurate and precise cut.
  • It has a blade tracking adjustment that does not only help in making precise blade alignment, it also helps in increasing blade life by providing better blade tracking.
  • DWM120K bandsaw is designed with dual bearing blade guide rollers that help in increasing durability of the blade support system.
  • It has externally replaceable brushes for quick repairs on the worksite.
  • The DWM120K bandsaw kit already includes a hex wrench and a kit box.

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Dewalt DWM120K Reviews

With its full suite of features from its powerful motor, variable speed control, ergonomic features for increased accuracy and comfort to its overall design for durability and convenience, Dewalt DWM120K is definitely on the 9.6 out of 10 rating. What really makes the DWM120K bandsaw special and stand out from other bandsaws is its 10-Amp motor. It has enough and much more power to withstand tough woodworking jobs.

It has everything you need in a bandsaw from its adjustable material guide to make sure you get its optimal performance to allowing you to do your work even in a poorly-lit environment. In addition, this heavy-duty power tool is easy to maintain and is fully recommended by many.

Things to Improve

There is really no real disadvantage in buying the Dewalt DWM120K. It has everything you need in a bandsaw in one kit. However, some customers think it’s quite expensive if you’re only going to use it for your hobby. Although it is not on the cheaper side of things, it is built with durability in mind. This will allow you to save as much in the long run, which is not really something that is negative.


In choosing a bandsaw, you need something that has the power to do all your woodworking projects and something that will give you your money’s worth and last for a long time. The Dewalt DWM120K portable bandsaw is designed with specific features to give you that. It is already a complete bandsaw kit and you can start what you have to do using it right out of the box.

This is not something that will wear easily, thus, giving you a very durable bandsaw that can work along with your various woodworking jobs for a long time. Dewalt DWM120K bandsaw kit is quite an excellent investment for this reason and much more. You can also read our best bandsaw reviews here for other options.

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