DEWALT DWMT73804 Mechanic Tool Set Review

The DEWALT DWMT73804 Tough Box Drive Socket Set is the socket set that you should buy if you want to add a reliable number of pieces to your tool set. What this socket set mainly provides is mobility and flexibility. Because of its easy to carry case, you can easily bring this set to different work sites whether you are called in for a repair or simple maintenance. With its 34 pieces, you attain greater flexibility in taking on a variety of tasks whether for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts on automotive, appliances, and other items.

This socket set includes a 5-degree arc swing featuring a slim head design that allows you to manipulate the socket pieces in constricted spaces. Thanks to this tool, you can tackle tasks that involve working with nuts and bolts in areas that can only allow limited maneuverability.

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51DVfqyjarL 2Versatile Lockable Stacking Case with Removable Internal Tray

The DEWALT DWMT73804 has a well-designed tool case that delivers versatility. Its transparent lid allows you to see its contents to easily spot any of the pieces you need for work. Its internal tray, which is blow molded and removable, keeps all the pieces organized. The case is stackable, which allows for easy transport with other tool sets. Moreover, it is also lockable to prevent the pieces from falling out of the case during transport thereby preventing them from getting lost. This durable case also keeps the socket pieces away from damaging elements such as abrasive materials and excessive moisture that will reduce its lifespan.

Surpasses ANSI Specifications and Comes with Lifetime Warranty

The DEWALT DWMT73804 is in compliance with the ANSI specifications, which means that it has been standardized as to what has been deemed safe and dependable for use. This tool set is backed by its manufacturers with a full lifetime warranty, which is indicative of its quality. Durable sockets and tools will enable you to take on stubborn nuts and bolts without to tools breaking in the process.

DEWALT DWMT73804 Features and Specifications

  • 34 pieces of Socket and Tools – 3/8 inch Drive Quick Release Ratchet (1 piece), 3/8 Drive 3’’ inch Extension (1 piece), 3/8 to 1/4 inch Drive Adaptor (1 piece), 1/4 inch Drive Standard SAE Sockets (7 pieces), 1/4 inch Drive Standard Metric Sockets (7 pieces), 3/8 Drive Standard SAE Sockets (8 pieces), 3/8 inch Drive Standard Metric Sockets (8 pieces), and 3/8 inch Drive Drill (1 piece)
  • Lockable Stacking Casing – for easy transport and secure organization
  • Transparent Lid – a durable cover to easily spot the pieces inside the case
  • Removable Internal Tray – for versatility
  • 72 Tooth Ratchet
  • Warranty Description – Full Life Time Warranty
  • Surpasses ANSI Specifications – for safety and quality assurance
  • Lightweight – weighs only 5 pounds for convenient transport
  • Metric and Imperial Measurements – for flexibility in using the socket with different tools

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DEWALT DWMT73804 Customer Reviews and Ratings

Considering the customer feedback that the DEWALT DWMT73804 has received along with our evaluation of its features and quality, we give it a rating of 9.8/10 stars. Customers are delighted with this socket set with a majority expressing good comments about this product.

One customer said that this was a good addition to its manufacturer’s line of tools. He appreciated the availability of the sockets and tools in metric and standard measurements as well as its lockable carrying case. He concluded that he recommends this socket set without any reservations.

Another customer, who was a first time DeWalt user, said that he was enthralled by the quality of the sockets, case, and the appearance of the product. It contained every piece needed for basic car maintenance according to this customer. Other customers were expressing the same sentiments about the good quality of this socket set.

Things to Improve

Even with the great feedback, the DEWALT DWMT73804 is not a perfect product. It has its flaws just like any other socket set. One minor flaw according to a customer was the wasted space in the tray of the stackable case. But despite that, he said that this was a good quality product. This available space is actually provided to give room for other items that the user would want to include in the case. Nevertheless, this minor flaw does not overshadow the fine quality of this product and the versatility as well as flexibility it delivers.


The DEWALT DWMT73804 is a convenient and dependable socket set that you can use to tackle automotive and home tasks as well as other projects that require the tightening and loosening of nuts and bolts. Indeed, it has several applications both for personal and professional use. Its top quality and good price make it a good investment for home builders, contractors, construction workers, plumbers, and also electricians.

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