Artistic DIY Furniture Ideas for Your Home

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The beauty of furniture never fails to give pleasure to everyone, especially to artisans who have been designing their home on their own.

However, let’s face it; buying sets of furniture isn’t as easy as buying food from the grocery. No matter how much you want to keep on buying, you’ll definitely run out of place. Where would you place your old ones then?

Instead of spending too much money on buying new sets, you would certainly love the idea of creating do-it-yourself furniture, or DIY furniture. You will both save money and space.

Here are creative furniture ideas for you to try.

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1. Old Garage Cabinet Into a Kitchen Stand With a Surprise Inside

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Thinking of throwing away an old cabinet from your garage, hold your horses, and get your toolbox because you can turn this cabinet into a useful kitchen stand.

Aside from recreating your cabinet to a simple kitchen stand, you would be surprised to know what more you can store inside! Find out more about it here.

cabinet into island

Source: Sawdust 2 Stitches

2. Old Cabinet Drawers Into a Cozy Footrest for Your Couch

If you ever thought of disposing of your broken cabinet to clear space in your house, you might want to keep one drawer. Don’t worry! You don’t need your old cabinet just to make use of the drawer you spared because you can turn this drawer into a comfy DIY footrest.

Go and pair it up with your favorite couch with these instructions.

Drawer ottoman

Source: 2 Bp Blogspot

3. Upgrade Your Old Bedroom Mattress to a Hanging Garden Lounger

Are you tired of admiring your garden just by sitting on your garden benches? Take out your old mattress and make a hanging lounger instead. It’s going to be the best DIY furniture project you’ll ever make, and you’ll definitely hang out in your garden more often. You can use this guide to start off.

DIY Pallet Swing Bed @themerrythought

Source: The Merrythought

4. Usual Backyard Table to Chill-Vibe Cooler Table

No cooler for nice beers? No need for that as long as you have your backyard table. Impress your friends with this DIY Cooler Table from your usual backyard table. It’s perfect for long talks and chill moments wherein you just place some ice and beers where your hands can easily reach. Here’s what you need to do.

word image 11

Source: The Domesticated Engineer

5. Vintage Curb Side TV to a Handy Mini Bookshelf

Got some vintage stuff you thought of throwing out? If you still have one of those curbside TVs that is just sitting in your attic or storage room, you can transform this soon-to-be trash into a cute mini bookshelf. Add something charming to your living room. Find out how to do it here.

TV Hutch final 2

Source: Door Hinges

6. Flip an Extra Stool to Make Crafts and Tool Organizer

You will flip over after finding out how you can turn an extra wooden stool into an organizer. You just literally flip it over and add some fabric-made-holders. You don’t even have to cut any part of the stool. All you need to do is to attach the fabric bags to hold your crafts and tools. Follow these easy steps & you will save money and space.

word image 14

Source: I2 Wp

7. Used Liquid Steel Drums to a Useful Patio Chairs and Coffee Table

Steel drums may be heavy-duty, but these are not recognized by people as potential furniture sets. What they don’t know is that it’s being recycled as furniture. Since these drums are heavy-duty, these are great for recreating as sturdy patio benches and mini tables. If you are curious enough to know more, continue reading here.

Drum Works steel drum furniture

Source: Home Crux

8. Recycled Pallet to a Table with an Inner Lounge

Thinking of something to put outside your patio, you can make a well-built table out of used pallets. But if you think a pallet table is not amusing at all, add something surprising under it. You can do your kids a favor by adding a little hanging hammock under it. Build it step-by-step with this guide.

word image 16

Source: 2 Bp Blogspot

9. Turn a Broken Door into an Artistic Picture Frame

If you don’t know how to fix your broken door or you don’t know what to do with it, don’t frown because you can turn it into a big picture frame. Let it hold memorable photos that your visitors will surely notice the moment they enter your house. Find out more about how to build it with these instructions.

word image 18

Source: Photog Mommie

10. From Old Coffee Table to an Artisan Backyard Shelves

Before you take your wrecked coffee table to the dump, consider this guide in turning your old table to artisan garden shelves. It’s best to attach it on your fence where you can put your gardening tools or plotted plants without worrying at all. Click here for the tutorial on how to make it.

word image 20

Source: Pretty Prudent

11. Reconstruct a Broken Grand Piano to a Grand Bookshelf

Broken grand pianos are indeed heartbreaking, especially when you have to dispose of it already. If you don’t want to let go of your wrecked piano, you can use it as a bookshelf. You may not be able to play with it anymore, but you can still make use of it. Here’s what you need to do first.

Picture of Done!

Source: Instructables

12. Upgrade Your Baby’s Old Crib Into a Toddler’s Loft Bed

You kid is not getting any younger and sooner, and you will need to get rid of your kid’s old crib. If you’re expecting a baby in a couple of years, you don’t have to throw or give your baby’s crib away. You can upgrade it to your grown-up toddler’s loft bed. How? Follow these instructions.


Source: Adriel Booker

13. From Extra Pallets to a Long Table Built With a Succulent Planter

Pallets are recognized tools when it comes to recycling. You can use these pallets to make DIY tables, which you can use both inside and outside your house. If the usual sturdy tables bore you, you can build your table with a succulent planter in the middle part of the table with these instructions. You’ll surely love the idea of facing plants while eating.

Max with the new Succulent Table.

Source: I1 Wp

14. Turning Your Old Pallets to Your 2-in1 Outdoor Table

If you’re a fan of things that transform from one useful thing to another useful thing, you would definitely want to have this functional outdoor table as your furniture. From used pallets, you can make an outdoor table with a pull-out function that turns it into storage. Everything that you need to know is right here in this link.

word image 22

Source: Instructables

15. Transform Your Old Baby’s Cot to Your Kids’ Study Area

If your old baby’s cot is consuming much of your space and you think of just disposing of it to free some space, you have to stop right there! Did you know that you can transform this useless cot into your kids’ study table? There’s no need to spend a lot on buying a new table for them. Just follow these steps.

word image 23

Source: 1 Bp Blogspot

16. Turn Your Extra Pieces of Wood to Your Fold Down Bar

Having a bar with stools at home is certainly something you wished you had, if only you have enough space. You don’t have to feel sad over your lack of space at home because you can make your own fold-down bar with these simple steps. Space will not be a problem at all since you can hang it on any side of your home.

Fold-up Patio Bar

Source: 3 Bp Blogspot

17. Up-Cycle Your Cast-off Cast Iron Tub to a Cozy Sofa

Bathtubs always give us relief when we yearn for a good bath after a tiring day. When it’s time to upgrade your tub, what do you do with your old ones? Throw it away or sell it to someone? Make it a cozy sofa instead! People will love to sit on an up-cycled tub and here’s your guide to start things off.

Relax Pillow and new styling on Outdoor Sofa

Source: I2 Wp

18. From Old and Boring Table to Your Kid’s Lego Playing Area

Lego blocks are fun, and aside from kids, adults also play with these until now. But the worst thing about Lego blocks is that it’s very messy. You pick up these blocks piece by piece. If you have an old table just like this one, you can turn it to a playing area for your kids with these instructions.

word image 24

Source: 1 Bp Blogspot

19. Remake Your Aged Dresser Into an Artisan Bench

Dressers consume a lot of space inside your house, and when there’s a broken one, the best option is just to dump it in the trash. I bet you didn’t know that you can turn it into a cozy bench. Well, now you know! Just follow these steps, and you can make use of your old dresser.


Source: Io Wp

20. Transform Your Aged Bed Frame to a Cute Bench

You think your old wooden bed frame is already useless? Maybe you’d reconsider after you read this guide on how you can turn your old bed frame to a small but sturdy two-person bench. This creative idea will surely attract your visitors, and at the same time, you wouldn’t have to waste too much wood from your bed frame.

word image 25

Source: Squarespace

21. Downsize Your Coffee Table to an Arty Woven Bench

Don’t know what to do with your boring coffee table? Spice things up, trim down a bit of it, make a hole in the middle, and turn it into a woven bench. It can add appeal on either inside or outside your house. All you need to do is to follow the step-by-step procedures in this link.

word image 26

Source: EHow VN

22. Broken Trampoline Into a Chill-Type Hanging Bed

Trampolines consume a large space in anybody’s lot, and yet when it’s been wrecked, it’s not easy to throw it away. If you have a wrecked one, but you still want to maximize the money you paid, you don’t have to worry! Here’s a creative way; turn it into a teepee bed for chill vibes in the backyard.

Recycled Trampoline Bed

Source: Tree Hugger

23. Make Your Boring Dresser into a 2-in-1-Purpose Nightstand

Before thinking of throwing away your old dresser, you might want to consider some ways on how you can still make use of it. One way is by turning your old dresser into a useful nightstand. With this guide, you’d be surprised to know how it can also be a pet bed for your dogs or cats.


Source: DIY Sanding

24. Transform a Useless Tire to a Comfy Footrest

It would be really nice to have something to pair with your cozy sofa or couch to rest your tired feet. Well, you don’t have to buy expensive footrest anymore. You can make your own footrest from useless tires, rope and a piece of wood. If you want to be cost-wise, follow this guide in making it.

word image 27

Source: Casa Abril

25. Make a Hanging Hammock Chair from a Spare Cloth

If sitting on your typical chair bores you and you want something new or fun, consider making your own hanging hammock chair instead. It will not cost you a lot because all you need is fabric or canvas and a sturdy rope. You can use it either inside your living room or even in your backyard.

Hammock Chair DIY

Source: A beautiful Mess

26. Reuse Your Two Old Chairs to Build a French-Style Bench

Planning to dispose of your old dining chairs because of an incoming new set? Instead of throwing these, you can use the chairs to create new artsy furniture that will fit your backyard or patio. You just need two of your old chairs, combine these with this guide, and you can make your own French-style bench.

French-style bench from old chairs with mattress cushion

Source: An Oregon Cottage

27. Make Used Pallets Into an Artsy Wooden Bar Stool

Bar stools are very convenient especially when you have visitors who love to have long conversations over a nice beer or cocktails. Instead of buying yourself a new one, you can gather all your used pallets and craft a wooden bar stool on your own. If you’re clueless about how to do it, click here for your guide.

word image 28

Source: 4 Bp Blogspot

28. Transform Your Old File Cabinet Into a Heavy-Duty Storage

File cabinets are very durable but very space consuming, especially inside the house. Since file cabinets are durable, you can transform your cast-off file cabinet at home to garage storage and maximize its use a little more. You don’t need to make a lot of changes, you just need to follow these step-by-step procedures, and you’re all set!

word image 29

Source: Kinja

29. Make a Laced Hanging Chair from Wooden Pallets

Spice up your backyard with something artistic yet eco-friendly with the use of wooden pallets. Instead of throwing your pallets away, check this guide here to see how you can transform your waste into a laced hanging chair. Your visitors would flip after seeing how you recycled your old pallets to a relaxing chair.

word image 30

Source:  Instructables

30. From a Typical Crate Storage to a Useful Side Table

Running out of ideas on how you can still use your crate box? You don’t have to dispose of it yet because you can still use it as an artsy side table. Just imagine what you can put inside. You can store your kid’s toys, reading materials, or even your cozy pillows. Find out more here.

wooden shipping crate table

Source: I2 Wp

31. Transform Your Step Ladder Into Your Side Table

Side ladders are often being kept on storage rooms, but if you have a wooden side ladder that’s too weak to be used, you can put it in your bedroom and make it as your new side table. Just add a few pieces of woods, and you can put the stuff you need to be within your reach.

Make a stepladder side table with a full ladder and reclaimed planks via

Source: Funky Junk Interiors

32. Make Two Flower Pots Into a Superb Side Table

Do you have too many pots in your garden? You don’t have to cram on where to put or how you can use those pots. If you don’t need them anymore, you can just build a sturdy side table and put it near your backyard couch or bench. Just follow these simple steps, and you’re good to go!

word image 31

Source: Apartment Therapy

33. Turn Your Old Vehicle Tires Into a Sturdy Coffee Table

Before you think of throwing your two old tires away, you can consider these easy steps on how to make them into useful furniture. One of the easiest ways is turning it into a sturdy coffee table. All you need to do is stack your two tires and paint these with your desired color or design.

word image 32

Source: 4 Bp Blogspot

34. Transform Your Milk Crates Into Comfy Stools for Your Living Room

Aside from using milk crates as storages for your kid’s toys or tools, you can turn your old milk crates into comfortable stools. Kids will definitely love these stools because these stools suit their size. All you need to do is to buy inexpensive outdoor cushions from any thrift shops or junk stores and follow these instructions.

word image 33

Source: 1 Bp Blogspot

When it comes to furniture, buying brand new isn’t always a must. There are a lot of unique furniture ideas that you can try. Some DIY furniture projects may cost you a little, but you can use any of your old pieces of furniture to make creative and fun ones. These DIY furniture ideas are not bad at all for beginners.

We must practice recycling in any aspects to prevent any wastage, especially those materials that came from trees. By recycling your old sets of furniture, you can save a lot of money, and you can help the environment by not consuming excessive tree-made products. Be the creative you and help make a difference now!

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