DIY Gift Idea for Boyfriend

This upcoming Christmas season, there are lots of DIY boyfriend gifts that you can surely make in the comfort of your home, instead of buying from stores. The best thing about these homemade gift items is that you can customize them, according to your guy’s personal taste and liking.

On top of these customized gifts, they generally cost a little, or you don’t need to spend a penny if you’ll find some things to recycle. However, make sure to do them right, making them look very special.

Below is a list of 22 DIY gift ideas for boyfriend that will surely impress him!

1) Bacon Infused Whiskey
1. Bacon Infused Whiskey new

This bacon-infused whiskey is perfect if your guy is on hard drinks. Just a jigger of this homemade whiskey every night would help him go to a nice, deep sleep, not to mention some health benefits of such booze, but in moderation.

Look for quick and easy recipes on the net, and start making this speciality drink just for him!

2) Personalized Coffee Mug

Don’t feel bad about spending a little on his gift these holidays. After all, there’s no harm in cost-cutting if you have other priorities. Just make it as special as you can, creating a personalized coffee mug. Check out more nice coffee mugs here.

This gift is something he can use every morning he wakes up.

2. Personalized Coffee Mug

3) Homemade BBQ Rubs

3. Homemade BBQ Rubs

Is he into barbecuing with friends every weekend? If yes, then a homemade BBQ rub is perfect for him!

Look for easy recipes, make them at home, and pack them in bottles. Add some ribbons and greeting tags for a personal touch!

He will have more fun barbecuing with friends and family with this useful gift item.

4) Heart Shaped Tea Bags

4. Heart Shaped Tea Bags

Heart-shaped tea bags are not just perfect for Valentine’s Day, these cute gift items are also ideal during his birthday, anniversary, and the Yuletide season.

Grab his favorite flavor of tea and re-design them into hearts. You can store the heart-shaped tea bags in cute jars, adding some embellishments to make the entire item more attractive.

5) Homemade Hand Warmers

5. Homemade Hand warmers

If you’re not around during cold nights, homemade hand warmers are just the best gifts for your boyfriend. There’s no need to be too much creative on this one as it’s very simple to make.

You can create a variety of shapes while making use of different materials

6) Vintage Photo Box

6. Vintage Photo Box

If your guy is the ‘classy’ type, then make him his very own vintage photo box. Try to gather some of his childhood photos and memories in a vintage box, which you can purchase from second-hand or thrift stores. Better yet, try to use what you have, if you can find one in the attic!

7) Bicycle Wheel Clock

7. Bicycle Wheel Clock

Even if your boyfriend is not on bicycles, he’ll still appreciate one like this, and that’s for sure! Having an old bicycle is easy, but fixing the clock mechanism might be a daunting task.

Well, you’re entirely wrong. Google is always ready to help, so, why not do your research work now if you want to make this a surprise gift for boyfriend.

8) Pillows with Shirt and Tie

8. Pillows with Shirt and Tie

Whether he’s an office boy or not, pillows with Shirt and tie are always manly stuff. Help him design his living room and his couch with your very own handmade pillowcases.

You might do a lot of sewing tasks here, but don’t worry, the result will always be worth it!

9) Hand-painted Pillow

9. Hand-painted Pillow

For a more personal touch, you can hand-paint a pillow for him. Consider his favorite color, design, or pattern. Hand-painted pillows are among the creative homemade gift ideas for boyfriend that will put a big smile on his face.

10) Personalized Photo Frame

10. Personalized Photo Frame

A tabletop photo frame will do well. Just add some striking designs to make them more attractive. Don’t forget to pick your best shot as he can put this frame on display.

Try to look for vintage photo frames, or whatever is available in your storage room. Redesign or re-paint it to make it look very special. Add some short notes or messages too!

11) Basket of Love

11. Basket of Love

Among the unique gift ideas for boyfriend is the Basket of Love! This gift item may vary widely, depending on your guy’s personal preferences.

Simply gather your boyfriend’s most-loved food and snacks, beer and wine, or manly essentials, and then arrange them in a nice-looking basket. You can add a stuffed toy or a greeting card for this one. Not only that the basket of love is cute, but it is also very handy as well.

12) Custom Beer Bottles

12. Custom Beer Bottles

When you’re really low on cash, you can turn on customizing beer bottles, turning them to the most creative homemade gift ideas for boyfriend!

He’ll be surprised about how you were able to create something very special and adorable out of empty beer bottles. The results can be amazing display in his living room.

13) Love Note Pillow Case

13. Love Note Pillow Case

More pillows! But, this time, you can express your feelings more as you embed the most thoughtful love note on a pillow he’d be hugging for a lifetime!

Write from the bottom of your heart, expressing how you truly feel. Make use of fabric paint or stitch on it, if you have enough patience.

14) Stick Chime

14. Stick Chime new

As unique as it sounds, stick chimes are cute homemade Christmas gifts for boyfriend. Paint the sticks with different colors or you can put some short love notes on them. Express how much you truly love him by writing the titles or verses from your favorite songs.

He’ll surely appreciate your time and effort in making this cute gift for the season!

16) Pop-up Photo Box

16. Pop-up Photo Box

For more fun surprises for your boyfriend, make him a pop-up photo box. Arrange some memorable pictures, such as his childhood memories, or your picture together from an unforgettable getaway.

17) Recycled Bottle Snack Surprise

17. Recycled Bottle Snack Surprise new

There are different types of bottles you can use on this one. Pick the most appropriate, depending on what you’ll store inside. Empty beer bottles will do well and you can put some of his favorite snacks like sunflower seeds, and many more!

18) Homemade Hammock

18. Homemade Hammock

A homemade hammock is the best gift to your boyfriend if you want him to feel very special. Besides, you’ll spend a lot of time completing this. So, better start now if you want to wrap a homemade hammock in time for the Christmas Eve.

19) Crochet Bracelet with Button

19. Crochet Bracelet with Button

This gift item is very easy to do. You can search for different techniques and designs on the net, ensuring that you’ll do it right the first time. Crochet bracelets are simple, adorable, and heart-warming all at the same time.

20) Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

20. Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

Sounds delicious right? But this is not what you think! Try this homemade Rosemary-Mint shaving cream for your man. He’d surely appreciate this unique recipe, thinking that you made it just for him. After all, he will save a lot from those expensive shaving creams from stores, and he will love you more for that!

21) Whiskey Soap Dispenser

21. Whiskey Soap Dispenser

If you can see some empty bottles of whiskey in the pantry, never throw it! You can turn this simple liquor bottle into a cute and practical soap dispenser. Indeed, little gifts for your boyfriend, but will be much appreciated!

22) DIY Tie Rack

22. DIY Tie Rack

Among the cute gifts you can make for your boyfriend this Christmas is a DIY tie rack. You will need simple and inexpensive materials to create one of these. Surely, it’s a cool and functional item to give away for the gift-giving season!


This Christmas, you can still be extra sweet to your boyfriend, despite your tight budget. The DIY and crafty present ideas boyfriend will help you survive your dilemma, giving you a wide array of creative gift choices that your man will definitely appreciate and love forever!

In fact, these cool and crafty gift ideas can be completed at home easily, and they are also ideal for your dad, brother, and other male friends. All the more, these DIY boyfriend gifts are not just perfect for the Christmas season, but all year round, including birthdays, anniversaries, and more!

Certainly, there’s no other way to create more memories, but by giving away gifts made from the heart! Worry no more, because these DIY gift ideas for boyfriend will solve your dilemma and make your boyfriend happy at the same time!