19 Ingenious DIY Room Décor Ideas (You Would Not Believe #9!)

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Are you searching for creative DIY room décor ideas that you can easily try at home? You do not have to look that far anymore. Here are 19 ingenious room décor designs that are easy and cheap to make.

I have always enjoyed creating different knick-knacks and doing crafts. Making my decorations allowed me to save money and recycle things that are otherwise thrown in the trash. Indeed, just a little creativity goes a long way to reduce waste.

Perhaps, the best benefit of recycling and making your decors is the satisfaction of having to look at your handiwork. It is also a good conversation starter with visitors.


1. Use Your Old Baking Sheet as a Magnet Board

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Source: Made by Marzipan

Got an old baking pan? Re-purpose it into a magnet board and hang it on a wall. With a little paint and lots of imagination, you and your kids would enjoy using it.

Check out Made by Marzipan for the instructions.

2. Another Unique Wall Décor: Clipboard Frames

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Source: LifeStorage

Old clipboards can also be put to good use with this clipboard frame idea. Simply paint the metal clips gold and glue similar wallpaper designs to each one and you’re good to go.

Do you want to know how to do it? Visit Life Storage Blog.

3. This Time, a Hand-Made Wall Art From Recycled Wood Plank

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Are you a fan of inspirational wall arts? This wooden design enhances the atmosphere of any room. You can change the text to any message you want, of course.

Go to Simply Handmade’s YouTube channel to view the instructions.

4. Bricks to Spare? Turn Them Into Glam Brick Bookends

word image 24

Source: Camille Styles

A couple of bricks is all you need to create these glam brick bookends. Again, the instruction requires some gold paint to finish. Better stock on it for future projects.

You can find the instructions at Camille Styles’ blog.

5. A Unique Take on a Common Idea: Wall Canvas Gallery

word image 25

Source: Lauren Greutman

This is based on the common concept of turning a few canvas pieces into a set of wall décors. However, instead of painting all, half were wrapped with printed cloth for a more elegant look.

Visit Lauren Greutman’s blog for the instructions.

6. Don’t Throw Them Away, Turn Used Paper Bags Into Wall Organizers

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Source: Le Zoe Musings

Would you believe that someone actually came up with the idea of turning shopping bags into wall decorations? Similar bags give a more pleasing aesthetic, but you could opt to make variations.

Want to DIY? Go to Le Zoe Musings.

7. Elegant-Looking Frosted Glass Vases Made From Recycled Bottles

word image 27

Source: carolynshomework.com

Let’s take a break from wall décors with this frosted glass vase concept. Recycle used sauce bottles by coating them with frosted translucent glass paint. You can thank me later.

Take a look at the instructions at Home Work.

8. Back to the Walls: Cloth Inspirational Quote Banner

word image 28

Source: Homemade Ginger

Quotes are everywhere. From mugs and shirts to pillows and stickers. This idea uses some old cloth to hand-paint a favorite quote using a paper stencil. Quick and easy.

There are step-by-step instructions at Homemade Ginger for your reference.

9. Upcycle an Old Window Into a Large Indoor Picture Frame


Source: The Hamby Home

If you were amazed by the shopping bags, then that is nothing compared to this. Old windows could still find its way in a home by turning them into large picture frames. I can’t wait to try this!

Check out the instructions at The Hamby Home.

10. Got Unused Tea Cups? Turn Them Into Candle Containers

word image 29

Source: Budget Savvy Diva

Teacups gathering dust in cupboards can also be put to good use. Turn them into candle containers, and you won’t need candle holders anymore.

Visit Budget Savvy Diva for the instructions.

11. Necklace Organizer Made From Old Driftwood

word image 30

All you need are some old door knobs and a piece of flat wood to make this happen. Rustic and charming, it provides character to any room. Best of all, no more tangled and messy necklaces!

See the instructions at Visibly Moved.

12. Leather Belt Straps Can Support a Hanging Shelf

word image 31

Source: Burkatron

Got some unused leather belt straps? This project adds shelving space in your room. Just remember to find the right balance when placing the wood plank.

Visit Burkatron to view instructions.

13. More Driftwood? Try This Heart-Shaped Wall Art

word image 32

Source: Simplicity in the South

Another idea involving driftwood. A short visit to the beach could get you all the materials you need for this quick build.

See crafting instructions at Simplicity in the South.

14. Tired of Wallpapers? A Geometric Wall Pattern Should Do

word image 33

Source: Eliza Rose

This creative technique makes plain walls more exciting. Three colors would be ideal, but you could always opt for more.

Go to Eliza Rose’s blog for the instructions.

15. Upcycle Scrap Pallet Wood with Creative Wall Art Pieces

word image 34

Scrap wood pallets still have a use. Turn them into creative wall décors with a little paint and your imagination.

Learn how to do it at Somewhere in the Middle.

16. Turn Used Wooden Crates Into a Storage Ottoman

word image 35

Source: Mon Make Things

You need to attach four wooden crates perpendicular to one another to create this masterpiece. Can be made into an ottoman or a coffee table.

Visit Mon Makes Things for the instructions.

17. Liven up Your Living Room With This Personalized Photo Lamp

word image 36

Source: Mommy Moment

Bored of having the same old plain table lamps in your living room? Liven them up by adding you and your family’s photos on them.

View instructions at Mommy Moment.

18. Old Toys in the Attic? Make This Action Figure Lamp

word image 37

Your children are all grownups, and there are tons of toys stockpiled in your attic. Try making something out of them with this action figure lamp concept.

Learn how to make one by visiting Instructables’ YouTube channel.

19. Finally, Gather Some Popsicle Sticks and Make a Shelf

word image 38

Source: Make & Do Crew

A unique shelf designed from a heap of Popsicle sticks. Turn them into any shape you want as you have the power.

Go to Make & Do Crew for the instructions.


I hope you enjoyed reading through this image list of 19 DIY room décor ideas and that you found inspiration from it.

Until you have tried it, nothing would be as satisfying as having to craft your home decorations. Not everyone can proudly say they did this or that inside their homes.

Please say what you think about these concepts and ideas in the comments. Also, kindly share with your friends if you liked this article. Thanks!


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