28 Useful DIY Wood Projects for Beginners (#13 is Killing It!)

Woods are sturdy materials that are used for a lot of things. We use it for bonfires, and we all know that these are used in making paper. In addition, it’s certainly the greatest material for making pieces of home furniture.

Most of us prefer to have furniture sets made of wood because it gives our home a relaxing vibe and it’s also durable. The downside is that most furniture sets made of wood are pricey in the market.

Here’s the thing; instead of buying, why not make it instead? Here are some useful do-it-yourself or DIY wood projects for beginners that you’ll surely love.

1. Hang Your Plants in Your Home with a Wooden Wall Planter

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DIY Wooden Wall Planter. Simple and easy DIY project for spring.

Source: Sarah Joy Blog

If you want to add something inside your house that’s relaxing to the eyes, bring your plants in and place them in a wooden wall planter. This woodwork doesn’t require too much cost, but it’s surely sturdy enough to hold your plants as you attach it on the wall. If you’re a beginner, you can follow the simple steps here.

2. Wooden Food Tray to Brighten Someone Else’s Morning

Reclaimed Wood Tray http://bec4-beyondthepicketfence.blogspot.com/2014/08/reclaimed-oak-cow-urine-serving-tray.html

Source: 4 Bp Blogspot

This wooden food tray is one of the best woodworking projects for beginners. You’ll certainly earn points when you serve a special someone’s breakfast while in bed. All you need is a piece of wood and metal to craft it. It will not cost you much, but it will make someone’s day beautiful. Here is the guide for beginners.

3. Switch Your Old Shoe Rack to This Wooden Shoe Organizer


Source: Family Handy Man

Tired of seeing old shoe racks in your house? Then switch your old ones at home to this wooden organizer. It should be one of your beginning carpentry projects if you’re into woodworking because this organizer will hone your carpentry skills. It doesn’t require a lot of materials, but it can give you ease in organizing your shoes.

4. Useful Wooden Sofa Sleeve for a Cozier Feeling

Whenever people are seated on their cozy sofas, let’s admit it; we wouldn’t want to get out of it. This wooden sofa sleeve is convenient if you want to hold your cup while you’re seated.

You don’t have to stand to place it on your coffee table. It is considered one of the easy woodworking projects you can start by yourself.

5.Ease Your Struggles With the Wooden iPad Holder


Source: Instructables

iPads are large devices that we often drop. Make things easier for you while you use your iPad by crafting a DIY wooden tablet dock. You can get all the convenience you need every time you use your table to study, to watch or to browse the internet from a piece of wood. Start making your own with these step-by-step instructions.

6. Spice up Your Backyard With a Wooden Bird Feeder

DIY bird feeder, easy bird feeder, $4 bird feeder, homemade bird feeder, scrap wood bird feeder

Source: I0 Wp

Do you find your garden too silent and boring? Then attract birds to your garden with this DIY Wooden Bird Feeder. This is an easy woodworking activity, and with these easy steps, you can certainly do it all by yourself. It’s practical because you don’t have to spend much on wood and it can add appeal to your backyard.

7. Simple Hanging Wooden Rack for Your Coat and Hat


Source: Family Handy Man

Are you looking for some building projects for beginners? Try creating your own wooden rack with these simple steps. This rack will surely add sophistication inside your house once it’s hanged on your wall. You don’t have to worry about consuming space because you can hang it. This will keep your coats and hats organized, making your house look tidy.

8. Swing Your Stress Away With Your Own Wooden Tree Swing

DIY Tree Swing for Kids

Source: Mon Tastic

Give your family something to enjoy with this DIY Wooden Swing. Woods are known to be sturdy,and this is the best activity for easy woodworking. All you need are pieces of wood and a long, durable rope to make sure that grown-ups can also use it once it’s hanged. Here are your step-by-step instructions.

9. Impress Your Visitors With Your Wooden Wine Rack

wine rack instructional diy wood hanging shelf best easy

Source: Camille Styles

Do you have a plank of wood around that you’re about to dispose of? Instead of disposing or throwing it away, why not use it to display and organize your wine sets at home. Impress your visitors by making your own wooden wine rack and hanging it on your wall. Just follow these guidelines, and you’re good to go.

10. Keep Your Sharp Things Organized With a Wooden Knife Block

Easy Knife Block

Source: Family Handy Man

Knives are a must in everybody’s kitchen, but these sharp things should be kept away from children’s reach. You can organize your knives at home by a DIY wooden knife block. It’s simple woodwork yet it can prevent any knife accidents from occurring. Plus, it can give you ease when you have to reach multiple knives while cooking.

11. Build an Eco-Friendly Pencil Holder for Your Kids

Learn how to make this adorable DIY Wooden Pencil Holder by following these simple steps! This Pencil Holder is the perfect gift for teachers or art lovers!

Source: Cherished Bliss

Pencils are one of the most misplaced things inside the house. Kids, even adults, always lose their pencils after using it, and it leads us into buying new ones. To save your money and your pencils from getting lost, make your own wooden pencil holder by following these instructions. It’s practical to do it because you’ll only need a scrap wood.

12. Switch Your Usual Doormats to a Sturdy Wooden One

martha stewart entryway mat

Source: Domestic Imperfection

If you want something new, try upgrading your usual “welcome” doormat to a wooden one. This is one of the easywood project ideas for beginners since it doesn’t really require pro skills in woodworking. Just follow these steps on how to create it. This wooden doormat is suited to keep wet shoes dripping until the individual parts are dry.

13. Surprise Your Kid with an Eco-Friendly Candy Dispenser


Source: Instructables

Kids just can’t resist whenever there are candies, and we can’t resist them every time they flash a happy face. Make them happier with this DIY candy dispenser made out of wood. Try to step up on your woodworking and start making your wooden candy dispenser by following these instructions. This wooden candy dispenser is perfect for jellybeans and other candies with similar sizes.

14. Work at Your Bed With the Wooden Laptop Stand

How to build a DIY folding lap desk or breakfast tray out of a single 8-foot board! Free plans and tutorial

Source: Jen Wood House

Do you need to work but too lazy to get out of your bed? This DIY wooden laptop stand will certainly help you out. If you’re looking for one of the best free woodworking plans for beginners, you’ll find this one convenient.

Just check on these step-by-step procedures on how to make your own laptop stand.

15. Craft a Simple Yet Useful Napkin Holder for Your Picnic

Napkin Holder

Source: Wilderness

Are you worrying about where to put your napkins while having a picnic in the park? Switch your usual plastic holders to a wooden one by following these simple steps. This wooden napkin holder is simple yet very useful.

Moreover, since it’s made out of wood, you don’t have to worry about any chemicals, unlike plastic holders.

16. Switch Your Usual Storage to Sturdy Wooden Boxes

Simple Boxes Source: I2 Wp

If you’re looking for woodwork from some free, easy woodworking plans for beginners, you can improve your skills further by making your own wooden boxes. It’s time to replace your old and usual plastic storages with these wooden boxes. Not only it’s sturdy, but these wooden boxes can also serve as part of the design of your house. Find out how to do it here.

17. Keep Your Magazines Organized With This Wooden Holder

DIY Wooden Magazine Holder

Source: Homedit

Instead of keeping your magazines inside a cabinet or disposing of them, why not let your visitors read them? You don’t have to worry about keeping things tidy because this X-shaped wooden magazine holder will keep your copies organized.

You can place this near your couch where it’s within your visitors’ reach. All you need to do is to follow these simple instructions.

18. Reward Your Beloved Pet With a Cozy Wooden BedRustic Farmhouse Grain Sack Style Pet Bed with Plans & Tutorial by Prodigal Pieces | www.prodigalpieces.com

Source: Prodigal Pieces

Pets are the best company for some, which is why every pet deserves to be spoiled. Go and spoil your pet with this DIY wooden pet bed for a change. Your pet will go crazy about it. Moreover, crafting this project will also help you improve your woodworking skills. Just follow these guidelines from this link.

19. Add a Classic Wooden Candle Holder to Keep Your Table Arty

Create this easy DIY Rustic Candle Holder to compliment all of your beautiful Fall, Halloween, Christmas, and everyday decor!

Source: Ella Claire Inspired

Candles are wonderful, but these can also be dangerous if you leave these unsupervised while lighted. Work on your wood crafting skills and craft a DIY wooden candle holder for your candles. This wooden candle holder is versatile, which means it is suitable for any occasions. You can get sophistication and safety with this wooden candle holder.

20. Keep Your Heavy Book Still with the Wooden Book Stand

Stylish Wooden Cookbook or Tablet Stand

Source: HGTV Home

Are you having an inconvenient time with your cookbook while reading? Ease your struggles in your cooking by making your own wooden book stand. This wooden bookstand suits any kind of books, especially the thick ones. Just follow the following steps on how to make it, and you’re all set. You can kiss your struggles goodbye, thanks to this wooden book stand.

21. Organize Your Television Area With This DIY Wooden Media Stand


Source: Homedit

One of the struggles of anybody is having a disorganized television or TV set, where the cables of your main TV and DVD player are tangled. Anyone who’s watching will surely find a disorganized set disturbing. To keep things organized with your media set, craft your own wooden stand that’s only intended for your TV and DVD Player. Here’s what you need to do.

22. Replace Your Old Common Stools With a Stylish DIY One


Source: Craftsy

Instead of buying a new stool to replace your old one, craft your own wooden stool as a replacement. If you’re getting into woodworking, you need to challenge yourself, and this idea is one of the best DIY wood projects for beginners. It’s practical, and the best thing is that it’s easy to build it. Click on this link for further instructions.

23. Stand Out Among Others With This Small Wooden USB Drive


Source: Instructables

If you want something new and unusual that’s made of wood, you need to check on how to make a wooden USB drive from this link. This artisan drive will surely drive people crazy in knowing where you got it. It’s not easy at first, but with patience, all the effort is definitely worth the time.

24. Style up Your Address Number Plate With a Small Planter

Address Number Wall Planter DIY

Source: Shanty-2-Chic

If you have a piece of wood lying around, not knowing where to use it, you can use it to style-up your home address plate. Hang sophistication on your wall with this wooden address plate that’s built with a small planter. You can put lovely bonsais in this planter, and it will certainly make it very noticeable.

25. Upgrade Your Woodworking Skills With This X-Table


Source: Dorsey Designs

If you can craft your own wooden holders, boxes and stools, it’s time to step up to the next level and craft a DIY wooden table. Gather your pieces of wood and tools and check on this source regarding the step-by-step instructions on how to make it. This wooden X-Table will surely be useful whether you place it inside or outside your house.

26. Organize Your Office Supplies Easily With a Wooden Supply Tray

Build an Office Supply Tray - Building Plans by @BuildBasic www.build-basic.com

Source: Build Basic

Tired of fixing your office supplies over and over again? This DIY wooden supply tray will help you out in organizing your office supplies. Making it may not be as easy as other wood projects, but once it’s done, it’s worth the effort. All you need to do is to follow these steps, and you can have something to ease your struggles.

27. Save aLot of Money When You Make This Wooden Side Table


Source: Her Tool Belt

If you’re looking for a brand new side table to pair it next to your comfy couch, consider making a wooden side table instead with these instructions. You get to spend less than $20, and you get to improve your woodworking skills as well. It’s practical because you can save money and it’s also worth the investment because it’s sturdy.

28. Put Your Reading Materials on Eco-Friendly Storage Bins

FH06DJA_474_10_013_r3 magazine storage bins

Source: Family Handy Man

Are you looking for a good way to archive your preloved magazines and books? You can make your own wooden storage containers with these easy steps. This project is one of the easiest wood projects that’s recommended for beginners because it’s practical and very useful, especially in organizing your reading materials. Just check out these instructions and you can do it on your own.


Wood crafting is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of knowledge, precise measurements and a great deal of effort just to create one project. Sometimes, it also demands the use of different tools that are not found at one’s home. It also requires focus, so you get to waste your wood for nothing.

Despite this, wood crafting is considered one of the best activities that we should give a try. We can start simple, some pieces of wood and the basic tools needed for drilling and cutting. If you’re worried about messing up as a beginner, you can give these cool, easy wood projects a try and see how you can improve from one project to another.