Dragway Tools LD-2090 Review

Dragway Tools LD-2090 is a unique and high-performing bench top sandblaster, which could be used for home, garage, and business needs. It could get rid of auto parts’ rust and paint in the comfort of your place. The sandblaster has a very simple preparation requirement. Regardless of the item’s size or shape, it could work effectively, such as with medium grit or Black Beauty. You could even utilize it for etching activities on glass.

Additional features that he Dragway Tools LD-2090 could boast are its tight seal and viewing glass, switch-enabled LED light, removable air filter, changeable plastic films, and silicon-sealed cabinet. You could even obtain it with four ceramic nozzles, spray gun, and extra-large rubber gloves for easy grip.

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Delicate and Detailed Sandblasting

Dragway Tools LD-2090 is unlike other tools because you could also use it occasionally for larger items even though it is best intended for smaller ones. It could even work and blast within a special container. It has a viewing glass that gives you a perspective inside the box. This provides extra protection whenever you perform sandblasting. You could simply stand outside the cabinet, reach your arms inside, and perform the operation.

You could simply use the protective rubber gloves to blast the material for treatment more effectively. It has extra grip material that allows you to continuously work on projects minus the interruptions.

Highest Safety Assurance

Most of the sandblasters today require wearing goggles or head protective gear during the activity. Apparently, they could cause sand to splatter all over your face, and worse, reach your eyes. On the other hand, debris from materials that you have removed from an object could hurt your face whenever a high pressure is used.

All the worries in sandblasting are removed with Dragway Tools LD-2090. It has safety features that provide highest assurance of protection. The sandblaster unit is available with a gun, air filters, and internal lighting. It is specifically structured for delicate handling of objects. The unit ascertains no accidental damage while getting the job done.

Dragway Tools LD-2090 Features & Specifications

  • Tightly sealed viewing glass for detailed sandblasting
  • Internal LED light with switch
  • Removable plastic films for protected glass etching
  • Easy grip, extra-large rubber gloves
  • Comes with spray gun with four ceramic nozzles
  • Works on all objects, sizes and shapes

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Dragway Tools LD-2090 Reviews

The sandblaster received an editor’s rating of 6.4 out of 10.

Dragway Tools LD-2090 is a reasonable buy if you are looking for a sandblaster suitable for small projects. Though it is applicable for small-scale jobs, customers still commended it for effectively eliminating common issues with other sandblasters. These problems include long-time consumption, corrosion, and difficult maintenance.

As claimed by its manufacturer, you could get the product mostly assembled. This eliminates extra work, especially if you are already piled with blasting jobs. It is air tight and silicone is used to secure all joints. You could guarantee that it will already be set for sandblasting as early as today.

Customers who have workshops found Dragway Tools LD-2090 a perfect additional tool for their projects. It could work on little items at a lower air pressure requirement. You even save a lot of sandblasting media for it could work without filling the box. From feed to the bottom, it could easily sandblast materials minus the leakage.

The viewable box of the sandblaster made it very interesting for clients. According to them, they no longer have to wear goggles or uncomfortable headgear.  Although some experience a burnt bulb with the product, the replacement is very easy.

The positive reviews of the clients also include the excellent service of the manufacturer.  They implied that the item arrived in excellent condition and almost ready for use.

Things to Improve

Not all products are perfect and is the same is true for Dragway Tools LD-2090. There are still points to improve on its functionalities, as claimed by the customers. According to them, the manufacturer missed putting in clear instructions along with the product. This caused a long assembly time for some. Others simply relied on the internet for assistance. In addition, the customers recommend changing the material of the product for it has a flimsy feel.

Irrespective of the points Dragway Tools has to take note of, it is still an effective sandblaster compared to other easily damaged units. It could work as intended and can even provide 100 percent safety.


If you are fed up with sandblasters that require protective equipment, you should choose Dragway Tools LD-2090 instead. It could also be ideal if you usually work on small items rather than big surfaces. You could take advantage of it if you are in the etching business.

For further assessment of the product, you may check out the best sandblaster reviews and evaluate Dragway Tools through comparison.

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