Dremel 6700-01 Sharpening Station Review

The Dremel 6700-01 Sharpening Station is the best one in the market to make your everyday tools look brand new and stay in perfect shape.  After using a particular tool for a given period, it will most definitely be likely to turn blunt or have crooked edges.  Your productivity may be disrupted, the quality of your work negatively affected or your hobby postponed just because your favorite tool is not in perfect shape.

For someone who does not just use knives, chisels or scissors for personal or household use, but for business purposes, these may mean losses in earnings and business profitability.  Good thing the Dremel Sharpening Station was created and is now even available online.  It is the type of sharpener that allows you to use your tools for a longer period and unburden you with the need to keep buying or updating your toolkit.

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Multi-Purpose Sharpening Station

Dremel 6700-01 Sharpening Station is all you need to keep the sharp edges of your knives, scissors, drill bits, and other tools as it had been when you first bought them.  With just one sharpener for all of those tools, it would save you so much money.  Instead of buying a sharpener for each tool or, worse, buying a knife or chisel once or twice within six (6) months.  The Dremel Sharpening Station is an investment in tools you should grab now and should not miss.

Compact-Sized Tool That Guides

The Dremel Sharpening Station takes care of a lot of your household accessories or business tools without being too bulky, heavy or occupying too much space as the compact size of this sharpener enables you to use it on a table-top or in any flat surface or workstation, whether made from wood or not.  It also has dedicated guides inside it that help you get your desired perfect edges that you want as it holds the tool in place as you sharpen them.  No need for additional space for those guides as they may be stored in the sharpener.

Dremel 6700-01 Features & Specifications

  • Versatile Sharpening System – It is a multipurpose sharpener which takes care of your favorite tools whether it be a drill bit, a knife, a chisel or a pair of scissors, you can rely on this one.
  • Diamond sharpening wheel – The sharpening wheel of this sharpener, which is diamond-coated steel, mind you, will stay in perfect condition and will not distort even after several usage over time. Hence, you are assured of smooth and consistent sharp edges for your tools for the rest of their existence.
  • Chisel and plane guide – The Dremel Sharpening Station provides you with a guide in sharpening your chisels using an effective holder, with a magnetic blade, to keep the tool in place, and a spark guard to ensure your safety during the process.
  • A guide for your drill bit – As you sharpen your drill bit, the guide in the sharpener will hold the bit for you and will keep it aligned so you can have those edges accurately and easily sharpened.
  • Dedicated sharpening guides – Its three (3) dedicated guides guarantee perfect edges back to your tools in no time with no more worries on additional space for storage as the guides are stored conveniently inside the Dremel Sharpening Station.

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Dremel 6700-01 Reviews

Customer reviews on Amazon website hail the Dremel Sharpening Station for its being compact, and lightweight, and for the easy storage of all its plastic guides.  These Dremel users have rated this sharpener with 3.6 stars out of a possible five (5) stars on average with one user pointing out that it is “a cute looking if not a terribly accurate gadget.”  Some people who have loved it gave it five (5) stars for being a “very helpful little machine” for their small workshops since it is not only easy to use but it also does not take up so much space.

Things to Improve

Like any other product, machine or gadget, the Dremel Sharpening Station has its share of criticisms and negative feedback, as some users have found that the flexible plastic guides make it difficult to maintain a proper angle while using the sharpener.  A few people have also complained that the wheel in the sharpener is coarse and that it is merely for household use only.


With all these, the Dremel Sharpening Station is your go-to sharpener for your knives scissors, drill bits, and more which would be available in your home or workshop and would not require you to go to the nearest tool repair or tool shop.  It is designed to be used easily by any one and only needs to be mounted on a flat surface for a more convenient sharpening experience.  The guides are super durable that it would most likely stay in perfect condition for your everyday need. Check out other best drill bit sharpeners.

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