Drill Doctor DD750X Drill Bit Sharpener Review

Drill Doctor DD750X Drill Bit Sharpener is the top of the line sharpener that does the job in making your bits function like new again. The DD750X is built to last and professionally at that.

Now you do not have to take a run to the hardware store every time your drill bits go dull, and you can also save quite a significant amount of money by not having to buy decent quality but expensive drill bits often. With that, let us discuss more the features of this product.

Whenever your drill bits are getting blunt, there is only one name to call: Drill Doctor.

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Sharpening your Drill Bits, Simple and Quick

Aligning and sharpening have never been this easy. Simply align your bits by setting it against the stop and locking it in place. Actual sharpening the bits is easy as well, just turn the chuck depending on the size of your bit. The longer jaws hold the bit more precisely, and the guides on the jaw also eliminate jaw twisting on small bits.

There is also a “Push to Stop” design on the drill point, which prevents you from splitting over the points with total confidence. The DD750X also gives you the ability to sharpen your drill points at any angle between 115 degrees to 140 degrees.

Made for Convenience and Flexibility

Due to the distinct shapes of drill bits, sharpening them accurately must be tough using other procedures, especially manually, but forget about all of that when you are using this product. Your dull, unusable bits will get a new life as it comes face to face with the DD750X. It can do the sharpening for drill bit sizes ranging from 3/32” to ¾”, and it also has adjustable material take-off function that allows the user to set the amount of material removed while sharpening – which also means longer life for your drill bits. Imagine how much time and money that will save!

Drill Doctor DD750X Features & Specifications

Here are some of the Drill Doctor DD750X Drill Bit Sharpener’s main features:

  • Sharpens drill bit sizes ranging from 3/32” to ¾”, giving you the capability to extend life to most of your drilling tools
  • Longer jaws to hold your drill bits more precisely and push to stop design preventing you to split over the bit point
  • Take control of the material that can be removed from your bits with the adjustable material take-off function
  • Easy to replace diamond sharpening wheel
  • 6-foot power cord gives you freedom and flexibility regarding where you should place your 750X. It also has a permanent magnet motor that offers consistent power, regardless of how big the bit is and the speed.
  • Sharpens bits of different compositions: Carbide, High-Speed Steel, Cobalt, Black Oxide, TiN-Coated, twist and masonry bits
  • Hard shell custom carrying case, letting you easily transport the product from your home to the workshop

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Drill Doctor DD750X Review

Overall, this product has garnered an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars in online reviews (at the time of this writing). Customers are satisfied with the product’s performance as well as how handy it is. Some review it as a tool they never knew they needed until they realized how convenient and cheap it is in the long run.

One popular concern about the product, though, is that the product material is plastic. One reviewer has mentioned that he was worried about the sturdiness of the Drill Doctor. This was why he was so pleased that the product held through and lasted long.

Replacement parts like the diamond wheel are very easy to install, and with the cost of these replacement parts, the total cost of each sharpening operation will just be about ten cents a drill at most, compared to the expensive new, decent drills.

Things to Improve

The only disappointment found in this product is that some customers are frustrated that they could not align the 135-degree bits accurately. This is not a huge issue, as the tool can sharpen a broad range of bits aside from that, maybe except for some craftsmen that might be particular for that certain angle. This problem can easily be fixed by maybe finding another degree that it could be sharpened on and could also work pretty well.


Whether you are a hobbyist, the handyman of the house, or a true craftsman that lives on bits and drills, this handy tool is indeed a useful addition to your tool set. Reduce your costs on drill bits and get more done by having this product in your workshop. With its capacity, versatility, and portability, getting a unit is a wise decision that would save both of your time and money. It is well-made and will give you a return on your investment in no time. Check out other best sharpeners too.

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