Dura Heat DH2304 Kerosene Heater Review

Dura Heat DH2304 is mostly perfect-rated in various rankings of indoor heaters. This is also among the most popular kerosene heaters you could find on the market, which could provide as much as 23,000 BTUs that could accommodate every level of your needs. If you would use the heater correctly, you could easily warm up an area having a size of up to a thousand square feet. Besides, it is also capable for generating sufficient heat covering as much as a 360-degree radius.

The heater is also designed to provide a safety solution with its tilt-type shutdown feature. You could also avoid mess while using the heater since it has a drip tray installed. The component helps a lot if you are constantly heating up your house with the product.

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31zkHUyKL2BL 2Convection Heater

This is the primary way of Dura Heat to produce heat in a certain area. In this system, heating of air is done when it comes into contact with the appliance’s hot surfaces. The higher air temperature typically makes people feel warmer. There are variations of convection heaters as well, which utilize a fan to draw the cool air in.

There are diverse characteristics found in convection heater, which set it apart from other systems. Primarily, it would heat your room from the ceiling to the floor. Even if your area has high ceilings, it would still warm up your room but would take some time. Though you have guests sitting in the area, you could still anticipate the convection heater to work as intended.

Moreover, convection heating system uses extra energy to obtain equal temperature change as a bigger room’s radiant heating mechanism. It converts the air temperature in a gradual manner, which is more comfortable for the occupants of a certain area. The convection heating method also depends on sufficient movement of air, which is why warmth is often more felt near the heater.

There are various areas where a convection heating system is useful, such as larger spaces that require even temperature, rooms with occupants most of the time, places where there is a large gap from the heater and tenants, and spaces where there are extensive heat loss transmissions.

Higher BTU

The heater has a higher BTU, which is better known as British thermal unit. This is a rating that is greatly useful if you want to determine the energy output of the heater and its performance. The higher the BTU is, the greater its heating performance will be. Apparently, Dura Heat has a very high rating at 23,000 BTUs.

Dura Heat DH2304 Features and Specifications

The Dura Heat warming appliance is known for its heat output of 23,000 BTUs in an hour at the maximum. It has an integral fuel tank, which could take in up to 1.9 gallons. Its continuous combustion time could approximately reach eight to 12 hours. The maximum fuel consumption of the heater is 0.167 gallons per hour. Additionally, its ignition method is based on battery-C cell x2, igniter type B.

The total weight of the heater is about 29 pounds. Its dimensions are 27 inches by 17.6 inches by 17.6 inches. Moreover, its wick height is 25/ 64 inches or 10 millimeters.

To learn more about it, here are its other principal features:

  • Easy setup – You could easily set up a heater since it has pretty straightforward set of instructions. According to some, you may take less than five minutes to prepare the appliance.
  • Energy savings – If you want to save a lot of money, this is a good heater to use since it has better heating performance.
  • Silent operation – You may utilize the heater even while your kids are sleeping since it does not generate noise compared with other models.
  • Quick warming – You could heat up an area easily despite a large floor area of up to 1,100 square feet.
  • Less fuel consumption – The users could attest that a couple of kerosene could last around half a day, which makes the product more efficient.
  • Emergency buddy – If you need a critical situation heater, this is a great product to use. Despite power failure, it would still let you enjoy reliable warm output.

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Dura Heat DH2304 Reviews

The editor’s rating for Dura Heat DH2304 is 8.8 out of 10.

Many of the positive reviews concerning the product highlighted how easy it is to set up the heater. The directions in the manual are very comprehensible, making them finish the preparation in just a few minutes. In addition, the existing users could attest that their electricity bill dropped after using the heater. The feedbacks also expressed gladness of the consumers that they have bought the heater, which is also extremely useful for emergencies.

Things to Improve

The few poor reviews of the product emphasized the clients’ dissatisfaction for receiving damaged or resealed items. Nonetheless, there is no major suggestion for improvement regarding the heater’s performance.


Dura Heat DH2304 is proved to be an efficient product to use even without electricity, especially now that it even reduces costs.

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