Dyna-Glo KFA80DGD Kerosene Heater Review

Dyna Glo Delux KFA80DGD is a recommendable product that could heat up your house with its powerful 80,000 British thermal units (BTU) performance. It could warm up an area that has a size of as large as 1,900 square feet. The kerosene forced air heater has a comfort control thermostat, which could save fuel and allow for extra control. The heater is also designed with exclusive runtime fuel and built-in air pressure gauges.

The heater has been described as a top-notched warming product with perfected durability and reliability. It uses a patented heating technology, which could significantly outperform other heaters in its class.

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411yTDEdeuLComfort Control Thermostat

The primary feature of the product is known for its most advanced features. It has been designed to offer reliable service, especially if you want to eliminate complex adjustments of the heater’s settings. Comfort control states that you would be able to control the overall comfort in your place alongside the temperature you desire any time. The thermostat is structured to provide you a wide range of zoning and thermostat modes, which would alter the air filtration, temperature, energy usage, and humidity levels in your home.

The thermostat will provide you the power to initiate the clock setting, inside temperature, outside temperature, and temperature formats, among others. The advanced feature also gives you the power to change the fan speed, set point, and mode depending on your preferences. The thermostat may always be on, but it could guarantee savings of fuel.

Aluminum Encased Motors

The heater is designed with aluminum encased motors, which are greatly more durable and at higher quality than its counterparts. Aluminum has been the material of choice of various industries worldwide due to its safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly attributes. You could be certain that with the material choice, you would be able to ensure not only a longer-lasting appliance but a lightweight one as well. This is the reason why most next-generation vehicles are being made out of the metal.

The safety of aluminum has long been tested and approved by Federal regulators. It even achieved a safety rating of five stars. Compared with competing materials, aluminum has the lowest carbon footprint. It could be fabricated in wide range of ways, such as lasering, drawing, pressing, or even cutting.

Dyna Glo apparently chose the material as encasement for it also resists rust, oxidation, and moisture. It is even efficient in low-temperature environments without losing its hardness and toughness.

Dyna-Glo KFA80DGD Features and Specifications

The Dyna Glo model is a portable multi-fuel forced air heater, which requires fewer steps of assembly and 98% more savings in fuel. Its dimensions are 32 inches by 11.7 inches by 16.7 inches, and the total weight of the product is 26.9 pounds. It could operate at 80,000 BTUs that could warm an area up to 1,900 square feet. Its average runtime is nine hours. Moreover, its fuel capacity is five gallons.

To learn more about the heater, here are its other top features:

  • Instant generation of heat – The kerosene heater could produce heat immediately whenever you need it regardless of its location. It has a sure-fire ignition that could keep your rooms warmed even in critical situations.
  • Maximum comfort control – The dual-heat technology of the heater could provide you an easy way of switching for low and high settings. It guarantees comfort, heat management, and fuel savings all at the same time. Even while the heater is running, you could select or change the level of warmth production.
  • High-Temperature Composite Nozzle Adapter – It assures that pressure would be maintained while the hoses are tightly secured. The nozzle adapter of the heater is unlike other materials that fail earlier than expected.
  • Fuel Savings – It maximizes your means of consuming less fuel. You simply need to set the temperature level. When this rate has been reached by the heater, it would stop operating and be on standby mode. If the desired temperature drops, the machine would automatically work again.
  • Ergonomic mobility – You could use the heater to move from one place to another without the hassle. Its wheels even made the procedure trouble-free alongside its front and rear handles.
  • Dual-Source Power Cord – This feature gives you the perk of charging your tools or even smartphones using the heater.

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Dyna-Glo KFA80DGD Reviews

The editor’s rating is 8 out of 10.

According to mostly positive reviews of the product consumers, the instructions of setting up and using the Dyna-Glo KFA80DGD heater are very clear. Even the performance of the heater has been generally described as perfect. Many have praised the product’s well-built structure, specifically now that it requires minimal setup and it would work on its own.

Things to Improve

There are other poor reviews that highlighted the leaking issue when using the heater. Nonetheless, this may be due to defective items distributed.


Dyna Glo Delux KFA80DGD‘s positive reviews outweighed the negatives, which shows that it is still a good product to try. It is not even a bad investment since it is reasonably priced given its extensive features.

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