Dyson 63458-01 Pedestal Fan Review

For those who are looking for a non-traditional stand fan, the Dyson 63458-01 Air Multiplier is a great choice. It is proven to be 35% more on the quiet side compared to other stand fans today. This air multiplier was built with streamlined channels that lessen turbulence and creates a powerful airflow for a more comfortable experience. This is a stylish air multiplier that has no blades. It has a unique base and an elegant white color.

This fan is made of plastic material that makes it easier for you to clean and maintain. To make your experience more convenient, this air multiplier comes with a remote control that includes a sleep timer button, oscillation control, and 10 airflow settings.

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Unique No-Blade Design


The Dyson Air Multiplier has a unique no-blade design that reduces air turbulence. It creates a smoother release of air for your comfort. This design is also responsible for making this fan 35% more quiet than most fans in the market today. You will also love the easy-tilt design that allows it to oscillate air around the room from its center of gravity. Having no blades makes it safer for children to be around it making it baby-proof.

The no-blade design looks modern and futuristic. It gets rid of the choppy air that traditional stand fans usually give you. The Dyson Air Multiplier has a dimension of 6.6 inches x 23 inches x 21 inches, which is just the right size and doesn’t take up much space. It also comes in a sophisticated white color that looks clean and will blend right into your house décor.

Dyson is a trusted brand, and they have been producing quality home appliance for many years now. This innovation is the future of stand fans with its energy saving, more quiet, and more convenient technology that make your life easier.

Remote Control and One Touch Design

The oscillation control that comes with the Dyson Air Multiplier is made easier with a one touch design that allows for a smooth oscillation that can move air inside of any room. It also comes with a remote control that lets you operate it while you relax on the couch.

Aside from its pleasing aesthetics, the Dyson Air Multiplier is made of plastic materials that make it lightweight and easy to clean.

Dyson Air Multiplier Features and Specifications

  • High Quality Plastic Material – this fan is made of high quality plastic material that makes it durable and lightweight.
  • Air Multiplier™ technology – air is made through a hole in the middle that pulls air from its surrounding and propels it to the room.
  • 35% More Quiet – this model is proven to be more quiet than its predecessor because of its smooth air channels.
  • Energy Efficient  this fan creates a strong airflow, which makes it use less energy compared to other stand fans.
  • Programmable Sleep Timer  this product allows you to program it to automatically shut off with an interval of 15 minutes up to nine hours.
  • Remote control – you can choose from 10 airflow settings as well as the oscillation option through the remote control.

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Dyson Air Multiplier Reviews

The Dyson Air Multiplier  got an editor rating of  9.3/10. It gets rid of the choppy air that traditional fans usually deliver making it more comfortable. The remote control also makes it easier for me to operate the air multiplier with its power, oscillating, and sleep timer buttons. People like the fact that of not losing the remote control as it has a magnetic feature that makes it stick to the air multiplier when not in use.

The aesthetic on this fan makes it look great in the bedroom. It’s also a lot quieter compared to an old stand fan, which is great because sleep will be a lot better with it on.

Things to Improve

When it comes to aesthetics and advanced technology, the Dyson Air Multiplier takes the cake. However, there are consumers who say that it’s too expensive for what it’s really worth.

Some people who bought the fan also said that it doesn’t provide much cooling and cannot move air very well. These people also admitted that the air multiplier does not create choppy air.


If you need a break from traditional fans, you might want to try the Dyson Air Multiplier for a change. It helps you save energy, and it is proven to be more quiet than standard fans in the market today. It delivers smooth airflow through its streamlined air channels that get rid of the choppy air that most fans have.

This is a great product that looks modern. It features advanced technology even if it has few flaws in it. If you’re interested in other products, you can check out the best pedestal fan reviews.

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