EagleTac D25C-Click-CW-XML2 Flashlight Review

If you are searching for an EDC flashlight that will stand out until the very last drop of energy from the battery, then the EagleTac D25C is the perfect device for you. You will surely be amazed to know that this flashlight can last up to 150 hours. That’s incredibly long indeed with just one battery to power it

Not only that, EagleTac D25C can produce a very high intensity of light that can reach up to 453 lumens.This is just a small flashlight with magnanimous capabilities. You can actually use it as a tactical probe and as a beacon light. You will surely be able to use this for a longer period of time because it is engineered using a titanium-coated stainless steel bezel that has a self-retention capability.

To make it really convenient for you, this flashlight is designed with a removable pocket clip that you can attach anytime if you need it hands-free. The glass lenses are also hand-replaceable making it really convenient and powerful.

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Reverse Clicky Feature

The EagleTacD25C series is equipped with an all-new feature which is the clicky-reverse feature. This simply means that the flashlight uses a tail cap clicking in order to turn it on and off. This is also used to change the modes. This new feature brings about many changes to the D25C series.

The lights in this flashlight are capable of emitting cool white and neutral white color. The output groups can also be utilized by twisting the head of this small flashlight. The thing that you will really like with this feature is that there are three levels of brightness. If you go to output 1, you will be able to access the seven hidden modes. These include the tactical strobe, beacon, and flash.

The bezel is made from stainless steel which ensures it durability. The lenses are also hardened with an ARcoating. It is also an ultraclear glass for increased visibility. You will also be intrigued with its aerospace finish aluminum body which offers protection and durability to the flashlight. The smooth beam of this flashlight is brought about by the light orange peel reflector. Aside from this, it also has a self-retention capability. The reverse-clicky feature is indeed something to explore about in this EagleTac D25C.

IPX-8 Waterproof Level

Most of the EDC flashlights are waterproof. So how can EagleTac D25C be different from other flashlights? Well, you should note that this small device has the capacity to survive in deeper depth for longer period of time. The IPX-8 rated feature means that it is entirely protected from water submersion. This also means that you can use this EDC flashlight to most of activities that will include water submersion.

Due to this rating, you can use this flashlight as a beacon and strobe lighting. This can be seen even in a greater distance because the light is so strong and intense. As a beacon light, you can use this to guide the ships and as a signal light. This feature of this small flashlight makes it really useful in these kinds of situations.

EagleTac D25C Features and Specifications

  • Cree XM-L U2 – this can produce high lumens.
  • Moon-mode setting – it has the capacity to increase the output even by six times.
  • Runtime – this can amazingly run for a maximum of 150 hours.
  • Rechargeable battery – this can be recharged easily and faster.
  • Reverse clicky
  • Detachable clip – you canjust easily detach it from your belt whenever you want.
  • Titanium- coated body – this ensures a very durable flashlight.
  • Self- retention – this is one of its important features.
  • IPX-8 – this allows it to be submerged in water.

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EagleTac D25C Reviews

This EagleTac D25C is a very reliable device; that’s why we are going to give it a rating of 7 out of 10 sparingly. The features of this flashlight are indeed notable. Most of the users commended its titanium-coated body that contributed to its durable finish. According to them, even if they drop it, the flashlight still functions very well.

There are users who use this for tactical and beacon light purposes. The strong intensity of light makes it possible for them to utilize it for guiding ships from afar. You cannot really imagine that a small flashlight can do this much.

Things to Improve

This flashlight is indeed a reliable device to have. There are no major issues reported about this flashlight. There are some users who reported that the brightness sometimes fluctuates when they are using it. This is a common scenario for most flashlights.The best thing to do is to turn it off and turn it on again.


The EagleTac D25C is indeed a multifunctional flashlight that’s very portable.You can use it in variety of applications and other situations as well. You can even utilize it as a probe light and beam light for guiding ships. Overall, it can give its users maximum convenience. This best long-lasting EDC flashlight will surely be a good companion in your outdoor activities.

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