Earlex HV5500 Spray Station Review

The Earlex HV5500 Spray Station is a fairly straightforward power spray. It’s a semi-pro unit that automotive enthusiasts, light contractors, and serious woodworkers would definitely love. The Spray Station 5500 is a spray painting wonder that’s ideal for use on jobsites, around the home for DIY home improvement projects, and the workshop. This professional gun comes complete with a powerful turbine that makes it the perfect tool you can depend on in order to showroom finishes on cars, furniture, and cabinets. What’s more, this unit allows you to spray different substances onto surfaces, like enamels, sealers, stains, shellacs, oils, varnishes, urethanes, lacquers, and thinned latex.

Earlex HV5500 Spray Station

Beginner Mistakes Won’t Affect Your Outcome

Beginner mistakes won’t affect your Earlex HV5500 outcome because the unit is designed to ensure an even coat every time on whatever surface you’re painting that’s free of bleeds, overspray, and bounce back. This is why the product is popular among both contractors and the typical homeowner. Contractors particularly like how small-to-medium-sized jobs like painting shutters, doors, exterior to interior trims, and whatnot can be completed faster with this intuitive tool. It also has a push and click three-spray pattern changing system as well as a dynamic control action trigger and paint volume control dial that allows you to shift from wide to pinpoint painting modes.

Incredible Turbine Power and Performance

The Earlex HV5500 Spray Station comes with a turbine rated at 650 watts as well as generates 2.2 PSI and 42 CFM. Its hose is 13 feet long while its power cord is 5½ feet long. It’s also a lightweight and perfectly mobile spray painter that’s easy to store and transport. As for its professional-grade spray gun, hose, and cord, they enjoy on-board storage as well so packing everything up when you’re all done is quite easy to do. The whole unit is as portable as a briefcase since it comes complete with a carry handle as well. What’s more, the product is ready to go from out of the box. Just add paint that’s been thinned properly and turn it on. You’re ready to spray.

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Here are the specs of the Earlex HV5500 Spray Station 

  • Design:The whole device is made to be compact, lightweight, and modern (that is, high-tech, sleek, and smooth) when it comes to its overall design. 
  • Pro Spray Gun:The gun, its nozzle, and its no-bleed performance prove that it’s a professional-quality gun for commercial or industrial applications as well as residential home improvement jobs. 
  • Spray Pattern Adjustment:You only need to push and click in order to shift from one spray pattern size to another depending on what you’re trying to do (widespread painting or detailing jobs). 
  • Needle: It comes with a unique 2 millimeter stainless steel tip for detailing paint work. 
  • Paint Container: It also has a one quart PTFE coated paint container with a quick release lever as your paint reservoir. 
  • Quality Performance: It’s become even easier to get the results you want with its countless adjustment options. You don’t need to second guess yourself with this proven, dependable spray.

Customer Reviews

I purchased this gun from Amazon.com for the sake of doing some on-site lattice spray wherein collateral damage could ruin the whole project with other weaker sprayers. I was betting on this unit to pull me through, and my gamble paid off. It’s a semi-pro paint sprayer because even amateurs can use it in order to get quality semi-pro to professional results even though they’re beginners when using sprays like this one. It’s a unit that doesn’t discriminate by skill level since it simplifies the spray painting process. I don’t regret my decision for buying it at all.

The Earlex HV5500 has received 79 reviews and has a 4.3 rating on Amazon.com.


This Earlex paint spray has been described by its detractors as a low-end spraying system that lacks power to atomize water. The hose tends to have an unpleasant smell as well, as claimed by another unsatisfied customer. The hose is a particular point of contention for him, since it’s hard to uncurl it in a way that ensures it’s not being dragged across your workshop or home, pulling your furniture or equipment around or areas that have already been sprayed. Dealing with the hose is like dealing with a live snake, says the Amazonian user. The again, it is as cheap as advertised (in more ways than one).

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If you can get over the hose and the supposed lack of power, the unit delivers more than enough spraying power and dependability for the average homeowner or even light contractors who wish to save a lot with a cost-effective spray unit. The great thing about this so-called Spray Station is that it can complete various projects faster using less material and paint, thus you’re maximizing your savings and cost-efficiency without compromising your results. You can also do all this without your lack of experience ruining your paint results thanks to how intuitive this paint sprayer is. The durability of the EarlexHV5500 is also amazing to behold since it’s capable of dealing with a rugged construction environment thanks to its design and the materials it’s made of. Check out other reviews of paint sprayer here.

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