Eastern 70318 Catalytic Converter Reviews

As one of the non-CARB catalytic converter compliant, the Eastern 70318 is very efficient in eliminating the unwanted codes. Although it may not eliminate it completely, it will surely be able to reduce it as well. The EGR valve and the mass airflow sector will surely have less problems and troubles through the installation of this catalytic converter.

This cat con is widely used around the globe because it can fit to most of the vehicle’s exhaust system. Aside from this, it has the ability to transform ragged cars into an almost brand new status provided that it can easily resolve the issues in poor uphill performance. If you would like your vehicle to look as brand new as before, this is the perfect cat con for your need.

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41cREeosJkLBest Acceleration and Life Restoration

One of the things that users like in this catalytic converter is its ability to make vehicles have an improved and better acceleration. Eastern 70318 also has the ability to bring an old, crappy car back to its original life. You will be amazed on how effective it is in bringing your engine to life again.

Aside from this, this catalytic converter is very efficient in maintaining the good flow system in your engine. The result is necessary in maintaining the proper conversion of carbon monoxide to CO2 and water. These good features are also the main contributor for its longevity. You will be assured that you can use your catalytic converter for a longer period of time. It can even last up to six or more years, depending on how good you will maintain it.

Automobile shop owners recommend this converter to their clients because of its versatility. They are able to be used in different applications from varying models of cars and other automobiles.

Greater Loading of Wash Coats

The Eastern 70318 features greater loading of precious metals to the wash coat. This has the ability to handle applications that have low emissions or beyond normal emissions. This is perfect also for cars and vehicles that have higher and more work loads. If you have a board diagnostic system, you will surely benefit from this system.

Aside from this, the emissions challenges will surely be just an easy thing to pass for your car. Different kinds of GM engines can definitely reap out the benefits of the Eastern 70318 catalytic converter. The amount of Rhodium is also increased to easily detect if the emission will go higher than the normal range.

The catalyst wash coat of this converter is generous to offer a five year warranty for every 50,000 miles. This is indeed a good reason to switch to Eastern 70318. The Nano Technology chemistry of this converter makes it possible for it to produce more efficient loading with such a low cost.

If you would like to experience and power of this universal converter, then this is the right time to switch from your old one to this Eastern 70318. It will surely be worth all your money.

Eastern 70318 Features and Specifications

  • Bottom and upper Heat Shields – it prevents damage to the catalytic converter by absorbing extreme temperature as well as vibration shocks
  • Non –directional – this features makes this converter very versatile and can be installed in other way.
  • Advances material design – makes it possible to produce maximum engine output.
  • Nano technology – higher yield loading
  • Inlet and outlet diameters – universal converter that can be used in different kinds of applications.

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Eastern 70318 Reviews

The Eastern 70318 catalytic converter deserves a rating of 6.5 stars out of 10 because many users testified that they are able to use their old engines again by replacing them with this converter. The features and specifications of this converter are all beneficial for car owners who would like to increase the acceleration of their cars.

Most of the users noted that they are able to perform heavy workloads efficiently without any encountering any problem. Its world class quality is subjected to continuous improvements in terms of its design and quality. They are also very satisfied with its performance when it comes to coverage.

Last but not the least of the considerations is the warranty period. You get to have longer warranty period compared to other catalytic converters in the market. It will surely be one of the top rated converters in the market.

Things to Improve

Although it is a universal converter, you still need to check if it will fit the exhaust system of your vehicle. Some of the users reported that this catalytic converter didn’t fit their requirement. To avoid this kind of problem, make sure that you check it first before availing.


The Eastern 70318 is a popular cat con in the industry because of its ability to bring an old engine back to life. It can effectively increase the acceleration and horsepower of the engine. If you have an old car, then this best universal catalytic converter is the right fir for you.

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