Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan Review

Ceiling fans can also be used outdoors and this is also possible with the Emerson CF765BQ ceiling fan. Its 60-inch dimension and its loft component are a perfect combination to produce an impressive volume of air flow.

This can fill up to 400 square feet of space, both indoor and outdoor. The contoured plastic airfoil component is weather-resistant, allowing it to perfectly work even in tough environments.

Emerson Electric Company has established their name in the market as one of the leading quality providers of home and electronic appliances. They guarantee that you will get what you pay for with the Emerson CF765BQ ceiling fan. wide orange31rDBMQMSpL 1

Reversible Airflow Feature

Its loft component can adapt to different temperatures. The reversible airflow feature of the product allows you to change the type of air to produce depending on the weather.

If the weather is hot, you can adjust its thermostat to its highest level and it will produce cooler air or a wind chill effect. This can lower the current temperature by up to seven degrees and you can save energy consumption compared to when using air conditioning.

On the other hand, if it’s winter time, all you have to do is to reverse the flow. This will enable the recirculation of the hot air trapped near the ceiling. Thus, it can help you save more on your heating bill.

High-Quality Motor

The motor of the Emerson CF765BQ ceiling fan is strictly examined and thoroughly tested to make sure that it will last long. The aim of Emerson is to produce the toughest motors in the industry to increase customers’ trust to their brand.

This ceiling fan also offers limited lifetime motor warranty and one year warranty on other electronics and parts. This only shows that the Emerson CF765BQ ceiling fan has a notable standard of quality from its motor up to its aesthetic designs.

Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan Features and Specifications

  • Loft with sleek and barbeque black finish – This allows the ceiling fan to complement modern decors, be it indoor or outdoor. The loft component allows the ceiling fan to consume less energy. In fact, it holds one of the top Energy Star standings for ceiling fans.
  • Thoroughly tested motors – Emerson assures that the ceiling fan will last for years and they back it up with a lifetime warranty for the motor and one year warranty for other parts and electronics.
  • Efficient airflow capacity – Airflow efficiency is 92 cubic feet per minute per watt and its airflow capacity can reach up to 7,579 cubic feet per minute.
  • Energy-efficient – It saves up to 40% of your electricity bill during winter and summer with its 80 watts and 120 volts. The ceiling fan has a thermostat which helps the user adjust the type of air that it will release.
  • Four-speed wall control – Its unique feature of four-speed wall control allows the user to adjust the speed of its rotation according to their preference.
  • 60-inch loft blade span – It also comes with a 6-inch fan down-rod and four-speed wall control with faceplate.wide orange

Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan Reviews

This ceiling fan got a score of 8.9 out of 10 because of its unique features and sophisticated designs. Most of the reviews posted online were positive and the customers’ overall experience of using this ceiling fan was wonderful.

One of the users said that he was attracted by the heavy pitched loft blades with weather-resistant component. He found it efficient as its rotation does not create an annoying sound from air turbulence.

Another user posted his experience in using Emerson CF765BQ ceiling fan. He mentioned that he bought two for his home because he loved how it works. The ceiling fan does not even wobble on any of the four speeds. He also added that it is truly energy-efficient and it helped him save with his bill.

Things to Improve

The Emerson CF765BQ ceiling fan also has areas that we think they can improve more. The appearance of the control switch of the ceiling fan does not complement its barbeque black finish. They can make it even better by upgrading the switch’s design to match its overall sophisticated design.

The second one is just a minor issue because there was a review online saying that the finish style of the blades looks deceiving. It looks like metal but it is synthetic and the loft component of it clearly explains it all. Overall, this appliance is impeccable and it will surely last for years.


Nowadays, it is hard to find a ceiling fan that can fit with the modern décor of current houses but the Emerson CF765BQ has arrived to fill that gap. This will surely amaze you with its perfect combinations of loft blades and black barbeque finish. It is also a fan that you can use outdoors because of its weather-resistant feature.

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