Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Battery Cables Review

Often times, no matter how new or old our car’s battery is, it will still require a jumper battery cables to jump start in some cases. Although this is not something to be prayed about, it is still better to at least be prepared right before such scenario happens. Also, cables like Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Battery Cables is really a necessity for every car owners.

Choosing which type is already confusing. Knowing which brand to use is another question. With an overwhelming market that sells a lot of brands, products, and services, people are quite confused about which to choose. Fortunately, there are product reviews that refer to some of the top quality products that would lessen your confusion.

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If there’s one thing that would lessen the burden of car owners, that would be to find a product that would make things easier. That means reducing the time of the finding of which is which, and this is one thing that the Energizer battery cables is boasting about – its ability to cater both the top and side post of the battery.

This is highly beneficial during times of emergencies and you need to jump start your battery soon enough. Definitely, this is a dream tool for both car owners and car professionals.

Tangle Free Cables Put You At Ease

Tangles may seem like a minor problem but in reality, especially during tough times, these are one of the worsts. It is time and effort consuming plus, your patience may also be tested. After all, putting out tangles from car cables only adds up to the job. Jump starting a car, or most especially a truck, after all, may require more than an hour.

This is perhaps, one of the best things about Energizer battery cables – it is capable of remaining tangle free and flexible despite the reaching low temperatures up to -40°C. For those who are living in the North or somewhere cold, and even to other places, these cables are no doubt, very essential.

Other Key Features of Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Battery Cables

One important factor that helps people choose this brand is that it is professional enough to do heavy duty jumper cable tasks to almost every vehicles like full-size trucks, SUVs, and vans. Therefore, this is an everything-in-one cable perfect for every vehicle type.

Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Battery Cables Features

– 4 Gauge Booster Battery Cables that stands about 20 feet, so more or less, your distance is not limited

– Made with heavy duty copper clad aluminum

– Clamps are coated red and black to be easily identified by the user

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Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Battery Cables Review

Having almost 40 reviews, this product is obviously reaching the market continuously and smoothly. Mostly, it is composed of positive feedback and with its quality and price, no doubt that will gain more. Therefore, having this plus my own evaluation of the product, I am giving 9.5 out of 10 stars. It’s fair enough to judge a recent yet astonishing tool for us car owners.

In fact, one user stated that it is a top rated jumper cable for old and new cars. It is sold under $100 yet it already comes in a nice package or carrier plus, the length is long and considerate thus it comes pretty handily in case the card died in a peculiar spot.

Also, another  user has bragged about its efficiency. Coming from a good brand, he has decided to have it tried and fortunately, his decision did not fail him. The cables are long and thick enough which are perfect to use on an otherwise risky job. Also, the clamps are covered perfectly to prevent him from touching the positive and negative cables. Thus, he has recommended this cables to other car owners.

Things to Improve

However, flaws are inevitable as there are also other feedbacks that sound otherwise. One user stated that the product he got has an unreliable plastic cover thus, he finds it hard to keep the cables from being attached to the batteries. Also, another user has an issue whether the plastic cover will last or not. On the other, these are just some of the minor issues that will surely not affect the overall performance of the battery cable.


The jumper battery cable is reasonably priced and also, it came from a good, well-known brand. Also, the length of the cable and being tangle free makes the job easier for vehicle owners. Plus, considering that it works perfectly on different temperature only made this tool a must-have.

Overall, the quality, performance, and features of Energizer battery cables are highly recommended especially to those who want to minimize the hassle of jump starting any vehicle such as a full sized truck, van or SUV.

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