ESAB W1003203 TIG Welder Review

A great welder machine must be easy to use, safe and gives measurable results; all these benefits are in Thermal Arc W1003203. This is an excellent machine especially for beginners who love to work with DIY projects and do welding at home as a pastime.

This machine can be used in both indoors and outdoors so you can bring it in an open field or just use it in your main house or garage area. It is highly portable with both stick and lifts TIG capabilities.

The Thermal Arc W1003203 can deliver 95 Amps of power to 115 volts circuit. In addition, it consists of a cable and a 20 Amp adapter plug, regulator and flow gauge.

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Multi-Process Stick/TIG Capability

With stick welding, the electrical current goes through a cellulose-coated steel rod which looks like a stick. This is the most widely used process in welding today particularly when working on small projects because this is lightweight and mobile.

TIG also known as tungsten inert gas, is the process wherein the electrode is made of tungsten, this is a tough material that can withstand temperatures of up to 6200 °F without melting. Since tungsten is far smaller than a welding stick rod, this is ideal for more accurate welds. This will also enable you to weld on very thin and heat sensitive materials such as stainless steels and aluminum.

These features make your machine portable since it does not have heavy attachments. You can easily bring it with you wherever you want to work. This is great for small projects like DIY and other home improvement tasks.

High Efficient Inverter Design

The inverter technology of Thermal Arc W1003203 welder lets you tailor the weld bead profile to make it only as wide as necessary. This feature significantly improves the appearance of the weld bead, and also provide a consistent quality of the weld.

The start of the inverter technology arc is controlled to deliver the exact amperage and the period required to light the arc without damaging the base material. This technology leads to lesser weld problems and decreases weld rework. This technology lets you save time since less rework means more time on other important jobs. In addition, you can also save on resources because there are no materials wasted.

ESAB W1003203 Features and Specifications

  • Multipurpose, multi-process stick and TIG capabilities
  • Power, overheat and fault indicator lights
  • Highly efficient inverter technology
  • High welding output of 95 Amp
  • Ultra-light for maximum transportability
  • Easy and simple to use and comes in ready to weld package
  • Constant current DC and TIG Welder
  • Maximum output of 95A
  • Welding amperage range of 230V
  • Welding amperage range of 115V TIG 5-95A/ Stick 5-90A

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ESAB W1003203 Reviews

The easy to use and portable Thermal Arc W1003203 welder got an editorial rating of 8 out of 10. This machine is preferred by many customers because even a novice at welding can use this machine. Users are also happy with how portable this machine is. They say that they can easily carry it around while they work on simple repairs and maintenance work.

Most people who bought this device are home hobbyist, beginners and people who love to make do-it-yourself projects. They are satisfied with the superior quality welds that are produced without hassle.

Since this machine is affordable, these buyers are extremely happy with their purchase and feel like they hit the jackpot with this machine.

Things to Improve

The only thing that a few buyers find unfavorable with this TIG welder is that it is not designed for heavy jobs and long-term usage for professionals.

The Thermal Arc W1003203 is designed for novices and hobbyists so it’s not really recommended for heavy duty use. Despite this limitation, the machine can still cover a substantial range of light restoration and maintenance jobs which includes light fabrication.

Even if this unit can only handle light usage, it still delivers great work quality. Since it is easy to work with, any novice will not have a hard time operating it. The 95 S allows any user to make superior quality repairs easily.


The Thermal Arc W1003203 as mentioned is ideal only for light use, so if you are a professional looking for a TIG welder, this machine is not what you are looking for. But if you are just a hobbyist and looking for a tool you can use for a minor project then this tool is the perfect one.

Weighing only 9.7 pounds, you can effortlessly carry it around with you. You can use it either indoors or outdoors depending on your preference. This may be small but it delivers great power. For 95 s it can carry 95 amperes of power while running on 115V. Thus, you are able to work on an extensive range of welding jobs.

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