Escolite Medical LED Penlight Review

The Escolite Medical LED Penlight is more than your average penlight. Actually, it’s superior to every disposable or even competing long-term penlight in the market today in more ways than one. Its ratings among e-commerce sites and product catalogs are quite high while the majority of its reviews are positive. This penlight is also priced quite affordably and fairly.

What’s more, it’s a whole package or kit of penlights (a pair of them, to be more specific) complete with four AAA batteries and a pupil gauge. Its LED color is white and the lights are capable of producing a sealed concentric beam for medicinal checkup purposes. It’s pocket sized and it can also be activated at the press of its cap button.

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Batteries Included

The Escolite Penlight is a bargain bordering on a steal of a penlight because they can be availed of at a promotional rate or discounted cost depending on where you’re buying it. What’s more, it’s a penlight package deal involving multiple batteries (such that every penlight comes complete with batteries), so you can use all of them straight out of the box.

If that’s not enough, it’s also quite efficient in its energy usage thanks to the fact that it’s a LED penlight with a sealed concentric beam capable of illuminating your eyes, ear, and throat for a quick examination by a nurse or doctor. It’s reusable to boot (in that it’s not disposable and you can put in new batteries as soon as its stock batteries are spent).

Medicinal and Emergency Use

It’s a cost-effective and dependable medical penlight you can use for throat, eye, and ear examination that can double as an emergency handheld portable flashlight if needed. It also has dependable brightness ranging from bright enough for an eye exam without hurting the retinas and intense enough to serve as your torch when there’s a blackout or you’re stuck in low-light conditions.

While it does feature multiple uses, it’s only fair warning to note that it should be mostly used for medicine and if you use it as a flashlight for extended periods of time you’ll burn through your batteries faster.

Escolite Medical LED Penlight Specifications

  • It weighs 3.7 ounces & 0.49 inches in diameter. Compact and lightweight penlight. Dimensions or size is 3.9 by 0.8 by 1.2 inches or pen-sized
  • Used to illuminate your throat, eyes, and ears during medical exams. It’s capable of fulfilling a variety of medical and emergency applications
  • Can double as an emergency portable flashlight for a period of time
  • Push button tail switch. Ensures one-handed operation
  • The light features a sealed concentric beam. The penlight’s shell itself is colored gold and purple
  • Dual action pocket clip can activate or store penlight
  • Reusable LED nurse penlight with replaceable batteries. Includes replaceable AAA batteries as part of its package

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Escolite Medical Led Penlight Reviews

As far as the majority of customers are concerned, the Escolite Penlight delivers quality lights exactly as advertised. Every penlight in their box of two or paired package promo offers ample lighting for medical inspection purposes of checkups.

The penlights also come securely attached in a tight package that ensures their safety and immediate safe usage as soon as you take them out of the box. It even includes four batteries so that you can use the lights as soon as you receive them.

Every penlight works fine and has amazing longevity because of its usage of LED technology (it uses 90% less power than incandescent bulbs but produces the brightest of lights). It’s a solid 9.4 out of 10 based on all the positive reviews it’s gotten off of the Internet.

Things to Improve

As far as the Escolite Penlight makers are concerned, they should do better quality control because a portion of the users who’ve availed of their penlight complain that they’ve received a faulty product. At least one customer out there had to avail of a replacement pack because the items he bought weren’t working.

The problem is that even the replacement pack also contained penlights that were busted. Thankfully for him, he got what he paid for—two working penlights—but it is disconcerting that there enough people out there who are getting non-functioning lights right off the box. It’s also heavier than the average penlight and requires a little muscle to activate.


What little negative reviews this highly rated penlight got was mostly due to factory defects and outliers in the manufacturing of this mass-produced product. Normally, if you were to get this two-light package in one piece and in perfect working order, you will be satisfied by what you get. It’s a long-lasting LED penlight with batteries included (rather than sold separately) that many a doctor and nurse in the medical field can vouch for.

It can also be used one-handed thanks to its smallness. Unlike its competition, the Escolite Penlight Package gives you both quality and quantity of products.

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