Estwing E45A Camper’s Axe-All Steel with Shock Reduction Grip Review

If you are into camping, hunting, or farming, the Estwing E45A Camper’s Axe is ideal for you. It is an excellent axe constructed from high-quality steel to deliver the toughness that will ensure its durability even with regular and prolonged use.

This axe features a 4-incg cutting edge to deliver deep cuts with every strike you make. With this feature, cutting and splitting wood becomes more efficient thereby saving you time and energy. This feature of the Estwing E45A makes it ideal for use with small to medium logs.

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3138363QvbLMulti-Purpose Axe with Shock Absorption

The Estwing E45A is a product from Estwing, which has a good reputation for its more than 70 years of experience.

This model has a variety of applications such as felling, splitting wood, trimming trees, scoring timbers, and steering wood or plastic stakes. Thus, if you are searching for a versatile axe that can do multifold of tasks, this is the one for you.

With its varied application is an important factor: shock absorption. The Estwing E45A features its manufacturer’s signature Shock Reduction Grip. This helps in reducing the shock from every strike down by 70%, which is a huge impact on ensuring your comfort and stability when using this tool.

All-Out Durability Applicable in Farming, Hunting, or Camping Trips

No one wants to buy an axe that will break after just a few uses. With the Estwing E45A, you can expect that it will not only be heavy-duty, but it will also last long even after several months of use and abuse.

The head of the axe is constructed from superior quality forged steel that guaranteed to cut through any type of wood without the risk of breaking. Whether you will be using this axe at home or while you are on a hunting or camping trip, you can expect efficient task completion as it makes deep cuts. When you are not using it, you can keep the blade safe from cutting anybody or being damaged with its leather sheath.

The Estwing E45A is reliable even on emergencies. When you need extra firewood because of the dropping temperature while camping, you can easily make and cut some with this efficient axe.

Estwing E45A Features and Specifications

  • Overall Length – 26 inches
  • Cutting Edge – 4 inches to make deep cuts
  • Steel Material – Drop Forged from Medium Carbon Steel for durability
  • Handle Material – Drop forged steel that comes with the manufacturer’s rubber Shock Reduction Grip for comfortable handling
  • Embossed Leather Sheath – for protective storage
  • Weight (with and without sheath) – 53.3 and 50.3 ounces, respectively
  • Location of Manufacturing – USA, guarantees quality

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The Estwing E45A has received 730+, to which we based the rating of 9.2/10 stars. A huge percentage of these reviews were good comments and praises about this axe. One customer said that this axe is highly durable and has a fine edge. He even recommended this axe to other customers looking for an axe with a manageable size to be used in camping trips.

One reviewer, who is an axe collector, stated that he does not buy new axe models but because of the durability and quality of the Estwing E45A, he decided to buy one for use and two as part of his collection.

Other customers were commenting how satisfied they were that this axe was genuinely made in America. Tools and any other products made in America are of grand quality since they can only be released into the market after passing stringent quality checking procedures.

Things to Improve

Even though the Estwing E45A has proved to be liked by many owners, some found some flaws with this tool. Some say that it was too heavy for their capability. While this is a matter of preference, heaviness is not always a bad thing as it helps in improving the force to split and cut wood.

One customer said that this axe lacked some functionality because of the handle. He said that he had problems gripping the handle properly and comfortable. Again, this is a matter of preferences. However, this axe is made from rubber, which prevents slipping and it also has shock absorption, which contributes to the comfortable use of this tool.


The Estwing E45A is highly-functional axe that is perfect to use at home or when on a trip. Its high-quality materials ensure efficient accomplishment of your tasks such as splitting wood and driving stakes.

Its various features is worth its price, and when it comes to the overall quality, you can expect nothing less from it since its manufacturer is renowned for producing fine and reliable tools and it is also manufactured in the USA. This axe is guaranteed a winner.

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