Everlast PA140 TIG Welder Review

The Everlast Power Arc 140 may look small in its utility class welder package but it offers superior flexibility and performance. This small IGBT inverter machine is capable of using stick and DC lift TIG compatibility.

This machine is tiny but the welding arch stability is not sacrificed. In fact, its arc quality is at par with other welders which are much larger and are used as a commercial class.

The best feature of this unit is that it can be operated using dual voltages of 120V and 240V so you can use it anytime, anywhere. Since it only weighs 24 pounds, you won’t have a hard time bringing it with you if you need to work on repairs outside of your work area.

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Auto Adaptive Hot Start and Auto Adaptive Arc Force Options

The auto-adaptive hot start feature allows a smooth start or restart of the electrode. This means that you can always depend on a perfect ignition every time.

The auto-adaptive arc force measures the arc power continually so it can adapt the optimal value of arc force. As a result, there is an optimization in arc stability without the danger of rod sticking and it also reduces spatter.

These two features, auto adaptive arc force and auto adaptive hot start control for stick welding results to superior weld quality.

IGBT Inverter Technology

IGBT or Insulate Gate Bipolar Transistor is a semiconductor device that is very proficient. With the IGBT, the utility power is converted to a high voltage before it is stored in the capacitor bank. Then it is converted into a second transformer with the use of microprocessor controller in order to produce the needed welding current.

This feature makes the TIG welder machine much efficient and it gives you more control compared with other non-inverter machines. It also proves to be useful since it produces power which can be utilized in doing various welding processes.

The unit has a controller which will do the job when it comes to automatic spot welding, pulsing the welding current and more.

The inverter technology makes Everlast PA140 cost effective and efficient.

Everlast PA140 Features and Specifications

  • Compact and portable – comes with a carry case for your convenience.
  • IGBT stick/ Lift star TIG welder – for enhanced performance and improved portability.
  • Auto adaptive arc force and auto adaptive hot start – improves the quality of welds
  • Lift-start – allows precise and clean welds.
  • Control panel with accurate labels – enables easy and simple operation.
  • Dual voltage compatibility – adds versatility to the device.
  • Decreased power consumption

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Everlast PA140 Reviews

The Everlast Power Arc 140 has a high editorial rating of 8 out of 10.

The first thing that users notice in this device is its simple look and its labels. User says that every control found on the device has a label so they can easily understand what the function of each knob is. According to them, they can also see the settings on a small display. Almost all users claim that they were able to operate the machine effortlessly.

Another advantage of using this unit, according to consumers, is its affordability. Before buying, customers compare prices of different TIG welder models and according to them, the Everlast Power Arc 140 is the most reasonably priced welder available.

What makes users extremely satisfied with this unit is that aside from being efficient, they noticed that their power consumption has significantly decreased.

Things to Improve

A downside with this, according to few buyers, is that it is not compatible with a foot pedal. This means that doing out-of-position welds can be a challenge. They also pointed out that this TIG welder is not designed for industrial use.

Even with these setbacks, many people are still continuously purchasing this machine especially those individuals who are new and are just learning to do welds. Since all knobs are labeled and there is a digital display available, any novice will be able to operate the machine without any problems.

Professionals can also utilize this unit as long as you only do minor welding jobs and not exceed the limits set for this device.


The Everlast Power Arc 140 is the finest arc welder because it gives a steady and smooth direct current arc.

If you are just a beginner and just starting to learn TIG welding, this model is the right unit for you. It’s easy and simple to operate. For the novice, all you have to do is read the manual, unpack the package then you can start working. Since all the buttons are labeled and you get to see a small display, you can be sure that you are working safely and properly.

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