Excel TB2105X-Blue Chest Tool Review

Consumers looking for a premiere tool chest should consider the Excel TB2105X-Blue. Known for its tool storage systems, Excel guarantees that the unit is well-designed and made from high-quality materials. This multi-leveled storage unit is a great addition to any work area.

The TB2105X-Blue boasts of five drawers that can collectively support loads up to 50 lbs. It’s made from durable steel frame that’s powder treated to become scratch resistant. Furthermore, the ball bearing sides make opening drawers smooth and easy while side handles allow for quick transport. The tool chest’s bright blue color is also easy on the eyes.

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Union of Durability and Convenience

The TB2105X-Blue 26-inch steel top chest is a great investment. The chest is composed of a top tray and five drawers. The lid activates the tool chest’s internal locking bar, allowing the drawers to slide out and be locked in. Sturdy full-length aluminum pulls and ball-bearing slide lets users access the stored tools easily.

As expected from Excel, this tool chest is constructed from cold rolled steel. Insiders know that the process of making this kind of steel transforms the material and makes it stronger and more flexible. As an added measure, the TB2105-X Blue is also coated with industrial grade powder finish. This gives extra protection against scratches and rust.

Total Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Consumers want the products they buy to last. This is undoubtedly guaranteed by Excel International Inc. The steel top chest weighs under 50 lbs when empty, proving that the company doesn’t use any lightweight materials. Furthermore, each of the five drawers is capable of supporting up to 50 lbs of tools.

The drawers also come with a thin foam lining, giving added protection to tools. Each drawer perfectly fits the tool chest and is attached with ears and rivets. Users will find that the drawers will slide in and out smoothly and noiselessly.

The company also guarantees the safety and security of whatever is stored in the TB2105X-Blue. The unit has two keys, a big difference from the usual one-key locking system used by most tool chests. The drawers also come with a bumper lock for extra protection. The recessed handles on the side are handy when one needs to move the chest.

Excel TB2105X-Blue Features & Specifications

  • Five drawers with ball bearing slides
  • Drawers can support storage of 50 lbs and up
  • Full-length drawer pulls made of aluminum
  • Scratch resistant powder coated steel frame
  • Concave side handles for smooth transport of chest
  • Product Dimension: 26” x 12” x 15.9”

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Excel TB2105X-Blue Reviews

The TB2105X-Blue has garnered more than a hundred reviews, with 60 percent of users stating their satisfaction of the product. Their complimentary views and the tool chest’s features have earned it 9/10 stars. Based on the comments, it seems that most are impressed by the quality of the unit.

One user enthusiastically claimed that he considers the TB2105X-Blue a good investment. He even added that he believes the tool chest will even outlast him. This user also praised how the drawers rolled out smoothly and evenly.

Several users have admitted they were pleasantly surprised by the quality of Excel’s tool chest and says it’s perfect either as a professional tool box or as a storage unit in one’s garage. There were even comments on how well it was packaged while some shared that they’ve been using the TB2105X for months now and have no complaints.

Things to Improve

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a buyer who’s unhappy with the TB2105X-Blue. However, one common observation was how the tool chest’s top has to be opened before the drawers can be pulled out. It’s easy to see how this can be an inconvenience. But users quickly discovered that once you pulled out all the drawers, you can just close the lid and the drawers can be opened and closed without any further problems.

There were other minor complaints as well, like rusty bottom corners, a few dents and some wobbling. However, one user complained that the tool box arrived warped while two others complained of delayed shipping. The former might be a production defect but the latter can be safely attributed to the shipping company.

Despite these comments, most users agree that they would recommend the TB2105X-Blue or would consider purchasing another unit.


There’s no question that the Excel TB2105X-Blue is a great investment. This steel-top tool chest has enough storage space courtesy of the five drawers and top tray. Its steel frame and powder coated finish ensures durability. Meanwhile, its two key locking system keeps tools safe.

The TB2105X-Blue is a perfect addition to any workshop. To know more about this unit and others like it, check out other best tool chests here.

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