Exide Edge FP-AGM24F Car Battery Review

The Exide Edge is a battery integrated with SureLife Graphite Technology which functions by using the available resources of energy to add to the performance of the battery. This is the only car battery utilizing this feature. Aside from this, you will like the fact that Exide Edge ensures that it is protected from battery failure.

This battery allows an automobile to give its highest performance for an extended time. Exide Edge is very unique in several of its features. In fact, it has been gaining popularity nowadays. If you are looking for a battery which has additional perks, then pick this battery.

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SureLife Graphite Technology

This feature is the main highlight of the Exide Edge battery. What is this technology? It uses the available energy source to improve the performance of the battery. This is quite a creative way of improving its performance.

Aside from this, this technology provides a great improvement on the battery. It is highly noticeable by most of the users. Exide is known for their stored energy line of products and they have included this superb idea to the Exide Edge.

It is undeniably unique and efficient. If you are the adventurous type and you are looking for new possibilities, then this battery is the perfect fit for you. You would surely reap the benefits of this technology.

The great thing about it is that your battery life will surely be extended because of this feature. This feature gives this battery an edge over other car batteries in the market. It is not only efficient, but cost-effective as well.

This feature also makes it possible for the battery to survive extreme weather conditions. It can also isolate solar charging efficiently like no other.

AGM Design for Non-Spill Feature

Similar to other batteries in the market, this battery has an AGM Design feature that prevents leakage in the battery. This is way better than lead acid type of batteries because it is more efficient and less prone to damage.

The mounting mechanism is also very easy to accomplish because of this feature. Even if you mount it in varying positions, you don’t need to worry that there will be spills. Aside from this, this is also hailed as the most appropriate battery for Toyota SUVs.

The reason why Exide Edge has been gaining popularity by storm lies on its fully charged battery. It is also well-packed compared to other batteries in the market. If ever you will end up having a dead battery, it would be easier to replace it. It can fire up the engine in no time. This is applicable even during cold weather.

Exide Edge FP-AGM24F Features

  • SureLife Granite Technology – It utilizes the available energy resource to improve the performance of the battery. This feature also allows the battery to survive extreme conditions.
  • AGM non-spill feature – This battery can be installed in different positions. You don’t need to worry about any spills because it is properly sealed.
  • Greater load handling feature – This battery can handle loads better than other ordinary batteries in the market. It could even be used in trucks and other larger vehicles.
  • Passed stress test – The battery passed the stress test effectively. This is the measure of its power and performance.
  • 71o CCA
  • Fire up engine quickly – It can fire up the engine quickly even at extreme cold temperature.

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Exide Edge FP-AGM24F Reviews

The Exide Edge has received a rating of 7.5 out of 10 from customer reviews. This battery is most famous for its SureLife Granite Technology. Most of the users are able to maximize this feature. They are also very supportive of this new innovation.

Users of Toyota SUVs are all very satisfied with the performance of this battery. One user noted that he didn’t experience any problem with this battery. His Toyota SUV is also very compatible with it.

Another user feedback praised it for its ability to survive the winter condition in their area. He mentioned that the Exide Edge was able to withstand the extreme drop of the temperature. When he started the engine, it still functioned as good as before.

Most of the users are also very happy with the price. It is cheaper than other batteries in the market so almost everyone could afford it.

Things to Improve

If there is something to improve in this battery, then it is the warranty services of the manufacturer. It is better if they extended it for a longer period of time. In this case, the buyers would be able to maximize the after-sales service.


If you are looking for a battery that is not prone to battery failure, then the Exide Edge is the one you are looking for. Its SureLife Granite feature is indeed very appealing. Your battery will surely have an increase in performance.

If you are interested with the Exide Edge, then you can check out its other features including the best car battery reviews. You will surely get helpful insights in these reviews.

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