Fenix E05 2014 Black Flashlight Review

The Fenix E05 2014 Black Flashlight is a really tiny but very powerful flashlight that you can carry around with you. It shines brighter than bigger flashlights which you can’t expect from a very small body.

It can emit a smoother beam and isn’t as heavy and bulky as the bigger flashlights. You can simply carry it in your pocket or fasten it on your bag as a keychain; very convenient and handy!

You can easily say that is one of the world’s best flashlights in such a small size. It is also the perfect companion for photographers since it easily fits in the keyrings. When you compare it to an AA cell, it’s about a third longer. The impressive thing about this is that it is brighter when you compare it to a two AA cell mini Maglite.

wide orange51yM2Bq7buaLPowerful Battery Life from the Fenix E05

The Fenix E05 gives a very smooth beam, and the beam is not that typical bluish that you see from other smaller flashlights but a white one. It is also waterproof and can run on an AAA cell for a very long time, and you will feel confident that the light will always turn on bright even if the battery is draining. This is because the flashlight can utilize every drop of power from the battery and there is nothing wasted.

Owing to the powerful battery and steady light the Fenix E05 can also run for more than a month on its top performance. This can take heavy use of AAA alkaline with a voltage of 0.66V. It’s impressive because even at the last drop of power from the battery the light was still at its one hundred percent. The Fenix E05 has an impressive battery life of 2.8 hours.

The Fenix E05 and its Smooth Beam of Light

Compared to other flashlights, the Fenix E05 boasts of having a smoother light beam. It’s not the same as those with uneven black spots all over and you don’t need to wave it around just to light your way around. You can’t even find dark spots in the middle of the beam like with other flashlights, and this helps in making your view clearer and better lighted.

The beam of light is good enough to light places from a hundred feet away or thirty meters in a dark area. The beam is also wide as to read a page or see a whole camera without the need to pan it around.

Fenix E05 Specs and Features

  • It has three modes, the high, mid, and low where you can toggle with the twist switch, and you can operate it with one hand only.
  • Uses AAA battery for power
  • Has a maximum of 85 lumens and uses a Cree XP-E2 LED
  • Has a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Can stand up on a flat surface securely
  • Comes with one LegionArms AAA batteries
  • Measure about 4.9 x 3.3 x 0.6 inches
  • Available in black color

wide orangeFenix E05 Reviews

The Fenix E05 has a fairly good amount of reviews rating from 9.5 out 10 ratings. The customers were impressed with how the light shines brightly and uses a hundred percent of the battery power into bringing a white light instead of unsteady lighting that other flashlights had. Since most LED lights are blue, the white light of the Fenix E05 is simply unique and very appealing.

The other reviews praised the wide coverage of the flashlight as it’s able to show you an area wider than most can. There are also other features in the Fenix E05 that the customers couldn’t find in other similar flashlights.

Customers also say that the light simply does everything for them and that they can eventually find what they were looking for without problem in using the flashlight.

Things to Improve

According to customers even though the Fenix E05 is very useful and the bright and smooth light are undoubtedly one of its charming factors, sometimes it can be too bright. When you are used to low-light and don’t want something shining too much that it obstructs your outer vision, then the Fenix E05 might cause you some problems.

There is also only one control which is the on and off switch, and you may want to have more control over the flashlight with so many good features. It isn’t a hassle to use them, but it would help when you are given more options.


All in all the Fenix E05 is a pretty decent buy. It’s a tiny thing but very powerful inside. Look at the lumens to see how much light leaves a flashlight and you can tell that this product has a good amount of them.

The light beams tend to shine further and the broader beams help you see what’s around you. This is the perfect tool to use when you want to go exploring or you need good lighting for photography that isn’t as big and bulky.

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