Fenix E12R4BK-B Flashlights Review

Do you need a small quality flashlight for your travel purposes? If yes, the Fenix E12 is surely the best fit for your need. You will surely change the way you look at flashlights with this device. To start with, Fenix has already established a good name in the flashlight industry. The Fenix E12 is one of its latest innovations.

This small flashlight is very compact and lightweight, and that is the main reason why people consider it as one of the best everyday carry device. You can just put it in your luggage or small bag and carry it wherever you go for emergency purposes. Aside from the fact that it is very convenient, you will also like its hip style and new design.

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Great Emitting Feature

The Fenix E12 is considered as a remarkable emitter of light for its size. You will be able to experience bright illumination whenever you use this. This is mainly because of its CreeXP-E2 LED. The good thing about it is that its brightness and illumination can be seen even in broad daylight. Of course, at night, this small flashlight will really shine the brightest.

This device is equipped with a regulated output. This means that as long as the battery is working, the brightness will still remain the consistent with its brightness. You don’t need to worry that your flashlight will eventually lose its illumination as the battery gets drained.

Another thing that will surely convince you to buy it is the adjustable light beam. You can control and customize the light beam according to your comfort and need. Since this is a high-intensity flashlight, you should expect that its illumination will still be intensified even though you adjusted it.

Reverse-Polarity Protection

This is an important feature of Fenix E12. This ensures that the battery will not be installed improperly. The reverse polarity happens when the neutral and hot connections are wired backwards. This is indeed a potentially dangerous scenario since it can cause shocks and other danger.

The Fenix E12 ensures that it is protected from reversed polarity. You will be relieved to know that this flashlight is less likely to experience troubles when it comes to electrical wirings and other connections. Incorrect connections are the main culprit of this problem. This flashlight can ensure that the receptacles are wired properly.

You can use the Ni-MH batteries for this or even the alkaline batteries. These batteries provide it with longer run-time because they are slow to drain unlike other ordinary batteries. The good thing about it is that you can recharge it again.

Fenix E12 Features and Specifications

  • CreeXP-E2 LED – this technology makes it possible to emit bright light and good illumination.
  • Regulated output – the brightness will still remain consistent while the battery is still running.
  • Reverse-polarity protection – this feature helps in preventing shocks and other potential dangers in line with incorrect electrical connections.
  • Tail switch – this is the control for the on and off of the flashlight. It has three different modes.
  • TIR lens – it produces higher efficiency because it causes the light to have a good focus on parabolic lens.
  • Durable – this is made from aircraft grade aluminum steel alloy which is known to withstand all kinds of pressures.
  • Compact – the size is very small so you could fit in your palm. It is also very lightweight. You can carry it in your bag without any problem.
  • Waterproof – IPX8 rating. This is water-resistant.

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Fenix E12 Reviews

As a pretty good flashlight on this standard, we are happy to give it a rating of 8 out of 10. This flashlight has a great LED, and it provides more throw than the other EDC flashlights in the market. Many users also appreciate the digital output regulation because it makes it possible for them to use the flashlight throughout the life of the battery.

The waterproof rating of Fenix E12 is praised by the users. They are able to test it also by bringing it less than 2 meters of water. They also like the tail-stand feature of this flashlight. The tail switch is not protruding.

Things to Improve

The thing that most users recommend is the blinking mode for this small flashlight. According to them, it would have been better if they can also use this flashlight as a signal light for traffic purposes. A pocket clip is also suggested to protect it from dropping.


Overall, the Fenix E12 is really a recommended flashlight to have for everyone. As an EDC flashlight, it will surely provide utmost convenience to the users. It offers great performance at an affordable price. You can use it for indoor and outdoor activities. Most of all, the brightness capacity will really make you amazed.

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