Fenix PD35 2015 TAC Edition Tactical Flashlight Review

Who knew that flashlight purchases can be quite so complicated? You might believe that you’ve seen one flashlight, you’ve seen them all. However, once you’ve gotten a gander at the likes of Fenix PD35 2015 TAC Edition Tactical Flashlight, then you’ve got another think coming.

The Fenix PD35 2015 TAC is the Perrier or Porsche of flashlights. As the cream of the crop flashlight around, you’ll get to enjoy with the Fenix PD35’s topnotch brightness and utility that will help redefine how you see torches and flashlights forever. The product comes with an EdisonBright Battery box bundle, two EdisonBright CR123A Lithium Batteries, a lanyard, and holster. 

FENIX PD35 Tactical Flashlight review

Excellent Lighting Action, Design, and Strobe

The Fenix PD35 2015 TAC Edition Tactical Flashlight is an excellent light with only slight differences between it and other topnotch flashlights. The Fenix might not have the greatest max brightness as other brands, but this is a negligible difference and it’s blindingly bright all the same, with minimal differences.

What’s more, in terms of feels and aesthetics, it’s at least second best with its wonderful, ergonomic build quality. It appears like something the military would use rather than a mere security guard. It’s aesthetically pleasing to look at, to say the least. What’s more, the Fenix PD35 2015 TAC has the best strobe among all the flashlights out there. That’s because the flashlight oscillates the speed and it’s not confusing to turn the strobe mode on.

Five Levels of Brightness

As expected of the best of the best flashlights out there, the Fenix PD35 2015 TAC Edition Tactical Flashlight has five levels of brightness. This is better than some with only four levels of brightness, but there are others that have five levels plus a firefly mode.

It also has a useful low setting you can utilize in order to extend the operating time of the device. Its highest setting is amazingly bright (it’s practically a floodlight) and it will stay bright because it’s efficient at conserving battery energy. Every last topnotch flashlight out there is different enough to make them stand out, but the Fenix PD35 2015 is able to stand out with quality specs and usability that make it part of the cream of the crop when it comes to military-grade torches.

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Here are the specs of the Fenix PD35 2015 TAC.

  • Tactical Edition: The tactical edition of the FenixPD35 2015 TAC can achieve max 100 lumen with its Cree XP-L (V5) LED technology. 
  • Tail Switch and Energy Saver: It also comes complete with a tactical tail switch and a momentary-on function to help conserve battery life. 
  • Size: The flashlight is 5.5 inches in length by an inch in diameter or 139 millimeters in length and 25.4 millimeters in diameter.
  • Weight: The flashlight weighs 87 grams or 3.1 ounces without the battery.
  • Batteries: The torch only uses one 18650 rechargeable Li-Ion battery or two 3V CR123A Lithium batteries. 
  • Carry Case and Extras: The unit comes with an EdisonBright brand BBX3 battery case case that contains two EdisonBright CR123A lithium batteries as part of its bundle deal.

Fenix PD35 TAC Reviews

The thing that stands out to me regarding the Fenix PD35 2015 TAC Edition Tactical Flashlight is its luminosity. It has a bright light, although the beam cannot be narrowed or adjusted. It’s a good flood light of a flashlight, in short. It’s a torch that’s far more powerful than your average flashlight that you can buy near the cashier of every grocery store, along with batteries and a razor. At pitch blackness, you can make it near daylight with the brightness of the flashlight, thus ensuring no shenanigans can happen in the dark. It’s quite the reassuring instrument that both the military and security markets will appreciate.

The Fenix PD35 2015 TAC Edition Tactical Flashlight has received 86 reviews and has a 4.5 rating on Amazon.com.


There isn’t a way to adjust the light in order to narrow the beam down. It’s a floodlight that lacks a narrow beam that you can focus on and whatnot. Every few weeks, it eats up your batteries even though it does have several energy conservation features (like its low light feature).

It’s also claimed by Fenix that the torch eats up battery power even without use (which probably means you should take the batteries out when it’s not in use). It’s bright with brand new batteries but these expensive batteries will run out, so it’s recommended you put the flashlight on low to extend its usage beyond a couple of weeks or more. It also gets hot quite quickly.

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This flashlight is sturdy and bright, with brightness equivalent to high beams on a car pound-for-pound or ounce-for-ounce. The amount of light thrown and the area it illuminates is quite intense and large. You can also move it around any direction you want. It’s a highly useful light. It has downsides in regards to its battery power and the fact that it gets hot at the highest settings, but it’s bright enough to last long even at its energy-saving low settings. That’s the bottom line with the Fenix PD35 Tactical Flashlight: It has an incredibly tough, bright light with a myriad of sub-functions. The Fenix PD35 certainly deserves its spot in the list of the best tactical flashlights.

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