Finding the best curtains – treating your windows with respect

Moving to a new house gives you an unstoppable desire to decorate and improve the surroundings. Happiness is when all you can think of is how you’re going to decorate your room. Furniture, mirrors, and other accessories are just the tip of the iceberg. The real deal is to choose the right treatment for your windows.

Decorating windows with long and bold colored curtains and drapes is an amazing way to give your room a personality. We use colorful drapes to match our character. We hang bold and thick drapes to give the room more glamour. We see decorated windows all over the place, and we want that in our room. But it’s surprising to know how difficult it is to select the right curtain.

Everyone who has tried decorating their new house knows the struggle. So before you go to the store and buy a curtain, listen to what we have to say.

Search for the purpose

We use drapes and curtains to cover up the windows and decorate the room. There’s always a reason we use something. Search for the purpose you want to frame a curtain on your windows. Is it privacy? Darkness? Warmth? Decoration reasons? Maybe you want a curtain that combines all the criteria?

If you live in a place where the weather is cold, you’d like to have drapes that capture the warmth. Try looking for an insulating lining that helps keep the house warmer. If you want to light up the scenery, you might consider hanging colorful drapes. Think about framing darker and not see-through drapes in the bedrooms for privacy reasons.

Look for your own reasons and choose the window treatment according to purpose.

Choose the right color and length.

Color and pattern are important when it comes to curtains. They take up all the visual space and have a huge impact on room size. Choosing the right color depends on the furniture, ceiling, and other visual accessories in the room.

Take a color palette and chose the colors you like. Hold them up against the wall, sofa, bed, and other furniture. See which one combines with the theme of the room.

Size matters

People often don’t realize the basics of curtain sizing. Curtains and drapes should be double in size (the width) of the window. You will need to draw the wide curtains, but having small curtains loses the taste and the benefits of creating a window.

Don’t forget about the length. Most curtains you’ll see reach or even touch the floor. Sometimes they can even puddle up on the floor. Shorts curtains are also something to consider but consult with a professional designer on this subject. Professionals can help you chose the right size on

More do’s and don’ts exist when it comes to choosing a curtain. It would help if you thought about the finials. You also need to consider fabric options and the hardware. Before you decide to splurge on the first thing you see, think about the principals. Remember, perfection comes in details.