FireStik FL3-B CB Antenna Review

FireStik is one of the leading providers of antennas in America. They offer antenna mounts, kits, CB antennas, and coax. Out of all of these products, the FL3-B Antenna with tuneable tip is the best-selling item. Hence, many people consider it as one of the most successful products of the company.

The FL3-B Antenna is a 3-foot antenna. Compared to other FireStik antennas, this one is 40 percent lighter. Moreover, it is flexible as you can use it on different types of vehicles such as cars, trucks, and 4 x 4s. You can even use it on your motorcycles so you can listen to your favorite radio wherever you are.

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Ideal for All Sorts of Vehicles

As mentioned earlier, the FireStik FL3-B Antenna is a flexible CB radio aerial. It can be used on cars, trucks, and 4 x 4s. Furthermore, it is more resistant to damage compared to a conventional fiberglass whip. Hence, it is the right option for those who want this feature in a radio antenna.

Moreover, the FireStik CB radio antenna is constructed thinner and lighter to reduce the weight. In that way, RVs and even motorcycles can also use it. Nonetheless, you can be sure of its quality as it is made from fiberglass materials. These elements are known to give better performance and quality.

The Only Antenna That Works With All CB Radios

Generally speaking, CB antennas are compatible with a particular CB radio. This is where the FireStik antenna stands out. Unlike other aerial devices, this product works with all CB radios. Furthermore, it accepts the standard 3/8 x 24 threaded ferrules.

Moreover, you can adjust the tuning of the antenna with your bare hands, thanks to its tunable tip feature. It can also handle the FL3’s 100 power wattage, as well as the FL4’s 200 electricity watts.

FireStik FL3-B Antenna Features and Specifications

The features mentioned above may seem enough, but there are other things that you will get from this tool. Below are the components and the advantages that it has to offer.

  • 100% US Made Quality – The materials used are from the US. Hence, you can be sure that the antenna will last long.
  • NOAA Weather Channels – The driver is notified if there’s an upcoming hazard. Hence, you can keep yourself safe before the disturbing weather arrives.
  • Adjustable Power Conduction – It can handle FL3’s and FL4’s output powers.
  • High-Quality Coil – This keeps the aerial long-lasting and prevents it from getting damaged.
  • 5/8 Wavelength – This provides radiation while on the move.
  • Easy Tuning Tip – It lets you adjust the antenna’s using your bare hands.

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FireStik FL3-B Antenna Reviews

Judging by the number of positive comments that it received, we give FL3-B a 9 out of 10 rating. Many people are impressed with its quality.

One of the users described it as a tough antenna. He went into the woods several times, and it took a lot of retribution. But despite bumping into many branches, the antenna still works fine. As of today, the user has been using it for more than 2 years, but it still works like new.

Another buyer said that it performed as advertised. The antenna is not wobbly, even if it’s windy. Furthermore, the tuning feature is user-friendly. Thus, he recommended it to everyone who’s looking for this kind of antenna for their vehicles.

Things to Improve

The FireStik aerial doesn’t seem to possess any weak point. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. Of course, it still has some flaws.

One of the issues is the tunable tip. Though it is the key feature of the product, many people are not happy with it. The tip is sensitive that if you tighten the keeper, the screw and the nut will spin inside the vinyl.

Another issue for this feature is the tuning difficulty. FireStik claims that it is easy to tune. However, one of the buyers denied it.

According to him, you would get good SWR readings. But once you put on the tip, bad readings will occur. Other users have the same struggle, which is why they do not recommend this antenna to others.

Nevertheless, these are only minor cases. Hence, there’s a small chance that you will experience the same thing. But if you do and you’re still under the warranty, you may ask for an aerial replacement. The company will deliver the tool straight to your home for free.


The FireStik FL3-B Antenna is one of the best-selling equipment of the company. It is made from high-quality materials, making it long-lasting. Nonetheless, some users are unhappy with this product due to the tuning tip. But more people are pleased with it because of its impressive strength and low SWR readings.

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