Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe Review

Fiskars aims to empower clients with tools that are simple to use yet works smart on the task. The Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe is such a product that brings empowerment for novices and experts alike. With every stroke that you make in splitting wood, this unit enhances your efficiency thereby making the task simpler for you no matter what your experience and skill level is.

Thanks to its splitting power, you can now ditch the outdated maul that is not only heavy but also inefficient to use. You can also opt for this tool over a hydraulic log splitter, which is noisy to operate and a hassle to bring out in the place where you will work.

This splitting axe also features a lightweight at only 5.85 pounds, which is manageable for making repeated swings and strokes that lessen your exhaustion even if you work for extended hours. Naturally, wood splitting is a fatiguing task, but the exhaustion that you experience may be lessened because of the light weight of the Fiskars X27 together with its one-strike splitting power.

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21Gr5U6KXLTough and Unbreakable Splitting Axe

The Fiskars X27 is made of a hardened steel blade, which has been molded into a heavy-duty convex bevel, which is entrenched inside its frame.

The head of the axe is perfected with the manufacturer’s trademark grind as it is undercoated in a low friction substance. This construction enables the axe to produce deep cuts without having the blade stuck in wood stumps.

The body of the unit is made of fiber composite, which is a lightweight material, enabling the weight you input into the tool to be directed on the axe head as you strike the wood, making your swings more efficient.

With the tough construction, creative design, and overall quality of the materials of the Fiskars X27, it will be nearly impossible for you to break the tool even if you unintentionally overswing the ending up with the shaft hitting the wood instead of the axe head. Moreover, the low chances of breaking your splitting axe add up to the safety of using it.

Reliable Performance for Efficient Task Completion

As mentioned earlier, the Fiskars X27’s promise is to split the wood in just a single strike. Most of the wood types that you will work on will live up to this promise; you will not need a splitting wedge after you strike the wood to fully and successfully split it. Larger wood pieces may need more than one strike but for average sizes, a single swing and strike will suffice.

Fiskars X27 is a well-balanced axe as you swing it to make a strike. The vibrations as you strike the wood as minimized with the shock absorbent material and design of the handle. Due to such effects, the wear of the material is reduced while lessening the strain that you experience as you use it.

Fiskars X27 Features and Specifications

  • Indivisible PermaHead Design – Guarantee that the axe head will not be removed from the handle; for safety benefits too.
  • Easy-to-open Carry and Hang Casing – To protect the longevity and quality of the tool
  • DuraFrame Handle – Light and almost impossible to break
  • Chamber with vibration absorption – Prevents strain due to extreme shock on the hands from the impact of the strikes
  • Mega-sharp Edge – To guarantee effective cutting and splitting of wood
  • Low-Friction Surface – Prevents the axe from getting stuck in the wood

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The Fiskars X27 is a popular wood splitting tool as proved by its 3460+ reviews. What is even more incredible about this is that a majority of these reviews are positive feedbacks from actual buyers and owners of the unit. Comparing these things as well as our assessment of its quality, we give it a rating of 9.6/10.

One reviewer has described it as the best firewood-splitting axe he has ever used. The features of this splitting axe were well liked by this review.

Another customer has expressed that initially, he was skeptical about this splitting tool. However, as soon as he bought one, he was able to figure out what the hype was all about and with using the axe, he finally discovered that its promise of splitting the wood in one strike was true.

Things to Improve

While the Fiskars X27 has many reliable features, it also has some flaws, to which some customers have testified. One customer said that the frequent need for sharpening was bothersome for him. Some other customers have said that it takes too much strength to use this axe. But despite these minor shortcomings, the strength and power of this splitting axe still have more value.


The Fiskars X27 is a lightweight splitting axe that can be used even by novices. Its design ensures efficient and safe completion of wood splitting tasks. The value of this tool is worthy of an investment, especially when you consider all the benefits you get for its price.

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