Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter Review

The Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter is different from the Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter in several ways, and the most obvious difference is cost. They’re both True RMS meters that could make accurate measurements whether it’s a clean, no distortion sine signal or non-linear loads. They’re also both CAT III 600 V safety rated and they even feature a huge LED backlight to ensure a clear display even in poorly lit areas. While the Fluke 117 has emphasis on cost-efficiency and accuracy for the sake of electricians, the Fluke 115 is more about meeting standards and being more portable and usable. It can be considered a beginner technician’s dream meter in a sense, although its intuitiveness is something that all electricians of all expertise levels can enjoy.

Fluke 115

Meets Standards and Has Extra Features

With the Fluke 115 Multimeter, you can do with consistent efficiency diode test, capacitance, frequency, and continuity checks and measurements (you can go 10 A continuous or 30 seconds momentary for it). The Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS is a field service multimeter digital device that has all the requisite requirements that make Fluke devices extra special, like its 6,000 count resolution, test diodes, True-RMS voltage and current readings that are amazingly accurate, a user manual, a 9-volt battery that’s included with the purchase, a 4 millimeter silicon test lead set, and the ability to find solutions for various electronic and electrical testing applications, just like the Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter sans Temperature and Microamps measurement. The extra features of a huge display and LED backlight is a staple of Fluke, but it’s notably absent among Fluke 115‘s closest competitors.

Portability and Intuitiveness

The Fluke 115 Multimeter is also perfect for field services because it’s even lighter and more mobile than the already mobile Fluke 117 (although the difference is only slight: The 115 is 1.3 pounds versus the 117’s 1.8 pounds). Aside from weight, they have about the same dimensions. However, size isn’t the only metric relevant to portability. The Fluke 115 also has a sizeable display and clearly labeled functions that enable you to see and understand readings at a glance. You can take the device on the go, it’s perfect for quick circuit, voltage, and component measurement as you walk from home to home to do house calls like technicians are required to, and it’s not all that complicated to understand the readout. It slips into your pocket quite nicely like a phone too.

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Fluke 115 Review

The Fluke 115 Multimeter is a meter that many electricians and technicians swear by because it offers Fluke-quality goodness. When all is said and done, even when taking into account the flaws and shortcomings of the Fluke 115, it’s still a Fluke product, so almost by default you should get a quality device. Even the worst Fluke (and 115 is by no means the worst) offering outdoes the best of many other multimeter companies. The Fluke 115 Field Service True-RMS Technicians Multimeter looks cool, is the perfect fit in your hand, and most of all you’ll get dead on reading on everything that’s important and relevant save for the rarest and most difficult to read signals.

According to 269 customer reviews, the Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter got a 4.7 out of 5 star rating.


It’s a downgraded Fluke 117. That’s what the Fluke 115 Field Service True-RMS Technicians Multimeter is if you want to consider that as a flaw somehow. Granted, the downgrade is so slight you’d swear you bought a discounted 117, but they’re still there. While its ratings are through the roof on Amazon.com like all other Fluke offerings, it doesn’t have a perfect score because there are people with high expectations who are disappointed with this device’s issues, such as poor display contrast despite the back light, a lack of an mA and uA range, and an error of +/-4 mA or so for amperes, which can get as low as 0.001A = 1 mA. It doesn’t compare to a 42-range multimeter from another company in many aspects, even though its durability and accuracy in certain readings it’s actually good at cannot be denied.


While Fluke 117 pound for pound has more measurements, Fluke 115 is a great for everyday usage. Even better than the HVAC-exclusive Fluke 116. The bottom line with the Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter is easy to carry at the palm of your hand, is not too complicated to use to the point of being user-friendly, and is completely mobile and accurate, making it a must-have part of any technician’s toolkit.

If you’re a professional electrician or maintenance serviceperson who’s worth your salt, then this is the general purpose portable meter you should have on hand rather than buying a 116 and neglecting its main usage as an HVAC system meter. Field service utility in a mobile platform that just about replicates Fluke 117 quality at a discounted price is exactly what Fluke 115 Field Service True-RMS Technicians Multimeter brings to the table. Check out more best multimeter reviews here.

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