Fluke 62 MAX+ Infrared Thermometer Review

As a greatly acknowledged IR thermometer, the Fluke 62 Max is equipped with a lot of features that most of the users love. One of its distinctions with other thermometers is the dual-laser feature. This mechanism allows the laser to rotate for better targeting. It has the capacity to pinpoint the exact location to be measured even in a distance.

Another feature that you will like with this is its versatility. It can be used in different applications like in electrical systems and mechanical systems. You can work on wires and other electrical components through this thermometer. When it comes to mechanical aspect, you can make use of it for gears and heating purposes. As you can see, you can do many things when you have this Fluke 62 MAX.

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Laser Technology

The laser technology of this infrared thermometer is something to boast about. This feature allows it to have a better aim at the target object. This IR thermometer is characterized by its accuracy and angular coverage through the use of a rotating laser. This ensures doubled accuracy in getting the temperature of a particular object.

The Fluke 62 MAX has the ability to shore up to address the areas that are poorly insulated in your home. You can do this by comparing the inside temperature of your home to the external one. This thermometer is great in helping you identify the difference in temperatures and the causes of the difference.

This IR thermometer can be really utilized for home improvement purposes. If you want to know the source of drafts in your home, this thermometer can definitely do that. You can even check your car’s motor engine’s temperature through this. Of course, you cannot touch it especially when it’s hot. The laser technology will surely allow you to target it with much accuracy.

Dust and Water Resistance

This IR thermometer is IP54 rated. This means that the tool is resistant to damage caused by water and dust particles. This is the rating of the effectiveness of the sealing of the enclosures in this IR thermometer. You should note that not all IR thermometers are IP54-rated. Some people are very particular with this since it can be a feasible way to know the quality of a tool.

The Fluke 62 MAX has protection from different solid bodies like fine tools. This intrusion and moisture protection is indeed dust tight and much protected from immersion. It will be a great advantage if you will have this IR thermometer because you are ensured that it will be durable enough to withstand premature damage and wear. This is also protected from water spray.

Fluke 62 MAX+ Features and Specifications

  • Double-laser rotation – this feature allows this IR thermometer to have greater accuracy in targeting the edges of the object.
  • IP54-rated thermometer – this rating means that it is protected from dust and spray water.
  • Versatility – it is best used for electrical and mechanical purposes. You can use it for gears and wires as well.
  • Compact design – this IR thermometer is very compact and lightweight. You can even put it in your laptop bag if you need to bring it all the time.
  • Minimum and maximum temperatures – this has the ability to show the difference between two temperatures for comparison purposes.
  • -30 to 650 degrees Celsius – the coverage of measuring temperature is wider compared with other IR thermometers.
  • Accuracy – + 1.0 or -1.0 % of accuracy

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Fluke 62 MAX+ Reviews

The Fluke 62 MAX has features that greatly outsell other IR thermometers in its league. For this, we will give this device a rating of 8 out of 10. This thermometer deserves a high rating because the users are able to do a wide array of activities through the use of a single thermometer. Many of its users are very satisfied with its functionalities.

The wide temperature range of the Fluke 62 MAX has gained a lot of praises even from the nonusers. They are even convinced to switch to this brand instead. The adjustable emissivity is also one of the factors why users are buying this thermometer. Some of the thermometers in the market don’t have this feature; that is why the measuring capability is not that accurate.

Things to Improve

This IR thermometer is often compared with its predecessor which is the Fluke Max Plus. The only thing that users find a bit disappointing is the rotation of the laser. They noted that it doesn’t rotate at times. It is suggested that upon purchase, check first if the lasers rotational mechanism is functioning properly.


When it comes to functionality and versatility, the Fluke 62 MAX will always be on top of the list. It has the capacity to produce accurate readings through its double-laser rotation mechanism. If you are searching for an IR thermometer that has added benefits compared with the ordinary ones, then this is the right tool for you.

This best compact Infrared thermometer will surely be a good companion for your mechanical and technical needs. You can also check what others have got say about this remarkable infrared thermometer.wide orange