Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter Review

As far as electricians are concerned, it’s no fluke that Fluke is a trusted brand name in terms of multimeters. One of their best products is the Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter, which has quality to spare and then some. The Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter has flexibility when it comes to manual and auto ranging, an analog bar graph in case you’re dealing with unstable or fast-changing signals, and the ability to measure up to 10A, 20A for 30 seconds. It even has a selectable filter that enables you to get the precise voltage every time.

What’s more, if you end up putting on the wrong input jacks, you’ll hear audible chimes that warn you against them, ensuring the safeness of the device. Not bad for something that’s available on Amazon.com for $412.21 (it has an original List Price of $449.99).

Identifying Complex Signal Problems as Quickly as Possible

Fluke 87V

The Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter is the product you should buy when your productivity is on the line. That’s because it gives you the ability to solve problems as fast as possible thanks to its expertise in getting accurate signal readings just as quickly.

To be more specific, you can count on the Fluke 87-V when it comes to advanced troubleshooting features and some of the most accurate information you can get out of a digital multimeter. Have complex signals? No problem. The Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter was made to read those complex signals, no matter how complicated or erratic they may become. You won’t have to be faced with guestimates, ballpark figures, and theorieswhen you can get all the facts with this quality Fluke product every single time even in high altitudes or high energy locations.

Electrical Safety and Meter Integrity Is Ensured

Your electrical safety is ensured by the Fluke 87-V because of all its safety features. To wit, the Fluke 87-V offers the ability to withstand impulses of up to 8.000 V, thus mitigating risks associated with spikes and surges. That’s to be expected with a device that’s updated to CAT III, 1000 V, EN61010-1 CAT IV 600V, and ANSI/ISA S82.01 (3rd Edition). Few multimeters can match the Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter when it comes to its ability to measure precisely adjustable speed drives.

Not only that, it could handle complex signals without endangering the operator or letting him get hurt by any high voltages. The Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter is well-shielded, long-lasting, and durable. It can survive current, falls, and even the weather without malfunctioning.

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Fluke 87 Customer Review

As far as Industrial True RMS Multimeter go, the Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter is one of the best (if not the best) in the field. Fluke in and of itself is a known maker of high-grade multimeters. The company makes some of the best meters in the world. There are other brands out there such as Agilent, Extech, Meterman, and Hioki. However, as far as specs, protections, safety features, and builds are concerned, no other company can even touch what Fluke 87-V Digital has to offer. Just expect to pay top dollar for it; about $412.21 at the time of this writing. This is a worthwhile payment in exchange for something that works superbly in terms of accuracy and is known to be durable.

According to 200 customer reviews, the Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter got a 4.8 out of 5 star rating.


The Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter has a con in terms of customer service and GSM interference issues. According to at least one review, a customer noticed that the Fluke 87-V suffered from GSM interference and the Fluke customer service wasn’t quite responsive over this issue. The representative that the Amazon.com customer called was rude and flippant to him when he brought up this problem. Throughout the call, the customer in question had difficulties in getting the serial number or having the customer representative take him seriously. Rather coldly, the Fluke call center agent told him to try his luck again next time even though he didn’t want to spend weeks to get the faulty meter fixed.

With that said, this seems like an isolated incident and the rest of the reviews are all praises when it comes to Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter and its abilities.


As an electrician or some other professional in need of multimeters, the Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter serves as a godsend of sorts because of how safe and easy to use it is. More to the point, the 87-V is everything you’ve been looking for in a quality digital multimeter. It specifically showcases correct measurements even when dealing with fluctuating signals, thus you don’t have to make so many guesses on ASD or Adjustable Speed Drives. It’s all made possible by the low-pass filter that’s a propriety feature of all Fluke multimeter offerings. It even has dual display resolution from 6,000 to 20,000 counts as well as a built-in thermometer that lets you make temperature measurements as well. Discover more other best multimeters on the market here.

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