Fly Racing 28-5081 Motorcycle Backpack Review

The Fly Racing Adult Illuminator Freak Backpack is very affordable yet will surely meet your expectation for a motorcycle backpack. It includes features that will meet your riding needs.

If you’re taking multiple gears, the backpack is just right to bring along. Boasting with enough space to fit and accommodate your belongings, it has a lot of compartments and is very handy. It even has a compartment for your helmet.

The best budget choice backpack in the list but surely will meet and exceed customers’ expectation. It is a fact that many shoppers are not particular with advanced features, and if it’s the same for you, consider getting this backpack.wide orange



The main purpose of a backpack is to store your valuables. With the Fly Racing Adult Illuminator Freak Backpack, it certainly meets. It has a large space to accommodate your things. A bag suited for rider carrying multiple gears.

This backpack is known to have several spacious compartments. It has a room for helmet storage, allowing you to place it in the backpack.

Hydration System

Most motorcycle backpacks are not hydration compatible. The Fly Racing Adult Illuminator Freak Backpack is one which has a hydration system. This allows motorcycle riders to drink even when riding. The hydration system keeps the rider hydrated, especially on long rides.

It is a fact that it is hot when riding on sunny days. The hydration capability is useful during these times. This gives the backpack a plus for this feature. You won’t have to worry getting thirsty on a long ride, this backpack lets you access any fluid or water easily.

Fly Racing 28-5081 Features and Specifications

  • Reflective Material – more than 75 square inches for safety
  • Internal Storage for Helmet – extra helmet carrier inside the backpack
  • Storage Compartments – very handy and easy access to your things
  • Hydration System – easy access to fluids, keeping you hydrated when you’re thirsty
  • MP3 Compatible – allows you to listen to music while riding
  • Chest and Shoulder Straps – fully adjustable, provides comfort when fitted
  • Carabineer Loop – externally holds your items
  • Zipper – can be pulled easily, even with or without gloves
  • Back has Foam Padding – offers convenience and comfort during a ride
  • Stylish Design – waist strap not visible
  • Increase Rider’s Visibility – for safety reasons

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Fly Racing 28-5081 Backpack Reviews

The Fly Racing Adult Illuminator Freak Backpack got a rating of 7.2 out of 10. This has been reviewed by a lot of customers and the result is still pretty good.

A good choice backpack for riders who are budgeting and who are not particular of the specs and features. This backpack is also used by non-rider customers and they loved it.

According to some customers, the helmet pouch is well-vented and allows their hat to cool while hiking. The backpack is praised for its excellent value. Most customers love the spacious compartments and how easily they can access their things.

Although the backpack is not advertised as waterproof, some customers said that the water didn’t get in during moderate rainstorms. The backpack’s shoulder strap also have a reflective tape to more visibility.

Things to Improve

People have different views and opinions of a product. The Fly Racing Adult Illuminator Freak Backpack also has its downside that needs some improvement.

One buyer agreed that it’s a good backpack. However, it would be much better if the backpack has multiple reflective strips. There should also be a neon color which is brighter for riding at night. Nothing to worry, though, because the backpack’s reflective strips are more than 75 square inches. It is good enough for a rider’s visibility even at night. This should already provide the safety you need in traveling during low light conditions.

Another customer said that the internal design and inside pockets are confusing. Not really a big deal since the Fly Racing Adult Illuminator Freak Backpack is designed to increase functionality. These pockets or compartments are very handy. By the way, this customer claimed that he is not a rider, which is probably the reason why he is a bit confused. You can simply take the bag to the nearest shop and an expert will be there to help you out and provide all the necessary information that you need.


The Fly Racing Adult Illuminator Freak Backpack is the best budget motorcycle backpack available in the market today. It may be cheaper but this will never ever disappoint you. A bag with less price but the features are top notches. If you ever need a wonderful bag, which does not cost much, then you’ve got what you’re looking for.

This bag will definitely suit your budget and is worth more than every penny you spent. Good capacity, with a hydration system and all other features mentioned above. What else can you ask for? This backpack would certainly deliver the job. It is elegant but not expensive.

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