Forester CHAP437-O Chainsaw Apron Chaps Review

When it comes to protecting your body against wood splinters and other accidents, Forester Apron Chaps is surely reliable. It is actually very superior in giving protection on your legs especially the front part. This chap is created with a pocket for convenience. You can put other things that you might need while working.

In terms of protection, it is actually very reliable because it can also cover the side of their legs. Chainsaw tasks are highly risky, so it is advisable to purchase a chainsaw chaps that would protect your body. If you are looking for affordable chaps, then Forester apron chaps should be one of your options.

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Adjustable Apron Chaps

If you are going to buy a chainsaw apron chaps, of course, you need to consider the size that would fit on you. However, you cannot monitor your size all of the time. The good thing about this chap is that is it adjustable. Whatever your size is, this safety equipment would surely fit on you.

Another thing that you would surely like with this chainsaw apron is its availability in different colors. You can choose your own color based on your preference and taste. Forester chainsaw aprons come in different colors and a standard size that could be adjusted.

You can enjoy working because of the lively colors of your chaps. One of the reasons why the makers offered it in different colors is because of the emotional effect that it would have on the wearer. You know for a fact that chainsaw jobs are really difficult. You need to exert physical strength in doing it. In order to make it motivational and livelier, you can wear your favourite color of the apron.

Padded Feature for Thighs and Knees

Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps  could provide you extra protection because of the padded parts. Of course, your body is exposed to accidents when doing this kind of jobs. In order to offer comprehensive protection, pads are added in those parts that are at risk to come in contact with the gas chainsaw.

In this type of work, your knees and thighs are prone to injuries. It can even be as serious as being deeply cut. In order to avoid this problem, Forester Chainsaw apron is created with durable pads that could withstand pressure. You don’t need to worry that your knees would be wounded because the pad inside would secure it.

Another reason why you should buy this product is its comfort when worn. Your body is free to move while you are wearing it. You can also shift from different positions while using the chainsaw. The pocket on the side makes it possible for you to put important stuff that you might need during your activity.

You would notice that it would hang loose on your body to allow free movement. It also has the ability to regulate your temperature while wearing it so you would not feel too hot. Aside from this, the apron would protect you from deep cuts and bruises. If you are concerned about your safety, then you ought to have one of these.

Forester Apron Chaps Features

  • Adjustable chaps  this apron could be adjusted based on your size.
  • A variety of colors Forester chainsaw aprons are available in different hues that would surely suit your taste.
  • Padded parts for protection – in order to protect the wearer from serious cuts, these chaps would protect your knees and thighs specifically.

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Forester Apron Chaps Reviews

Forester chainsaw apron amazingly received a rating of 9 out of 10 because of its reliable safety features. Most of the users praised this apron for its ease of wearing and comfort. One of the customers almost got his leg off. He was saved from losing his leg because he was wearing his Forester apron.

Other users also noted that it is so comfortable to use. The soft pads are very comfy and very reliable at the same time. Users love the fact that they can work peacefully without panicking. To sum it up, customers are very satisfied with this apron. They are also amazed by the multiplicity of colors available.

Things to Improve

If there is one thing that needs enhancement with this chainsaw apron, it should be its ability to withstand high torque electric chainsaws. Some users noted that it was not that reliable when it comes to those. The maker of Forester Apron should take note of the safety features that it could offer.

Others are also hoping that the pads would be a little thicker for utmost safety precautions. These pads are not thick enough to withstand the electric chainsaw.


Forester Chainsaw Apron is a must-have for your woodcutting activities. You would surely get added protection with its padded parts. If you are new to woodcutting, you might want to check out this item. Have a look with the other best chainsaw chaps in here to get the latest best chainsaw apron reviews.

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