16 Places to Get the Free Moving Box – The Ultimate List!

There are many uses for moving boxes not just for moving or changing places. You can also use them to store odds and ends from your home. Recycling them can also yield you lots of decorations and functional things for your home.

From my experience, boxes that you got from the retail stores would be damaged and not sturdy enough. Know your stuff, and decide if the free box can house them. Or if you want to be safe and buy a new box, take a look at this section. It would not cost much too!

So back to the topic, where can you get moving boxes for free? Here is the list of 16 places for your choice. As I research, these places are the most reliable: Craigslist, the nearest Starbucks, Dollar Stores and any supermarkets.

Quick NavigationA) Online1/ U-Haul Box Exchange2/ Craigslist3/ FreeCycle.org4/ Facebook Community GroupsB) Buidings1/ Office Building2/ Apartment Complex3/ Appliances and Home Electronics Shops4/ Large shopping centers5/ UniversityC) Retail Stores1/ Dollar Stores2/ Grocery Stores & Supermarket3/ Liquor Stores4/ Book Stores5/ PharmacyD) Recycling CenterE) Others1/ Flea Market Sales2/ Your Nearest StarbucksWhere to buy a box?1/ UPS Store2/ Your moving company

A) Online

1/ U-Haul Box Exchange

U-Haul is a shipping company based in the United States. Recently, a message board about free moving boxes was created and offered on the company’s website. This is a forum where you can search for boxes that are being given away.

Similarly, you can also post an offer of your boxes if you have some in your home. This is a great way to get free boxes so you don’t have to spend more on moving.

2/ Craigslist

Craigslist is a website that posts classified advertisements. Any user who signs up with the site can post their ad. You can see classified advertisements of all kinds, so it is not really a surprise that you would find free moving boxes from craigslist. Maybe the poster had moved recently and has a surplus of boxes or they have no need for the boxes anymore seeing as they already moved.

For whatever reason the poster has, you will have moving boxes in no time. Just be careful when dealing with people you meet from the internet, you don’t know them so if possible bring someone when meeting up with the persons or people offering the free boxes. They might want something in return for it, it’s better to be safe and cautious.

3/ FreeCycle.org

Freecycle.org is a nonprofit organization that collects trash from some people and turning it into reusable objects. Thesetrashes aren’t really trash, just old things that some people might want to get rid of and other might still find useful.

With this site, you can donate things you do not use or need anymore. In turn, you can also search for things that you need and is offered by people who joined the site.

Tips: Go straight to the WANTED section first and post the request. People usually take a look there as they land on thesite. .

4/ Facebook Community Groups

There are actually FB groups dedicated to looking for free moving boxes. Guess there are a lot of people moving and therefore needing moving boxes. Their need to not spend more might have led to the development of these community groups.

Just do a search diligently and you will find someone that offers free moving boxes in your community.

couple moving

B) Buidings

1/ Office Building

Mailing Package comes andgo in the offices. Make a trip to your company’s receptionist and you might find lots of empty moving box waiting for you to get home.

2/ Apartment Complex

Just call the Apartment Manager and inquire if they have any free boxes around. As many people move in and out, you could get a decent medium-sized box on your lucky day.

3/ Appliances and Home Electronics Shops

You could expect clean and large boxes here, but it depends on your luck. If it’s too big for your need, cut them up to use as a padding for your other boxes.

4/ Large shopping centers

Tips: Aim for the shoes and clothing shop. You can count on getting very sturdy shoe box that could help a lot. Do call in advance, and time your presence at the off-peak hour, such as morning or after lunch time.

5/ University

As students opt to exchange books, or simply order online, the University mailroom will be left with lots of unused boxes.

If you live near a school or University, this is a gold mine. Call first and ask to drop by, and the University official will be happy to cut down on their recycling fees.

moving box office

C) Retail Stores

1/ Dollar Stores

Dollar stores are stores that offer a variety of products at a discounted price. Much like grocery stores they also always get deliveries that come in boxes so they have a lot of it. But unlike grocery stores, dollar stores are more generous when it comes to giving away boxes because they get too much delivery that they have so much more boxes than they know what to with.

Also, they are very fond of charity work and will donate anything that they deem the community needs, even if that means the extra boxes lying around in their store.

2/ Grocery Stores & Supermarket

Grocery stores are always receiving shipments and deliveries and they always come in boxes, so it is safe to think that they have lots and lots of boxes just stored in their storage rooms. Of course, they also use the boxes for the customers but often they will still have some extras.

You can go to the nearest grocery store in your place and ask for moving boxes. Maybe they will give you some or maybe they won’t but you won’t know until you try.

Anyway, if one grocery store doesn’t give you, other stores certainly will. You should have lots of grocery stores in your locality and therefore lots of options to ask moving boxes from.

3/ Liquor Stores

Liquor stores always get deliveries, so they might have some extra boxes lying around. An advantage to asking boxes from liquor stores is that it is a guarantee that you will get strong boxes since they were previously used on fragile, glass bottles.

When you ask for boxes from this store, make sure to ask for one that a lid on it, otherwise the things that you will put on the box might spill over. They have this kind of boxes, so asking for it won’t be a problem.

4/ Book Stores

Another store to ask boxes from is the bookstore. They would have boxes since they order books in bulks and they would have to be delivered in boxes. They would also have no need for the boxes afterward so they can just give it away freely.

5/ Pharmacy

Any pharmacy will do, so pay a visit to your nearest Walgreen, CVS or Rite Aid. You could expect the box to be clean, and from small to medium size.

D) Recycling Center

People throw away their unused stuff in the Recycling Center, and this is a wonderful place to search for a free moving box. Be careful to inspect the box carefully, as you don’t know what stuff the box previously contained.

If there’s any sign of smell or bugs, just go away. It’s not worth to save a few cents for a box that could make your sick.

recycling center

E) Others

1/ Flea Market Sales

If your neighborhood has a flea market sales, chances are the shops having some extra boxes to clear. Just remember to visit inoff-peak hour, or simply call in advance.

2/ Your Nearest Starbucks

The best to get a box, as Starbucks can be right a step away from your house. Even better, their box has a wide range of different sizes, so you can choose them at will.

Of course, a complimentary Hot Frappuchino would be nice. Take a note to visit in off-peak hour too.

moving box truck

Where to buy a box?

If you cannot find any free box, buying a box is cheap and easy too! Check out these options:

1/ UPS Store

Any box you want at any size you could imagine. Come with a bubble wrap too. Could not be any easier than that!

2/ Your moving company

Ask your moving company is the moving boxes are included in the package. Even if they charge for it, the box would be much cheaper, as you could take advantage of bulk ordering from the company.