FREETOO Men’s Outdoor Motorcycle Gloves Review

The FREETOO Hard Knuckle Full Finger Tactical Gloves are gloves that you can use for motorcycle riding and extreme sports. Furthermore, it is fully functional and flexible. Wearers can move their fingers freely without a problem.

The FREETOO tactical gloves aren’t just a fashion accessory that add to your appeal. It also serves as a hand protection whenever you ride a bike or do an outdoor activity. Furthermore, it helps reduce the risk of abrasion and other injuries that may harm your hand. It is indeed a multi-functional glove.

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Specifically Made for Extreme Sports

Because it is meant for extreme adventures, FREETOO has made it soft and comfortable to wear. It is made with light and breathable fabric to ensure that the wearer feels easy as he rides on his motorcycle.

Furthermore, it features a nylon webbing design that adds elasticity to the fabric. If your hands get bigger, you can still wear it without a problem.

Resistant to Hot, Humid Weather

Generally speaking, we usually wear gloves during the winter to keep us warm and comfortable. But because these hard knuckle tactical gloves are a fully-functional one that you can wear them in the summer. It can withstand high temperatures up to 50oC without you feeling the heat. Thus, your hands won’t easily sweaty no matter how hot it is.

FREETOO Hard Knuckle Tactical Glove Features and Specifications

Of course, you wouldn’t get these benefits if it wasn’t for FREETOO’s motorcycle riding gloves’ features. Below are the components of this hand accessory.

  • Molded Hand Plastic Knuckles – protect your hands from abrasion and other injuries caused by accidents
  • Anti-Skid Palm – soaks the sweat, making your hands feel comfortable even on hot days
  • Microfiber Compound with Spandex – provides comfort, ventilation, and flexibility, making it suitable for extreme sports and activities like motorcycle riding
  • Wrist Straps – protect your hands from dirt and keep the gloves fit
  • Flexible Design – though intended for motorcycle riders, you can use it for hunting, batting, and military training
  • Different Sizes Available – provide different measurements, allowing you to choose a size that fits you

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FREETOO Hard Knuckle Tactical Glove Reviews

Judging by its features and reviews it received, we give it a 9 out of 10 rating. Many people are happy with these FREETOO gloves. Many people like the style because it reminds them of their favorite superhero or a character in a series.

For instance, one of the buyers said that he bought because of “The Walking Dead.” According to him, he watches “The Walking Dead” all the time, and he saw Abraham wearing it. He was glad he bought it and recommended everyone to buy this item.

The same happened to the other user. The initial reason he was looking for it was because he wanted a glove that fits him. He found this item and was satisfied with the comfort that it gives.

He also mentioned that he likes the style. He felt like he was Batman because he saw Christian Bale wearing it in “The Dark Knight.”

However, these aren’t the main reasons why they like the gloves. Many people recommended this item because of the comfort it gives. They said their hands do not get sweaty, even if the temperature is hot and humid. Furthermore, their hands didn’t get dirty even if they touched the rocks and dirt.

Things to Improve

Of course, there is no perfect thing in this world, even if it may seem so. There are a few things that users complain about this item. One of the issues is the fingers.

According to the user, one of the gloves “bites” his ring and middle fingers. He turned it inside out, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Nonetheless, he likes the gloves and said that it worked as promised.

Another issue is its longevity. One of the buyers said that he only used the motorbike gloves twice, and it’s already showing wear. He was disappointed by its quality because he really liked the comfort that it gives.

Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about it anymore. If you get these defects from your gloves, you may call the FREETOO hotline and complain about it. In just a few days, they will replace it with a new pair for free.


The FREETOO Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves give superior comfort regardless of the heat and the environment’s condition. Thus, it gets a high approval rating from its users. Nonetheless, there are some defects that you may get with this item. Fortunately, you can have it replaced for free by calling the manufacturer.

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