FREETOO Motorcycle Gloves Review

The FREETOO Motorcycle Gloves  are what you need to make sure that your hands are well protected through all kinds of extreme sports. Most motorcycle enthusiasts prefer to use these gloves because they allow your fingers to be fully functional. Any sports lover will surely enjoy the benefits that the FREETOO Motorcycle Gloves can give them.

This glove is made of high quality material that is sure to keep your hands comfortable while having a great fit. The FREETOO Full Finger Gloves are not overly expensive, so you don’t have to look for its inferior counterpart. This tactical glove is very flexible and can be used for all types of activities while making sure that your hands are safe.

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Hard Knuckle Design for More Protection

Extreme activities require good protection for your hands and the FREETOO Motorcycle Gloves do not fail you in this area. It is made with high quality hard knuckles that are especially made to keep your hands safe from all kinds of abrasions and impacts that you can get while playing sports. It is also made with a reinforced palm and panel that adds to the glove’s durability.

The FREETOO Motorcycle gloves have a unique nylon webbing design that adds to its elasticity to provide a better fit. The materials that are used to make these gloves are lightweight and breathable to ensure that the user is comfortable. These materials make the FREETOO Hard Knuckle Tactical Glove long-lasting and surely worth your every penny.

This glove set comes in three sizes. They have medium (8 to 9 inches), large (9 to 9 ½ inches), and extra large (9 ½ and 10 inches) sizes.

Fully Functional Fingers for Convenience

The fully functional feature makes the FREETOO Motorcycle Gloves very versatile as you can also use it for work purposes. This feature allows you to move every finger freely while you are wearing the gloves. Being able to use all of your fingers with your gloves on gives you more convenience and more flexibility while you work or play. This kind of flexibility will surely allow you to be more efficient and productive.

FREETOO Tactical Glove Features and Specifications

  • Great Protection – the palms of these gloves are reinforced to protect your arm from all sorts of abrasions and impacts.
  • Army Quality, High Performance Gear – each glove is equipped with molded knuckles with hard shells as well as finger protection just like military grade gloves.
  • Made with Lightweight and Breathable Material – these gloves are made of stretchable nylon material, which makes it breathable and comfortable when worn.
  • Fast Drying Feature – because of the high quality material that these gloves were made of, it dries almost instantly for your convenience.
  • Made with a Flexible Design – the flexible design makes this glove perfect for all types of activities from driving gloves to combat and assault gloves.
  • Excellent Fit – the FREETOO Tactical Gloves are specifically designed to have an excellent fit for easier movement and agility.

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FREETOO Tactical Gloves Reviews

The FREETOO Motorcycle Gloves deserve a rating of 9.5 out of 10 based on the purchasers’ experiences. This is the best pair of gloves to use for any type of activity because of its superior fit, which makes it easy to use on hands. It is surely made to protect the whole hands from all kinds of abrasions and impacts because of its amazing design. It can definitely be utilized with its hard material used for the knuckle and fingers. You can use your hands safely in all types of terrains with peace of mind.

The product is great for extended use because of the breathable and lightweight material it is made of, and it feels comfortable.

Things to Improve

The FREETOO Motorcycle Gloves virtually have no downsides that can pull down its rating as of now. However, some of the doubtful customers claim that the materials used for the hard knuckles aren’t keeping up with its standards and might have depreciated overtime.

There are also those customers who mentioned that the XL sized gloves do not fit very large hands. One specific customer returned the product after finding out that it does not fit his hands even when the specifications stated that the XL size fits hands that are 9 ½ to 10 inches big.


The FREETOO Motorcycle Gloves are made with reinforced palms for maximum protection along with the hard materials used for its knuckles and fingers. Other full finger tactical gloves only provide the hard material as protection for your hands. This means that you are getting your money’s worth by choosing the FREETOO Motorcycle Gloves over other products.

Although this product is not perfect, and there are flaws that need to be worked on, the pros pretty much make up for them. Check out other best motorcycle gloves reviews for more information.

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