Best Furniture Paint Sprayer Reviews 2020

There are different types of furniture sprayers: airless sprayers, compressed air sprayers, and HVLP sprayers all with varying specialties or functions. Paint sprayers are recommended to be used in furniture due to its ability to reach corners or other hard-to-reach spots that brushes cannot.

Although, with numerous types and brands in the market today, finding the perfect type for your painting purpose may be difficult. But worry not, below is some of the best spray guns for furniture to help you decide on which type and which brand will fit your need. Read on to know more.

Wagner 0518050 Paint Sprayer


This furniture paint sprayer uses HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) technology which means it carries paint droplets in a greater volume of air, making the paint travel slower resulting in smooth finishes. It uses air and can be used to paint indoors or outdoors.

It can spray various materials such as stains, sealers, urethanes, varnishes, and lacquers. Material flow can be adjusted enabling spraying from half an inch to ten inches wide, increasing to your desired coverage. Spray pattern may also be changed to horizontal, vertical or round to fit whatever size or shape the surface you are painting. The product can be set up in five and cleaned up in ten mins.

Customers who have purchased the product are impressed with the performance of Wagner 0518050. Most customers have said that it was easy to use and saves time and worth its cost.

The product weighs 4.2 pounds, just as heavy as a two-slice toaster. One of the customers of Wagner Double Duty Paint Sprayer said that using this paint sprayer; he did not experience any spitting or clogging. The same customer even said that the paint was fine and even on the furniture surface with very little overspray.

The Double Duty Paint Sprayer by Wagner requires thin materials for it to work, but if you need to use thick paints, diluting it or adding thinners will make it work with great results. Read our Wagner 0518050 Review here.

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Graco 16N658 TrueCoat II Paint Sprayer


On the other hand, Graco TrueCoat II is an airless paint sprayer which means it uses high pressure making the paint spread out to cover the surface evenly. This sprayer can also be used in both indoors and outdoors.

It promises fast finish by only doing one pass coverage (thus shorter time!) and can cover 8 feet by 8 feet room with latex in one minute or 6 feet by 8 feet fence in thirty seconds. Since it is an airless paint sprayer, it can handle thicker materials such as stains, acrylics, enamels, oil-based primers and latex and does not require any addition of water or thinners.

TrueCoat paint sprayer has optimal spray settings which are completely set at the Graco’s factory, ensuring reduced overspray and increased control. Graco’s TrueCoat sprayer can spray virtually any material at any position (sideways, upwards or downward!).

It also has a built-in hook which allows it to be balanced on any frame, ladder or any other equipment. Graco’s sprayer also has reversible tips which you can adjust to .011 to .015 but take caution on choosing the right tip that fits the material you use.

Based on customer reviews, Graco TrueCoat II does provide a perfectly clean finish and have also attested to being able to use the sprayer in any way except upside down as well as its speed with only doing one pass. Most customers have attested to the speed, being able to finish their projects in under an hour which took them more than 3 hours in brushes and rollers. A lot of customers have also recommended Graco for small jobs or doing touch ups for in large jobs. Customers also confirm that it indeed works without needing to add thinners to the paint.

Compared to Wagner, Graco’s sprayer is heavier which weighs six pounds. To ease the weight of sprayer, the hook, which allows the sprayer to be balanced in any frame or job equipment, may help. Read our Graco 16N658 Review.

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Campbell Hausfeld DH650001AV Siphon-Feed Spray Gun


Just like Wagner, Campbell’s Siphon-Feed Spray Gun uses HVLP air-powered technology. Campbell’s spray gun is not only a furniture paint sprayer but is also perfect for those who work in customizing and restoring automobiles or motorcycles. It can spray lacquer, enamel, stain, primer, and urethane. The spray gun’s fluid and pattern can be controlled by adjusting the fan size up to nine inches.

The pattern adjustments allow it to hit the surface to be sprayed in a round cone or a circle. The gun can also be position downward, horizontal, upward or sideways like Graco’s spray gun.

Campbell’s sprayer is lightweight which only weighs 2.7 pounds, lighter than both Wagner and Graco. It can also spray low to medium viscosity materials and produces excellent finishes. Unlike Wagner, Campbell can handle thick materials.

Customers have said that it is easy to use. Customers have also commented that they can last for a very long time. And if any part of the gun gets damaged over time, replacement parts are available online and are not very costly. Read our Campbell Hausfeld DH650001AV Review.

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Critter Spray 22032 118SG Siphon Gun


Critter Spray Siphon Gun is also great for spraying furniture, small or medium jobs. It is a paint and stain sprayer but can also spray other liquids. It is very simple to use with only two things to adjust, air supply and height of the liquid nozzle. Notable for being easy-cleanable, especially because the mason jar is in a standard size (16 ounces) making it easily adaptable to fit other jars.

Critter’s spray gun can spray around a half to two and a half inch in a circular style. Critter requires a compressor (3/4 -horsepower minimum) and three cubic feet per minute (CFM) at 90 PSI.

The lightest among all featured products with only 1.6 pounds. Customers have said that Critter’s spray gun is indeed perfect for small to medium sized projects and resulted in smooth finishes. Several customers have also stated that there were no orange peel effects that appeared in the finished product.

Another customer has also said that Critter’s spray gun produced no drips and no runs. Another stated that compared to another product, Critter has provided a more consistent output of paint, meaning that it had fewer clogs. Lastly, a lot of customers have also confirmed that Critter’s spray gun is indeed easy to clean.

The only problem was some of Critter’s customers have found is that the gun’s grip is painted but because of its material, it peels off over time. Read our Critter Spray 22032 Review.

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Why Should You Buy A Furniture Spray Gun?

There are different advantages of owning a furniture spray gun.

  • It cuts work time in half. Do you have different projects to work on? Then it should not be too difficult for you to accomplish them with your spray gun. Painting your furniture the traditional way is not only a drag, but it takes an awfully long time. The waiting time that you need to spend in between coats can be frustrating as well, and in the end, the horrifying bubbles are still there. But with a sprayer, you will be able to skip all those inconveniences.
  • You can make your projects look more professional. Due to the different features and settings of furniture spray guns, it will help your DIY projects more professional as if they were purchased from a sleek furniture boutique and not made straight from your garage.
  • You can save money. Finally, one of the main advantages of having your sprayer is to save money. First, you can refurbish your old furniture at home without having the need of getting it to the shop to get it fixed (especially if the man of the house is too busy with work, or there is only a woman of the house). Second, you will also be able to purchase second-hand furniture from flea markets and the like, with confidence in knowing that you will be able to make that furniture look as good as it once was – or better.

These are the different things that you might want to consider when you are thinking of purchasing your gun. You are not just getting a tool that you can use occasionally, you are investing in a valuable equipment to add to your workshop that helps you make your work more convenient, and your furniture more presentable.


The four featured furniture sprayers are the best of the best, based not only on their features as well as their reviews. All of them have been proven to have great results, with a good finish and decreasing work time and the stress compared to using brushes and rollers. But again, the best furniture sprayer depends on what type of surface or material you will be using it on. We hope that the summary of features, as well as its reviews from different customers, will help you decide on what paint sprayer to buy. Do check out other best paint sprayers too!

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