Galaxy DX-959 Mobile CB Radio Review

When you’re looking for the best radio to buy, you can consider getting the Galaxy DX-959 Mobile CB Radio. What makes this radio different from the rest is that it has new features that can make your radio experience even better. When you take CB operation seriously then you can find that the features of this radio are something that you can enjoy using.

You can see that in the Galaxy DX-959 is very driver friendly and has been designed to be used quickly and easily without you having to take your eyes off the road when driving. Not only that but the buttons are very easy to remember as well which also helps in making the radio usage more convenient.

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41aoE3SCoELUseful Knob Functions Of The Galaxy Dx-959

What makes the Galaxy DX-959 stand out is that the button control or knobs have their own tasks. This means that you don’t have to look for display cycles through various menus just to be able to find the feature that you need. You can never go wrong with the CB line since they have been in the business for fifteen years and have never failed to deliver a great performance with its mechanisms and features offered.

Another thing you can appreciate from the radio line is that it always tries to offer something big and new for every new model released.

The Galaxy DX-959  has AM/SSB as well as PA modes that you can choose from. The meter is big enough and easy to read even when you are far from it. You can find that the power output scale is calibrated for the SSB and AM. There is also the modulation percentage scale which is mainly used for AM as well as the signal strength scale indicator ranging to 60dB over S9.

Not only that but there is also the SWR scale five digit frequency counter that has an on and off switch that has SWR circuit. You can say goodbye to all the complicated calibration that you needed to do with other radios.

How The Quality Of The Talk Back On Galaxy Dx-959 Is

There is a warning LED talkback circuit that has an on and off switch on the Galaxy DX-959. you can also find a high SWR alert circuit with the talkback circuit. You can also find that there is a volume control variable power output control which you can adjust to becoming louder or softer.

There is also the dimmer control on the radio that you can use with the on and off switch as well as a switch roger beep switch and LED indicator noise blanker. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also find and automatic noise limiter and galaxy noise filter. This makes it easier for you to hear the channels with less static and noise.

Weaker signals are also picked up by the Galaxy DX-959 with no problems. This means that the radio has new and better features that enable you to use the radio even when you’re in places where there are weaker signals available. The new features make finding signals and using the radio much easier than before. There is also the mic Jack clarifier and the three position tone for the LED indicators.

Galaxy DX-959 Features

  • It has a large meter that has scales; it is easier to read and that it also comes with scales that are used for power output, SWR, power modulation and the incoming signal
  • It has a five digit frequency counter. It also has large yellow digits as well as a two digit channel display that has larger yellow digits
  • There are a powerful output control and a variable talkback circuit that has an on and off switch
  • It has a dimmer control that has a push switch for the meter lamp and the display digits and three position tons switch as receiver
  • It also has an automatic SWR circuit with an SWR alert LED and a beeping on and off switch
  • It has a proprietary galaxy noise filter circuit which helps reduce the noise for recovering the weaker SSB signals

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Galaxy Dx-959 Reviews

Out of ten, this product has received over nine stars. Overall, people have had a pleasant experiencing the Galaxy Dx-959. the large meter is one of the best features of the radio which the customers love the most. It enables them to see what is on the radio even though they are far away from it. Owing to the large display, it is easier for the customers to see every letter and read important notifications faster.

The signal modulation as well as the power is also very useful and helps make the radio even more powerful. Convenience is one of the mains things why customers are liking the product. Other than that the sound of the Galaxy Dx-959 is also worth mentioning. It has clear and crisp sounds that give off a great and clear sound even when you’re out there on the road driving.

Things to Improve

In some cases, customers have experienced the early warning systems that sometimes happen on the radio. This, however, can be understandable since you are being warned beforehand and some have gotten used to the phenomena. You can still return the product in exchange for a newer model or you could leave it as it is when you feel like getting advanced warnings.


When you’re looking for a radio that has good feature and that can give you the convenience that you need when driving then the Galaxy Dx-959 will be a good product to have.

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