Gamo Hornet Air Rifle .177 Caliber Review

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The Gamo Hornet Air Rifle .177 Caliber is a spring-operated break barrel air rifle that boasts an ambidextrous, two-stage adjustable trigger, tough all-weather synthetic stock, as well as a ventilated recoil pad. Its fluted polymer and jacketed rifled barrel keep the user on target. The Hornet can go the distance for thousands of rounds, whether for hunting or target shooting, regardless the weather. It is indeed ideal for the next hunting game, considering its single break-barrel cocking system and a manual trigger safety feature.


Who Should Buy This Product?

The Gamo Hornet Air Rifle .177 Caliber is perfect for the beginners. It equates to the perfect starter rifle. Moreover, professional shooters can likewise take advantage of this product, considering its quality, lightweight, power, accuracy, and easily-cocked features. There’s no need to worry much, leaving it in the truck as it is priced very inexpensively.

Those who are into bird watching and spotting can buy the Hornet, taking advantage of its Scope for such purposes, besides from other goals. In all, it is perfect for people who are into shooting and hunting games as the Hornet can go the distance for thousands of rounds.

Gamo Hornet Features & Technical Details

  • Up to 1200 feet per second (fps) velocity with PBA Raptor
  • Up to 1000 fps with lead
  • With ventilated rubber pad
  • Twin cheek pad
  • Offers nonslip texture design on the grip and forearm
  • 4×32 air rifle scope
  • Can be used with any 0.177-caliber pellet
  • 74 lbs trigger pull
  • 30 lbs cocking effort
  • With 18 inch barrel length
  • 3 inches in overall length
  • 1 lbs total weight

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Pros of Gamo Hornet

  • Adjustments – The Gamo Hornet is very flexible that you can make some adjustments, such as giving it a new paint job. Aside from the other impressive aspects of the air rifle, you can totally re-paint the product, according to your personal taste and preference. The absence of a huge logo is also a plus point for many owners. However, make sure to do the re-paint task the right way, otherwise, it could ruin the entire aesthetic of the gun.
  • Scope – With the proper use of this air rifle, eye-relief is surely obtainable. There is no need for a full zero in just to get the full picture, hence, arriving at the center point most of the time.
  • Trigger, Safety, and Barrel – The Gamo Hornet’s trigger is certainly smooth, along with a good amount of resistance. It is never a hairpin trigger, as you can easily move your trigger finger to pull back the safety.
  • Nonslip Texture Design – The rifle’s nonslip texture design is what owners love the most. The entire design is perfect on the grip and forearm.
  • Flexibility – The Hornet offers ultimate flexibility as it can be used with any 0.177-caliber pellet.
  • Reasonable Price Tag – In less than a $100, you can easily own and be delighted with the potentials of the Gamo Hornet, whether as a starter rifle or for the advanced shooters. It will never drain your wallet!
  • Oneday Shipping Privilege – Customers who place their orders on Amazon within a certain period can enjoy the One-Day Shipping privilege. (Read about the Shipping Policies with this item.)


  • China-made Scope – While the entire air rifle is European-made, its scope comes from China, which, according to many users, is only ideal for bird watching and spotting, but never for shooting.

Gamo Hornet Air Rifle Review

A lot of actual users are very impressed with the Hornet, saying it is absolutely worth the price. A particular product user said the rifle performs excellently, giving it a 4.5 Star rating on Amazon. However, he was slightly disappointed with its lightweight, thin-walled steel barrel as the standard thick solid steel is what he expected. In all, he was still delighted as the rifle is very easy to carry, surpassing his expectations, and saying it was above the rest among its class.

The Gamo Hornet is the perfect starter rifle, according to another owner, just perfect for a small hunting game or target-shooting. He said the Hornet was solid, considering the evenly distributed weight, while looking hot at the same time. He was also impressed with the smooth cheekpiece, concluding that the Hornet was essentially a true craftsmanship.

The majority of Hornet owners testifies how awesome the air rifle is, especially the accuracy it delivers. A particular owner said he has shot tons of snowshoe hares and squirrels at forty yards off, hitting his targets with one shot each. In all, they say that the Gamo Hornet is one powerful piece of air rifle!

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Over and above, the Gamo Hornet is a revolutionized European-made air rifle that offers power and accuracy, along with the impressive aesthetic design. Its lightweight feature makes it ideal as a starter rifle, although widely used by professionals and beginners alike. The Hornet surely enhances the hunting and target shooting experience with its superior durability, recoil absorption, plus a comfortable ambidextrous shooting experience!

Hornet owners highly recommend reading the booklet manual that comes with the item, not only once, but several times. This will ensure proper usage of the item, while ensuring the safety of the user and the people around him. After all, the manual is very easy to read with only about 15 mini-pages in it.

Amazon, along with the professional shooters also advises potential buyers and users of the Gamo Hornet to make use of proper protective eyewear, while using the item, or even those near the item. It is always essential to read about the corresponding manuals in order to implement the safety measures all the time, while wearing protective gear simultaneously.

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