Garmin 010-00876-00 Motorcycle GPS Review

If you are looking for a GPS that you can use on both your car and motorcycle, the Garmin 010-00876-00 is the one for you. Compared to other models of Gamin, this unit has slightly lighter feature but still has a lot to offer.

Just like the other models, this GPS is also a rugged, all-weather device that can withstand not only the water but also the destructive effects of fuel spills and UV radiation.

Another feature that you’ll like about this unit is its high-quality screen which is created to provide good readability even under direct sunlight. In addition, the screen is glove-friendly, making it easy to navigate menus and enter data.

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Excellent Build and Overall Design

When you look at the screen of Garmin Zumo 220, you’ll notice that it has a slightly smaller size compared to the other Garmin models. The usual screen size for this manufacturer is 4.3” while the Garmin Zumo 220 only has 3.5”. Since the screen is smaller, the device is much lighter and easier to carry when not in use.

Because the size of the screen is small, it can be easily mounted on a sports bike without obscuring the instrument panel.

The on/off button of this GPS is positioned at the top part of the device. At the back, you’ll see a small rubber flap which covers the mini USB port. This is used for the data connection as well as charging. Other things you can find at the back are housing for the removable battery, internal memory housing and the speaker.

Display and Navigation

The interface of this device is simple, has an easy-to-read screen and logically organized menu system. You can easily view the device at a glance because of its uncluttered display thus, it keeps you focused on the road.

The Garmin 010-00876-00 allows having better access to places you want to go to. For instance, you can simply tap on a location and you will be directed to it or you can also use the “where am I” feature which will point you to the nearest establishments like hospitals, restaurants and more. There is also an option for you to choose from thousands of pre-loaded interest points.

Another navigation feature that you can make use of is the Garmin BaseCamp software. In here, you can utilize your computer in planning for different routes then upload them on your device. You can store about 500 waypoints and 10 pre-planned routes, plus more if you get an internal memory card.

Garmin 010-00876-00 Features and Specifications

  • High resolution – has a glove-friendly 3.5” touchscreen display.
  • Rugged, waterproof design – has water rating of IPX7. It is resistant to UV rays and fuel sprays.
  • Turn-by-turn instruction together with spoken street names – tells you clearly where you turn.
  • Bluetooth wireless technology – spoken directions through your headset.
  • Motorcycle console – gives you trip information including digital fuel gauge so you know when to refuel.
  • Advanced route preview – can save up to 10 routes and can automatically direct you using points so the drive is significantly shortened.
  • GPS with high sensitivity receiver and has HotFlix – this brand is known to have much faster satellite acquisition time.
  • Preloaded street maps – Contains comprehensive maps of the US, Puerto Rico and Canada.
  • Where Am I feature – helps you find the nearest police station, hospital, restaurant and intersection coordinates.
  • Auto time zone – automatically updates the time zone as you are traveling.
  • Speed limit indicators – provides information on speed limits in highways and interstates.

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Garmin 010-00876-00 Reviews

With an average editorial rating of 6 out of 10, the Garmin 010-00876-00 remains to be a product to beat.

Many users of this device liked the fact that it is very affordable. Its price is way lower than other brands but you still get many useful features. They noted that the product came with the motorcycle mount as well as the automobile windshield mount, plus the wiring so you can connect it to your vehicle.

Another thing that stands out about this product according to the users is that its screen icons are larger and it does not give them a hard time navigating. They say that indeed it lives up to its claims of being glove-friendly. Users also praised that the GPS talks to them clearly with the streets they need to turn to.

Things to Improve

A common problem with this GPS is that it can be a challenge to enter text when you choose to enlarge the keyboard, as stated by some users. They find it hard to switch from one screen to another.

Since this device has smaller screen compared to other Garmin products, it can’t accommodate the entire keyboard especially when you don’t use the qwerty type and when the text is enlarged. But even with this, the GPS is still preferred particularly by those who have a limited budget.


With the Garmin 010-00876-00, you can have the best GPS features without spending too much. Its overall design is intended to withstand severe weather conditions. On top of this, features such as the turn-by-turn instruction and advance route review could bring your experience to the next level.

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