GearWrench 80550 57-Piece Socket Set Review

GearWrench 80550 57-Piece Socket Set is one of the products produced by Apex Tool Group in the market. Apex started its business and operations to served industries for industrial, construction, aerospace, vehicle assembly and repair. They specialize in producing product types like electronic, power and hand tools.

In this review, you will know what GearWrench Socket Set will offer you once you decide on purchasing it. You will get to know what consumers had experienced using the product and how they felt while they finished a job using this tool.

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Its 57-Piece Socket Set to Work On

This 57 Piece Socket Set will make you handle and finish your job with ease. The set includes 6 points deep and standard socket in SAE and metric requirements. If you are looking for a complete list of all the sockets that comes along with the set, then you will be able to find them via Amazon and on other online shopping websites before purchasing.

What we suggest is for you to take note of the different sockets you need first along with their measurements, in this way, everything that you need will be covered. Rest assured, though, that most of the core ones are already included in this set, which is why it received mostly excellent reviews.

Availability of Ratchet

As mentioned for the sockets that are available in the box, it is represented by different sizes which will suffice your socket needs. One thing that makes this product good is the ratchet which is included in the package. This set features head and flush mounted reversing a lever for great access as well as a stubby full polish teardrop ratchet that promotes versatility.

To fully see what is inside the GearWrench 80550, check out this quick 4-minute clip:


GearWrench 80550 Features

Aside from the main product features that we have featured above, here are some of its additional features. This product is known for the 57 pieces of socket available in one package as well as the availability of the ratchet. There are things you need to know for you to purchase this product since it might be a great tool to have once you have socket needs.

  • Sockets are fully polished with chrome
  • Large hard stamped sizes markings for you to identify quickly
  • It has bounded with Surface Drive Technology that reduces fastener rounding
  • It has a 120 position 3-degree arc ratchet with flush mounted on or off switch and teardrop low profile head
  • Ratchet is longer than others for added leverage

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GearWrench 80550 Reviews

Reviews are the basis for other people to go and purchase a certain product. We rated this set 4.5 out of 5 stars, proving that the product passed the standards and served its purpose well.

One review said that the tool is made with high quality and an excellent value for money. The set is complete and covers mostly all the sizes of sockets needed for every specialized job. These sockets are clearly marked for identifications. Overall, the tools are handy and do its job well satisfying your socket needs.

Another review mentioned that the sockets that he was able to purchase in the past were low quality. Hence, this was his motivation to find and purchase another socket set. He mentioned that this time around, he searched online regarding the different socket sets available along with their accompanying reviews. Luckily, he was able to find a lot of positive reviews about the GearWrench set, so he decided to give it a try – and it surpassed all his needs and expectations!

Things to Improve

One of the important things people anticipate on this product is the ratchet, and there are some of the consumers having problems with it. One said that the ratchet does not have a quick release button, a feature that is missing to make the product completely perfect. Even so, ratchets are comfortable to use.


Mechanics do have lots of tools to use to do their work. It may require them to use big and small mechanical tools to meet their requirements every day or every project. One of those are sockets for wrenches. These sockets are attached to a wrench’s end which is usually used to fasten something. Hence, it is important for any worker to have a socket set at hand to be able to finish the different tasks that require such equipment.

Fortunately, your socket needs are not just being solved by GearWrench 80550 Socket Set, but you have been offered more. Buying this tool will make your money worth it, as you purchased a product of good quality and good service. Do check out other best ratchet sets!

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