Genesis GMT 15A Oscillating Tool Review

Another multi-purpose oscillating tool is the Genesis GMT. It can be used for remodeling houses and restoration. It has the power of 21,000 OPM for efficient cutting and grinding performance. This power is extremely remarkable in producing great results.

This saw has a different design compared from other brands in the market. The design is a 4-pin flange and that is the one holding the accessories in place. The casing is made up of aluminum to ensure that everything would be in place. You would be relieved because everything would be in place without losing a piece.

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Remarkable 4-pin Flange Design for Security

The Genesis GMT is designed systematically to ensure that all the parts and attachments are secured in place. The makers made this device with safety and security in mind. The kit includes a scraping kit, sandpaper, and a sanding pad. You don’t need to waste time in finding these attachments since they are already included.

The inclusions would be able to help you in doing a wide array of activities. These are also protected by an aluminium case which is sturdy enough to hold all the parts all together. The 4-pin design is intended for this reason as well.

Compared to a power saw, the performance of this oscillator is far more superior especially in cutting. The design is also very systematic because the user would not be in risk of being wounded compared with saws. The design of Genesis GMT is made not only for the sake of aesthetic purpose, but also for systemic purpose.

Tremendous Oscillations per Minute

This product is a clear definition of power and perfection. With 21,000 oscillations per minute, this oscillation tool would surely finish your task in time with perfection. In the market, these devices compete in terms of their specifications. Genesis GMT has been sought after due to its exemplary performance.

In terms of speed, this oscillator tool would surely capture the market’s attention. It could perform double the speed of other devices in the market. Grinding and sanding are just a piece of cake with this device because of its power.

You would be able to find more oscillator tools in the market; however, you need to choose the best in terms of speed and performance. Genesis GMT is proven to produce flawless results. This is recommended for professional use. However, non-experts could also benefit from its power.

Genesis GMT 15A Features

  • 21,000 OPM – This power would be able to cut, grind, and sand in such a speed. It could also produce quality work because of remarkable oscillating power.
  • Versatile – The Genesis GMT can be used for remodelling and reconstructing houses again.
  • 4-pin flange design – This device is designed in such a systematic way to ensure that there would be no missing parts. The design is meant to keep everything in place.
  • Aluminum covering – To add security, the covering is made up of aluminium that is sturdy enough to protect the inclusions inside.
  • The kit includes other parts like the sandpaper, sanding pad, scraping blade, and the Allen wrench.
  • 2 years warranty
  • Power source – It is a corded electric device so you need to plug it in order to use it.
  • Weighs 2.8 pounds – It is very lightweight.

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Genesis GMT 15A Reviews

The Genesis GMT received a rating of 7.5 out of 10 from the user reviews and feedbacks. This multifunction oscillating tool is very versatile for most of the medium and heavy duty tasks. The users loved the idea that this could be their do-it-yourself oscillator without getting professional service.

Consumers also praised it for the precise cuts it makes. One of the feedbacks noted the finish product. They also commended the product for its safety features. The parts are all secured in place and none of the users complained for lost parts.

Another user also noted that he was able to finish multiple tasks in a day in his house remodeling project through the use of this product. According to him, the Genesis GMT worked so fast in cutting and grinding the wood. The sandpaper also made a good finish in smoothing the surface. All in all, the consumers are satisfied and happy with its speed in performance.

Things to Improve

The Genesis GMT is a remarkable product; however, flaws are indeed unavoidable. Those flaws are just minor issues that could be resolved easily. Few of the users gave a feedback regarding the unstable sanding plate. It keeps on moving around and it doesn’t stay in place in the drive post. It would be better if Genesis would improve the security of the sanding place in order to keep it intact while working.


To sum it up, the Genesis GMT is a very portable oscillating tool because of its lightweight feature. It is one of the best multi-purpose tools in the field of cutting devices. You can utilize it in most medium to heavy duty tasks like for house renovations. You can check the best oscillating tool  reviews to know more about these highly convenient tools.

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