Getting Rid of Your Mouse Problem

Is your home under attack? Little vermin with sharp teeth chewing through all your food boxes and wiring, and shredding your toilet paper supply? Then just maybe you have a bit of a mouse problem in your house, and that is a problem.

When it comes to mice, the best action to take is fast action, as these guys breed like mice, and can cause you heaps on untold problems in the long run. Immediate action is always best, as mice are able to take up residence quickly and silently. Just a little food and water, and some shelter where they feel safe and they are there to stay.

It is highly unlikely that a mouse will leave a secure and comfortable environment. Getting rid of mice in your house can be an easy process, if you start early and follow through on your plan of action, you should be able to on top of the situation in no time.

The Best Ways to Tackle Mice in Your Home

Getting rid of mice in your house is a matter of choice and discretion. While some like mouse traps and poison, others enjoy a more natural approach, and in this decision process, one must consider the risk that a mouse infestation poses to both your home, and the health and well-being of your family.


Mousetraps are often the first thing that people turn to during times of a mouse crisis, and often they are effective, if used correctly. You should definitely buy more than you think you need when taking on this challenge, as you want to nab as many mice as you can in few days.

This is going to drastically reduce your chances of an infestation or nesting colony. With just a few weeks chance to breed, and producing between 5 and 10 liters per year, they can become a problem fast.

Poison and Bait Control

Although controversial, bait and poison are effective products that need to be used safely and with awareness. They can pose a real threat to your family and pets, especially if you have small children or toddlers.

If you choose to use a bait station, make sure that it is properly sealed and out of the eyes, preferably behind the fridge or under the cabinets, close to where mice like to hide. Extra bait and poisons should be securely stored, away from the reach of children or your beloved pets.

Call in Your Professionals

If you have been battling for more than a few weeks with your mice, then perhaps calling an exterminator is the best thing for you. They are the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of mice in your house, and will certainly be more successful than you flogging away and making no real headway. are your local Canadian pest control professionals that have the knowledge and expertise to make your mice problems disappear for good. Your family will be proud that you took the time, and the advice of the professionals, to make their health and safety your number one priority.