GFB T9001 Blow Off Valve Review

Another innovation in blow off valves is the GFB 08-10 WRX which is very well –known because of its ability to improve throttle response. This refers to your car’s responsiveness that is used to get the measure of the internal combustion engine. If it is fast, then that means it is working really at its peak.

Another great thing worth noticing with this blow off valve is the inclusion of the Turbo Management System. This system includes the diverter valves which aim to reduce lag. It is primarily used to increase the efficacy of the valves in keeping the performance of the engine efficient.

The venting bias system is another feature to love with the GFB 08-10 WRX. It is located in the Stealth FX. This is very adjustable and flexible enough to meet your needs.  It is considered as a very unique system which can only be found in this blow off valve.

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41OL2BT83jyLTurbo Management System

The Turbocharging has been prominent in many years. The GFB 08-10 WRX has this Turbo Management System that helps to achieve proper boost and increase its reliability. The ignition control as well as the fuel is also properly managed because of this system. Poor throttle response is also improved because of this system.

The boost threshold of this blow off valve is also performing well by producing significant part of the boost pressure. This is best recommended for racers who are always looking for ways to decrease the lag. The Turbo Management System has the ability to open the valve readily. It is able to relieve the amount of air whether it is needed or not.

Venting Bias System

This venting bias system is very unique with this product. This system controls the actual amount of air vented in the atmosphere. This mechanism allows the difficulty in taking air in and out of the system. It will subject the continuous gas flow that leads to proper combustion and exchange of gases.

The vented air is allowed to recirculate in the atmosphere to adjust the venting sound. The good thing about this is that you can adjust it based from your own preference. If you would like to work accompanied by sound, then this is the perfect blow off valve for you. You will appreciate this because you don’t need to worry about gas consumption and stalling. It is designed to consumer lower amount of gas and reduces the damage effect of the atom valve. If love racing, then this blow off valve is the right fit for your need. You will definitely perform tremendously well with this valve because of the venting bias system. To add up to its notable features, it also has a universal mount hose that you can use for variety of sizes.

GFB 08-10 WRX Features and Specifications

  • Turbo Management System – this system initiates proper boost and make your car very reliable when it comes to ignition and engine control.
  • Venting Bias System – this allows the air to be vented properly in the atmosphere and induces re-circling of the vented air. You can adjust it according to your preference.
  • Fine tuning – this is together with the correct venting ration of the air for producing blow off valve sound that will not consume much fuel.
  • Factory diverter valves replacement – this is the perfect choice because it is more reliable and efficient
  • Reduced Turbo Lag – because of the unique system, this blow off valve has the capacity to reduce lag.
  • Peak performance in Gear Shifting
  • T9001

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GFB 08-10 WRX Reviews

Due to the extraordinary performance the GFB 08-10 WRX can bring, we will generously award it with a perfect 10. Well, the features say it all. The unique system makes it possible for users, especially the racers, to enjoy a smooth working combustion system. They realty love the sound when it is being vented in the atmosphere.

Most of the customers love the fact that they can easily install it by themselves through the instructional manual included in the package upon purchase. They can either opt to vent it in the atmosphere or just re-circulate it. Another selling factor is the fine-tuning of the car. One user even noted that he was able to tune it while still producing the sound.

Things to Improve

The only thing that you need to consider with this amazing blow off valve is the price. Although it is much cheaper than other local brands in the market, the GFB 08-10 WRX still has a higher price tag because of its wide array of unique features that can’t be found in other blow off valves. One thing is for sure, it’s all worth your money.


If you want to have the best blow off valve ever, the GFB 08-10 WRX is the one you’re looking for. It is equipped with distinct features that make it outsell other brands. Another factor that you should note is its reliability. You will surely be able to maximize the functions of this blow off valve, especially in creating a well-performing combustion system. Check out the complete features of this best blow off valve, including the reviews and feedback of other users about it.

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