GFB T9351 Blow Off Valve Review

The GFB Diverter Valve is another is another great product by GFB that receives national attention. This blow off valve is very famous because of its easy installation procedure. This feature allows you to easily change the parts if ever one part will not work. This is very convenient since you don’t need to change entire valve because that will surely cost a lot.

This blow off valve utilizes a solenoid-coil that is able to generate a seamless integration. This is one of its top features because other leading brands in the market need to undergo a lot of alterations. In order to maintain its ultimate durability, the design is meant to replace the parts made from plastic.

The GFB Diverter Valve also makes use of the Turbo Management System. This means that this blow off valve is able to utilize the benefits of the TMS. This is includes faster throttle response and the pilot-actuated valve.

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Seamless Integration


It is quite hard for devices to come up with processes and mechanism without errors. The GFB Diverter Valve is able to make seamless integration because it is meant for high precision tasks. It includes graphic display and component configuration that is really simple. The diagnostics features are just easy to understand.

The integration of pneumatics allows faster response times as well as the proper mechanism for sequences. This provides doors to create a new machine design that will serve the demands of the society. The design is not only convenient, but retroactive as well.

Replacing the plastic parts with metal seems to be a viable way in making it easy to replace. GFB has thought of this idea in order to make a solution for long term effect. If the plastic parts would be replaced by metal, it will be easier to replace a part that is not working. You don’t need to replace the whole unit anymore.

Turbo Management System

Just like the Response, this also makes use of the Turbo Management System which allows faster throttle response and speedy actuation from the bulb. This makes it possible to deliver accurate and precise results. The TMS aims to improve the overall drivability of a particular vehicle.

Due to this system, the problem with most traditional valves are lessened and most of the time, solved. If you always have weak valve mechanism, then it is the right time to switch to the GFB Diverter Valve. You will surely not regret that you have switched to this.

If your car has a turbocharger, then you must know about the importance of re-circulating blow off valve. It actually relieves the pressure that formed in the air intake system that occurs when the throttle closes. Of course, there is an excess pressure, and it will directed back to the turbo. It will cause the slowness of the compressor wheel and sometimes, the blades will eventually stop turning.

This is the reason why the TBS is so important in maintaining a car in perfect shape and condition. The re-circulation blow off valve will prevent these things from happening. As a result, the vented pressure will create noise or sound. To some enthusiasts, this is not something to worry about. The noise can be reduced using the TMS.

GFB Diverter Valve Features and Specifications

  • Simple Installation – this blow off valve is indeed very easy to install. You will be able to do it on your own without the service of most auto shops
  • Seamless integration – solenoid coils are used in this device. The parts will be replaced with metal for easy replacement
  • Turbo Management System – re-circling of air vents. Prevents pressure build up
  • OE wiring loom
  • Affordability – compared to other products, this is more affordable

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GFB Diverter Valve Review

We will give the GFB Diverter Valve a rating of 8 out of 10 because of the successful seamless integration GFB has equipped it with. Many users have experienced tremendous improvements with their cars after shifting to this blow off valve. They even noted that their engine seems to be running so smoothly, and gas consumptions eventually lessened.

People are very particular with the benefit that they could get with the Turbo Management System. They are able to see the difference between the other pneumatic valves. Most of them noted that their overall driving experience really improved a lot.

Things to Improve

If there is something to improve with the GFB Diverter Valve, then it’s only going to be the O-ring. Some users noted that it breaks after a couple of years of usage. It should have been better if extra level of protection will be given to ensure longer use.


The GFB Diverter Valve is one of the most recommended blow off valve in the market. It has series of features that contribute to its durability and reliability. If you are looking for the best diverter valve, then look no more. The GFB Diverter Valve will provide you everything that you need. You will surely love its wide array of features and capabilities.

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