Gorilla Automotive TW605 Torque Wrench Review

The TW605 is a torque wrench with a ½ inch drive offered by Gorilla Automotive. It is made of hardened steel and finished in chrome plate. The torque wrench style is click adjustment and offers precision and professional quality to those who use it. It comes with a 5-inch extension bar, a ½ inch x 3/8 inch adapter and a thermoform plastic case.

This torque wrench is only available in one range, which is the ft.-lbs., and has a torque capacity of 20 up to 150 ft.-lbs. The socket drive is ½ inch but has an adaptor for ½ x 3/8 inch. It is 18.25 inch long and weighs only 4 lbs.wide orange


Adjustable Torque Wrench

This torque wrench has a drive adaptor which is the ½ inch x 3/8 inch. The ½ inch drive is good for large bolts that need to be tightened with torque tensions above 90 ft.-lbs. This wrench can work for torque tensions of up to 150 ft.-lbs. For more delicate operations, those requiring less than 90 ft.-lbs., the ½ x 3/8 inch drive adaptor can be used. The ½ x 3/8-inch adaptor can be used for torque tensions as low as 20 ft.-lbs.

The Gorilla TW605 is a click adjustable type. You can set the wrench to specific torque levels and you will hear a click once the desired levels have been reached. This makes it a great tool for precision and accuracy.

Hardened Steel With Chrome Finish

The Gorilla TW605 is built with hardened steel all throughout. And like all other products from Gorilla Automotive, this torque wrench was made to last a long time. They are made with precision to make accurate readings.

This torque wrench was done in chrome finish to give it a nice, clean look. The package includes an impact resistant and hardened plastic case to ensure that your torque wrench is kept looking new and intact as the years go by.

Gorilla TW605 Features and Specifications

  • The torque wrench kit includes a ½ inch drive adjustable torque wrench.
  • A 5-inch extension bar is included.
  • A ½ x 3/8 inch drive adaptor is included.
  • Made completely of hardened steel and done in chrome plate finish.
  • Impact resistant thermoform plastic case is also added.
  • A user manual and comparison chart is added to the product.

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Gorilla TW605 Reviews

The Gorilla TW605 received an editor rating of 8.4/10. It received this rating from customers because it works well and can get the calibrations right. It tightens small bolts to precise measurements and does not damage any of the small bolts.

Customers also appreciate the inclusion of a hard case to protect the torque wrench when not in use. The extra adaptor has also been found to be functional and a lot of customers are thankful it was included with the product.

The range is done in micrometer, which makes it easy for the user to adjust the settings to the lowest torque level. It is effective in torquing and is easy to use.

The clicking noise is also accompanied by a mechanical feedback so you will feel it when you have reached the desired torque tension. This is one of the pros that some customers liked because it means that they won’t miss the clicking and the torque levels will be maintained.

The whole torque wrench looks high quality that many customers have praised.

Things to Improve

One complaint that you will hear from some customers is the lack of an easy-to-understand user manual. The manual included in the package is done in poor English. There are other translations to other languages but for English speakers, they wouldn’t be able to understand it.

The Gorilla TW605 is an easy-to-use torque wrench. If you know how to use one, you won’t even need a user manual so this is a minor issue.

Another issue about this product is that there is not a lot of information on the internet about it. It hasn’t been mentioned if it’s pre-calibrated and to what accuracy. This is also another minor issue, since if you will read the reviews, you will notice that the customers have claimed that this product is already ready to use. That means it comes pre-calibrated already.

This product is only in one range which is the ft.-lbs. A lot of users have complained that they want the Nm range. But this is easily solved with the use of a conversion chart which can be downloaded from the internet.


The Gorilla TW605 is a solid torque wrench which is handy and reliable. The added ½ x 3/8 inch drive adaptor has enabled customers to adjust low torque levels. The material used is hardened steel to guarantee a long life for the wrench and the chrome finish makes it look shiny every time it is taken out of the box. If you want to know more about other torque wrenches, read the best torque wrench here.

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