Graco 16N658 TrueCoat II Paint Sprayer Review

Graco 16N658 is a product that defines perfection. This paint sprayer is one of the leading brands in the market. Graco is known because of their superior and highly advanced products. Equipped with its advanced features, this paint sprayer doesn’t need air to use. You just need to tilt and you’re ready to spray.

The unique characteristic of this product is that you are able to reverse the tip for easy application. Whether you are a beginner or a professional painter, Graco 16N658 would surely capture your attention.

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Electric Airless Sprayer

The best thing with airless sprayers is their ability to produce an even coating of paint on surfaces. It does not only render speed, it is also very versatile. You can use this in different coating applications. Compared with brush application, Graco 16N658 could finish the task 4 times faster compared to other methods of applying paint.

The spray tip of this product has different orifices in order to control the flow of the paint. You must know that the orifices are meant for the different spray patterns based on your preference. There are 8 passages for the air in order to effectively supply air to the tip of the spray. This feature makes it possible for a smooth coverage of surfaces.

The pump of this airless sprayer is supported by a heavy duty system for greater efficacy. This is the reason why this is considered as a heavy duty paint sprayer. It has the capacity to work on thick materials. The air is being supplied by an integrated compressor. This compressor allows the air to be supplied to the gun.

ProControl Feature for Different Modes

Graco 16N658 is made with two major settings. The settings should be based on the thickness of the material. If you are going to work on thin ones and surfaces, it is best to make use of the low setting. This allows the material to be evenly sprayed, without over spraying the surface. This mode is perfect if you would like to achieve quality coating.

On the other hand, high setting is best for thicker materials and surfaces. It would produce a higher rate of paint if you opted for this mode. Some of the spray painters in the market don’t have this mode, which is why this feature is considered as one of its unique features.

If you will try to think of it, this is very economical spray painter because you don’t need to buy two separate devices for thick and thin materials. Most of the brands in the market would only have one of these modes. This is definitely a must-have spray painter. You would not only have a famous product, but also a dual purpose spray painter.

Graco 16N658 Features

  • Reversible tip – The carbide tips are made with high accuracy. This is why this product is captioned as one of the best in the market
  • Pump Armor Storage for Start-up – this feature allows this spray painter to be opened easily for use. Most people consider this as an important highlight.
  • Convenient Hook – this function is meant for making the sprayer stable on surfaces. It also makes it space savvy.
  • Tilt-N-Spray mechanism – this makes it possible to maximize all the paint in the cup. You would be able to hold it in different positions.
  • Low Setting and High Setting – these modes vary on the thickness of the material. The low setting is perfect for thin ones, while the high setting is meant for thicker surfaces.
  • ProSpray Technology – creates an even coating on surfaces. You don’t need to make use of thinners because of this feature.

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Graco 16N658 Reviews

Just like other products of Graco, the TrueCoat II Paint Sprayer received a rating of 8.5 out of 0 because of its exemplified performance. The customer feedbacks are indeed very positive. Most of the consumers recommend this spray painter if you are going to work on a wider surface. One user even praised it because he was able to finish 4 solid walls within just an hour.

Some users are very happy with its two-mode setting. They noted that they were able to save much money since they don’t need to buy two separate spray painters. Aside from that, the price is indeed worth it. All in all, the customers are very satisfied with this product.

Things to Improve

Few of the consumers noted that Graco 16N658 overheats quickly. One customer said that he needs to stop once in a while in order to cool it down. In regards to this problem, it is normal for most of the heavy duty spray painters to overheat faster than normal; however, Graco should improve the power source in order to control the heating effectively. It is recommended to let it rest for a while if you are working on a wider surface that would take a longer time to finish.


Graco 16N658 is truly an amazing airless painter. Indeed, it is one of the leading spray painters in the market. If you are looking for perfection with an affordable price, then this is the perfect spray painter for you. Learn more of other best spray painters here and check out the best spray painter reviews.

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