Granberg G-106B Chainsaw Sharpener Review

The Granberg Bar-Mount is a different kind of chainsaw sharpener because it is literally a bar-mount device. Its most unique characteristic is that it is available for most of the chain pitches. This product is renowned in the industry because it is designed by Elof Granberg. This sharpener is known for its accuracy and good performance.

The Granberg bar-mount is sought after by most industries because of its versatility on chain pitches. Aside from this, the sharpener is very precise in sharpening each tooth of the chain. Indeed, this sharpener is one of a kind.

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Works for Most Major Chain Pitches

The Granberg bar-mount is a very versatile sharpener because it can work for major chain pitches. The chain designs can be in different forms. For example, the modern cutting teeth are primarily used for forestry. Another kind is the full chain chisel which is a square tooth. They are more used in soft woods. The semi-chisel chain has rounded corners that are used for stump work.

Due to the various designs, this product has different chain pitches. The Granberg bar-mount is perfect in this sense because it is applicable for different pitches. You don’t need to buy another sharpener for a different chain pitch because it was made to be versatile.

The term pitch is used to pertain to the distance between two rivets. You should note that the drive sprocket should match the rivet in order to make it work perfectly. There are many chainsaw sharpeners in the market, but not all of them are able to work with different chain pitches.

Easy Attachment to the Guide Bar

You might wonder how this sharpener is being used. All you need to do is to attach it to the blade of the saw. That can be done within a few seconds. Isn’t it fast? That definitely is compared to other sharpeners in the market. The attachment mechanism is just easy so you won’t be hassled by complex instructions.

Since this is a manual sharpener, you would easily get used to it. You just need to manually twist it to start the sharpening process. It would effectively attach to the chain blade, working its way from one end up to the other end.

This feature is highly appreciated by people who are in the industry of woodworking. The Granberg bar-mount is capable of sharpening quite a number of chainsaws with speed. This is highly indispensable in woodworking.

Granberg Bar-Mount Features

  • Bar-mount type of chainsaw sharpener – this is quite unique compared to the chainsaw sharpeners because it is literally bar-mounted.
  • Versatile to be used for different kinds of chain pitches. Unlike other chainsaw sharpeners, this is very versatile because it could be used for major chain pitches.
  • Easy attachment to the guide bar – since this is a manual sharpener, you need to attach it to the guide bar to start using it.
  • Capable of lowering the gauge depth accurately.
  • Automatically adjusts to the measure of the chain manufacturer.

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Granberg Bar-Mount Reviews

The Granberg bar-mount received a rating of 6.5 over 10 from the customer reviews. This bar-mount is known because of its famous maker and collaboration with companies. The companies also gave it a positive feedback because of its versatility.

In terms of the customer reviews, most of the comments are highlighting the speed of the cutting mechanism of this chainsaw sharpener. According to them, this has the capability to sharpen a number of chainsaws in one go.

They also liked the all-metal construction built of this sharpener. It looks solid and very durable. Aside from this, the dials are easily comprehended by the users. It is not complicated compared to others. This is indeed the perfect companion for handheld saws.

Things to Improve

Some of the users commented that the hinge is a bit weak if pressure is applied to it directly. They noted that the hinge broke just after several uses. It is recommended to make the hinge stronger since the Granberg bar-mount is really meant for tons of rugged work.

However, there are several ways on how to prevent the hinge from breaking. It is recommended that you handle it with care and hold it with the appropriate pressure. Like other sharpeners, this one needs gentle care and maintenance to prolong its life. Cleaning the metal body of your sharpener to prevent it from premature rusting and corrosion also helps.


Due to its great versatility, the Granberg bar-mount is capable of working with different chain pitches. Woodworkers and companies always have this sharpener in their options because of its high precision and accuracy. You don’t need to buy several sharpeners for different chainsaws, and that would save you much.

If you are interested to check out several products like this and other best chainsaw sharpener in the market, then just browse over this site. They have included several best chainsaw sharpener reviews for guidance and more insights.

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